6 To 8 Months

IMG_20170901_152712_163We ended last month with the vet by making a vet appointment for our eldest dog Champ, who has a tumor growing on his balls. One day we saw blood come out of his penis so we wanted IMG_20170831_170743_983to make sure he was in no pain. because of his very old age of 11 almost 12 we knew when it started growing we were not going to get it removed or fight the cancer because of his age and life expectancy which he already has gone past happily! I took him to the appointment without leon (he could not come, was at work) i of course called him, kept him in the loop through-out the appointment & he was very emotional. emotional because the vet did a test, verified it was cancerous and most likely through-out his entire body which was spreading fast. (mass cell tumor) of course we kind of knew this, but hearing it makes it more real. the vet gave us a rough timeline that we may have  with him of “6 to 8 months”. she prescribed IMG_20170905_110629_013champ some pain medication as well as some antibiotics for the tumor which was growing very fast at this point. she said the tumor would leak daily as it grew (because it is never going to “heal” or scab up) and to make him comfy etc. leon immediately had a new rule of letting champ and the dogs on the couch so he could cuddle with them more lol. he gave champ so many treats at first that he got a little constipated but we fixed the issue! haha so as for now we are enjoying him and his amazing personality until he shows us he is not okay :)

on the 3rd i went to Arts Beats & Eats with my mom,IMG_20170903_214847_854 step dad, sister, and her bf! My mom had some tickets and i got some free tickets from me and leons friends Jaimie & Eric – it was my first time going to this event and i liked it very much. i was more into the art and going through the handmade items for sale rather than the food, but we did have some good lunch. mom wasn’t too into the “sampling” lol which is the whole idea haha. the different cultures of dancing was really fun to see and how all the stages were divided by genre was wonderful & easy to navigate! i for sure want to go next year with leon and probably our friends! i with my family had a great time this year and i got a new pair of sun glasses :) so future years look bright ;) haha! it was a beautiful warmmm day & everyone was a in a great mood! can’t ask for anything better? right?

IMG_20170918_123348_133as for health my rash is starting to really go away now! it isn’t really on my face anymore but mostly my chest and stomach. i went backkkkkk to the dr and now he says it is eczema?! …not poison ivy. oy! idk. THEN my tooth started hurting last weekend and OH MY LANTA! saturday i had a seizure then by night my tooth it was hurting – i realized a chunk had broken off and thenerve was exposed! but i took asprin and went to sleep, woke up for church with my philly on sunday , we didnt even make it to the start of mass and we had to rush out of there to URGENT care so i could get some pain medication! i was a mess! because it was sunday IMG_20170923_101929_832no dentist was open and i had to wait an additional 24 hours to have someone really take a look at it! monday i saw the dentist and he said i have to wait 2 WEEKS taking antibiotics incase there is an infection! So i am on pain meds feelings loopy and sleeping lots etc. yay. lol right now i am sitting at a campsite in Pinckney MI – Hell Survivors a paintball event. lol oy! paintballllll of course! getting warmed up for these tournaments to win for World Cup 2017! lol

Two Be Wed

WEDDINGS! lol butttt before i get to all the wedding fun maddness lets back up a tad to some craziness! After our trip to Indiana (which we took first place!) I came home with a crazy rash that was spreading all over from my face to my chest! I quickly got to the doctors in which he declared I had poison Ivy! after he gave me some meds and told me to keep not itching, the rash kept spreading all over my face, to my arms, to my stomach, and IMG_20170812_161622_645more on my chest! of course i went back to the doctors! he said to be patient and wait for the “poison ivy” to go away! and it was SO ITCHY! oy! unfortunately it looked as though i was going to have this crap on my face for awhile so it was going to be all over for Zack’s wedding (leons cousin) & to Eric’s wedding (our friend)! OH & —SIDE SALAD— while I was in Indiana last week I found my FIRST painted rock!!! I am pumped to find more and have plans to paint my own and epilepsy awareness rocks!

