Before I kick the bucket...

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Ellen DeGeneres
adopt a Marmoset Monkey.
try archery.
see Grand Canyon.
send letter to random address, see if they write back.
go on vacation by myself.
pay for a stranger's groceries.
watch my children get married.
dance w/my dad at my wedding.
get front row tickets to a concert.
visit the Mall of America.
go to Cinderella's Castle.
party in Las Vegas.
get my license again.
watch a sunrise on a beach.
celebrate mardi gras in New Orleans.
let go of a floating lantern.
ride first class on plane.
get a tattoo.
donate hair.
go on segway ride.
shop on black friday.
stay at a bed and breakfast.
open lemonade stand w/my children.
be in a massive food fight.
experience weightlessness.
have a paint fight.
see the Detroit Lions win the super bowl.
visit the Harry Potter disney park.
see gay marriage legalized in USA.
finish entire coloring book.
kiss under mistletoe.
see a broadway show.
witness a wedding proposal.
participate in the polar bear plunge.
be the maid of honor in a wedding.
camp on a beach.
be in a flashmob.
have a nerf war.
get my teeth fixed.
attach a lock to a love bridge.
save up 15,000.
make a crayon melt art photo.
go ziplining.
go to a drive in movie.
go on a hot air balloon ride.
spend an entire day watching disney movies.
get a matching tattoo w/someone i love.
write a letter to me and open it in 10 years.
swim with dolphins.
be a vegitarian for one month.
see all Harry Potter movies in one day.
see the Statue of Liberty.
finish my Wreck this Journal.
enjoy breakfast in bed, made by someone else.
jump in a pool fully clothed.
see two shooting stars at the same time.
take his last name.
write something in wet cement.
donate blood again.
kiss under water.
sit in a hot tub in winter.
have a dog for its entire life.
be in two places at once.
have a daughter.
have a son.
go on a cruise.
be an aunt.
find the perfect wedding dress.
say i do.
live to meet my grandkids.
visit Amsterdam.
get dreads.
read the enitre Bible.
join choir.
volunteer at the food bank.
be a catechist.

oh the beauty of strikeing things off the list
(always more being added on)