Once upon a time, I was young.

Name :: Cassie.
Birth Name:: Cassandra Renee.
Gender :: female.
Age :: thirty
Birthday :: November 29th, 1986
Sign :: Sagittarious.
Eyes :: green.
Home :: Michigan, USA.
Phone :: Galaxy Note4.
Animals :: 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 foster dog.
Status :: taken
Occupation :: SAHG
School :: some college.
Religion :: Christian

i cannot drive or seek work because i have a seizure disorder, epilepsy. i would say my life contains a wide variety of ups and downs so while you're visiting you will find the many things that make me smile & praise God, and many things that make me cry & bitch!

a p p e a r a n c e - a deeper look
I have long dark brown hair. My hair is naturally curly with a whirlwind of frizz. I always have my hair tied back in a bun or sometimes straightened and down. I have been straightening my hair on&off since 8th grade. My hair is very thick and full; I sometimes hate my hair, yet I would not trade my hair with anyone My eyes are green with flecks of brown, depending on the weather? During the Spring/Summer my eyes are a beautiful green color and during the Autumn/Winter months my eyes are a 'dull' hazel color. I have two moles... one on my right leg just above my knee, The other on my right cheek a little close to my nose. My skin is an olive tone. I have an 'hourglass' shape body, and a large breasts. I do not wear glasses, and never had braces (random: when i was younger i always wanted them lol). I have 1 piercing, my ears. I've had my belly button & lip peirced, but removed them within a year or two after I got them. I am not ashamed of the way I look or afraid to flaunt what I do have. I love every part of me! I wouldn't trade me for anyone else ♥ the only thing i would change about my body is how i treat it daily, i need to make more healthy choices which will make positive action happen to my appearance!.

h e a l t h - a deeper look

all through growing up ive had a very clean bill of health, until... in winter of 2005 i was at the mall and had this weird feeling overcome me, i felt like all the blood in my body was rushing to my head, i had a massive heat flash, sweating, almost passed out. it freaked me out and the dr. gave me a sinus medication. (weird, but you trust your doctor right?) i began experiencing this feeling every once in a while, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, having my Dr. checking my blood sugar levels, making sure i ate and slept good etc while finishing my senior year of highschool - i grauduated and my doctor kept giving me "bullshit" tests. in august of 2006 i was at home, in a good mood, having fun with my sister etc, all of sudden i slipped into a grand mal seizure. i had many after that and was finally diagnosed with epilepsy and finding out those funny feelings i had been getting for a year were called epileptic 'auras'. i had to transfer medical records to my neurologist .. come to find out the family doctor i had been seeing pegged me as a hypocondriact! (someone who falsifies their sickness') by the time that happened i couldnt sue him for malpractice (he didnt even try or beleive what i was saying) we found out he passed away from a heartattack. anyways fastforward from 2006 when i started having seizures until 2013 - i had multiple seizures all these years, sometimes even 10 a month. thus because of my health i havent been driving since it all started (lie: i did a couple of times and had car accidents, *kicks self, HARD*) but all in the process ive been trying different medications and working with a fantastic doctor! in march 2012 i was 6 months no seizures and able to drive (OMG Ahhafklasdfsg!!!! ) unfortunatly i had one in september 2012 after all that time and my driving privleges were revoked again! im currently again trying to reach my 6 month mark and move forward to having some freedom back! 8 pills a day and one day at a time! in May of 2013 i was at an extremely low place and having a lot of negative thoughts - i checked myself into a phyicatric hospital. After the hospital my medication was not changed but I was diagnosed with General Anxiety, Major Depression, and Borderline Personality Disorder. In August 2013 i went to an epilepsy center for testing where i was diagnosed with Major Anxiety and Post Traumatic Disorder. In January of 2014 i officially got my Medical Marijuana card and began using Marijuana with CBD properties. I also started taking Simpson Oil which is an oil from the Marijuana plant. after i started taking these religiously my seizures became more frequent but not as severe. in July 2014 i had my trial for disability but was denied despite the evidence of being able to have any type of part time job. in 2015 i had another extremely bad seizure where i hit my head and thought it was 2008, amnesia etc! i did a one week sleep study and was dianosed with intractable epilepsy. diagnosed with both epileptic and non epileptic seizures. and also diagnosed with PTSD. after all this i started seeing a therapist which has been positive. 2016 came and am now waiting for another disability trial hearing to be held. In april of 2016 I began taking the best CBD oils out there, Charlotte's Web Oil which has over time with 500mg to 5000mg have made the seizures less frequent. August 2016 I hit my 10 year mark of having Epilepsy with hope and CBD oils! i (to date seizure wise) have Intractable Epilepsy with both Non-Epileptic and Epileptic seizures such as Atonic Seizures, Absence Seizures, Atypical Absence Seizures, Aura's, Clonic Seizures, Emotional Seizures, Focal Seizures, Generalized-Onset Seizures, Nocturnal Seizures, Simple Partial Seizures, Complex Partial Seizures, Tonic Seizures, Tonic-clonic Seizures, and a rare epilepsy syndrome called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (Micropsia). [always changing & to be contined..]