IMG_20170819_210826_481Alrighty, so last week friday we went up north IMG_20170818_152311_741Michigan to Gaylord for his cousin’s wedding for the day, i wore my green dress and it was a beautiful August day for a wedding! they had a wonderful ceremony and reception! we had a great time! his family is a hoot at gatherings, let me tell youuuuu! lol sadly we had to leave earlier than most because we had to get home to our pups with Dad as no one was home to care for them =/ but I am glad we made the trip to go! after that the weekend was filled with the start of FANTASY FOOTBALL! leons leagues got together at places to make up their teams as i did some simming XD lmao. terrible!


IMG_20170826_131831_158this past week came eric & jaimie’s wedding fun! because we went to Zacks wedding I missed Jaimie’s bachelorette party, butttt we got together for their wedding rehersal, the guys had their verry berry memorable bachelor party! the day before yesturday ( the wedding) us girls got together to get our nails done then all of us went out to a Ted Nugent concert lol. random but thats what they love haha!  Yesturday was their wedding! they had an outdoor wedding by a creek under a gazeebo immediately following with the reception where we gabbed and danced all night ♥

Indiana Corn

IMG_20170811_184858_134We just got back from our FIRST trip to Indiana, it was a lotttt of fun! we woke up super early to drive up there, and got up there the day before the event so we could get to the hotel, settle in etc. the WHOLE group was down in Indiana so it was fun having the guys all together, outside of paintball traveling etc. the group of everyone from Lonewolf was large because we had two teams coming to the event for two different divisions which leon was in both! IMG_20170812_181431_828whoa nelly on being busy leon! lol so the first night we all went out to dinner to this italian restaurant having a good time etc. the next morning (saturday) we woke early to get to the field (which it was a super cool field) and leon played for The Average Joe’s – they ended up not winning first place, but the Sunday game with the Level 7 Dragon Masters (team names are so weird lol) was the division leon was playing in for World Cup in Florida!

Saturday night we stayed up pretty late, the guys all got drunk and we went out to a weird ass strip club! lmao it was funny and fun. first time i had been to a strip club where the girls just sat with us and drank with us talking, im going to try and not be mean here, they are working people with feelings, but we didnt care at all for their conversation and were just there to enjoy the groups company and watch from afar while enjoying alcohol. haha sorry not sorry? idk and it was the first strip club i been to where the women covered their nips as well as did the lap dances in the MAIN ROOM! I suppose each state has their own strip club laws. speaking of state laws … we learned on sunday Indiana DOES NOT SELL ALCOHOL on sundays! lol craziness. i mean i dont need or want it but i find it silly. also whats crazy silly is CORN! i thought michigan had heaps of corn, Inidana proved me wrong! hah

ANY-WHICH-WAY ;; sunday morning we woke up on time and our friend jeff was in the IMG_20170813_125000_188hotel room next to us, we were his ride to the field .. and we COULD NOT WAKE HIM UP! he was drunk as fuck the night before and nothing i mean nothing would wake him! not phone calls, banging on the door etc. we even got a maid to unlock his door but he locked the DEAD BOLT! omg are you kidding. i mean 7am and people were opening their doors to see what all the noise was! we finally put a note under his door to leave him as i gave his door one FINAL loud kick he “woke up to go to the bathroom” and heard it, opening the door. we got the field late, everyone was pissy of course BUT they played ball & won first place! BOOM!

IMG_20170811_115038_921after allllllllll of that we headed home, to our fur baby’s :) it is super hard for us to leave them! last time we left them for a long time was when we went to caseville for the weekend – thankfully leons dad is there to help us each time we want to take a vacation of some sort! now that we are home with our baby’s, leon has work all week of course. then this weekend we are heading up north for the day so we can go to leons cousin’s wedding!  I bought a beautiful green dress at Bibbidi Bobbidi You for Jaimie & Eric’s wedding at the end of the month, so0o0o pictures of that to come!!


