Family Tree

My Immediate Family

FATHER - name: Emilio, I call him Dad and sometimes Daddy. My half sister & brother are from a previous marriage of my dad's before my mom. my mom and dad got divorced when i was in 3rd grade.

MOTHER - name: Lisa, I call her Mom. my mother and father had my sister when i was 4 years old.

STEP-FATHER - name: Dennis, I call him Dennis. he married my mom when i was in 8th grade.

HALF-BROTHER - name: Anthony, I call him Anthony. we lived together with my father and mother for 4-5 years.

HALF-SISTER - name: Angela, I call her Angela. we have never lived together. she has 3 daughers, my nieces.

SISTER - name: Stephanie, I call her Stephanie, Steph, Sisterface, Nooch, Noochie, Stephanooch, and probably more that I cannot remember! we lived together all of our childhood until 2010.