p e r s o n a l i t y
My personality consists of many different aspects of who I am. I concider myself to be very outgoing and a people person .. however my mood changes and I become reserved and uninrested in people interation - while seeking security from others whithin myself. This personality "disorder" stems from me having Epilepsy and other mentah disorders. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and my conditions and medication play a role in who I am daily... which I think is hard for others to understand. Everyday I struggle to concentrate and control thoughts and constantly make sure I'm not having negative thoughts or fall into depression. My personality is an amazing bubbly person whith love for everyone, someone who seeks to smile, make others laugh, and have fun - with bouts of cronic amesia & depression. Back to the "real me" in my thoughts, I think that I am outgoing because most of the time I am not afraid to walk up to people and say whatever, or be really goofy and not care about what others may be thinking. I am very laid back, and speak what is on my mind. I always have an opinion, I am very argumentative, and willing to put up a fight for others to see it my way, or until they side with me. I laugh at almost anything! I am whiney and do not like it when I donít get my way. I am the romantic type, I love to be romanced and doing special things for others. I can be very stupid, but most of the time I think Iím pretty much on the ball (or convince myself I am at least lol). Because I'm actually not! haha I consider myself over the years to have become more strong mentally which i hope shows through-out in my personality!

e d u c a t i o n
As other children I did K-12 but bounced around a few times because of my parents divorce/moving etc. While in second grade until 8th grade I showed horrible grades and no drive to learn whatsoever. Reguarding grades, C's were what I strived for in order to get adults off my back. After 9th and 10th grade I attended summer school programs, and just barely passed those as well. I don't remember why but I clearly remember not careing at all. I had no drive to do good to please myself or others. I did however graduate HighSchool just barely with a 1.9. After HighSchool I quickly entered a community college and even "tried" online classes but with being diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2006 and on new medication I slept all day and never did anything. Not once. I failed, took two years off just trying to keep my head above water financially with my health bills and no driving/transportation. I did eventually try again, something new and easy such as massage therapy certification at a private college. My attendace got me kicked out after the second semester but at this point from the depression and drugs it seemed like a lost cause. After that, education is not something i plan to pursue anytime in the future - near & far.

b e l e i f s
I was raised Catholic but currently call myself Christian when people ask. I attended mass frequently through-out childhood, rarely missing a Sunday. I was at church frequently. Classes, Choir, Masses etc. Once I was in HighSchool it was less of a have to and more on my shoulders. I stopped attending mass and quit choir because I was a part of my HS choir. Before I knew it I wasn't going to church except holidays. I always pray to God I beleive in a higher power. I beleive there is a higher power, and we all experience miracles everyday reguardless if we notice it or not. I don't wish to push what I beleive onto anyone. I now in my mid twenties still do not attend church, but I do pray, I do thank, and I do ask for help. I beleive in something I have not seen. I turn to my bible when I need words of inspiration and I know that everything happens for a reason, because of our higher power ♥