IMG_20170724_173609_243since my grandma’s injury and surgery i had been keeping busy with caring for her AS MUCH as i can! she has such a hard time dressing herself, showering, and getting normal things done.. such as writing out checks for her bills! i have been trying to go over her house as much as possible! not only me but a lot of my family has been stoping by, she is also VERY bored! she cannot drive, get out etc so we are trying to keep her company & happy as well as comfortable. i set up a puzzle on her table she can work on over time because she can only use one arm right now. other than with her, while i am home i have been IMG_20170727_124837_159playing a lot of sims (which i STILL have TWO and wanting 4 to keep my mind busy, or i have abby over to put a smile on my face, which of course is a given! haha! so, after my grandma’s surgery she started having a nurse come over and care for her, so the need for me to come over has been a bit less as she regains her independence through rehab. i am happy about this but i feel like i have fallen into a bit of a .. depression. just a little meh everything is hitting me because i was being so strong for so long kinda thing. IMG_20170730_181702_053but i will be a-o-kay :) happy things like family and friends pull me out of it everytime. i was keeping busy as time went on, as july turned into August – all of a sudden time didn’t stand still any longer because of her injury as family canoeing trips happened, friend trips to the zoo took place, paintball trips to Indiana planned, & with family & friend wedding plans ahead! time is fleating once again…

IMG_20170805_210638_446the first weekend of August held our annual Tysar Canoe trip IMG_20170805_171107_065(leaving behind a family member to check on gma of course) which came with a FIRST, the little kids came along! memories to last a lifetime, pictures we will cherish forever, & many more years of fun ahead! Next weekend will hold me and leons FIRST TRIP OUT OF STATE TOGETHER! haha he has a paintball tournament in Indiana, and if they win it will help them get a playing spot in the World Cup Tournament in Florida next November! (info to come in later posts!) I am excited to go to Indiana!

Seizures? My focus on grandma has been so strong the stress didnt effect me? or so thats what i am going with? i dont know, i was totally fine! i tried my absolute best to take care of me reguarding sleep and eating – as for now, everything is feeling a tad wonky but no seizures just yet. i dont really wanna say anything because i dont want leon to miss the indiana trip or me miss the indiana trip… very childish behavior at 30 I KNOW but it is so hard to not want to enjoy life when really you DONT KNOW what could happen, to stay home and nothing happens when you could be out SUCKS. it SUCKS. blah!



She Fell

IMG_20170705_032222_295As July started off it was FAMILY TIME! there were so many fabulous family gatherings! this time of year we have some family that visits from Florida so we tend to get together on my Mom’s side of the family! We went out to Harsen’s Island which is always a blast and SO MUCH fun! I posted many pictures on my Instagram account, of courseeeeeee! On July 4th this year we had two party’s, my brother had family over his place and my cousin had family over her place for fireworks etc. I felt horrible leaving my brothers right after food ect but my brother has a littttttttle habbit of inviting us last minute to events and we have to squish him in lol.

SO we went over to my cousins later and while it IMG_20170704_220827_340was day time we enjoyed eachother, food, and the kids were everywhere! haha once dark came the guys put on an AMAZING fireworks display for what was probably an hour! it was great! at the end we were all leaving, my mom was driving me home (leon had left early because he had work the next day), we were pulling out of the driveway & my cousin sarah came running out of the house yelling that my grandma fell! of course i panicked and RAN to her! i found her on the back porch floor, everyone surrounding her as she wept in pain and fear… i tried comforting her as each person took turns trying to offer advice, help, etc – eventually we talked her into going to the ER IMG_20170712_111844_062and i called 911 giving them the information they needed to get to her as quickly as possible. me and my mom followed behind the ambulance and i called my uncle and aunt to tell them what had happened since they left the party early. they met us there and stayed as mom took me home because she had work the next day. i of course went to the hospital the next day and she was super eager to get home, so they released her not even 24 hours after she fell. IMG_20170720_074057_229she ended up dislocating her shoulder – they had to pop it back in place and schedule a surgery. while waiting she was in SO MUCH PAIN!! on the 20th the surgery took place and my uncle dropped me off so i stayed the hospital all day during the procedure etc. my cousin john came and visited but had to leave and wasnt able to see her. uncle randy came back just as she woke up then leon picked me up…

It Flew

June FLEW by so fast! summer is certainly upon us! the first week of June I went with Leon and his buddies to FLINT for a paintball tournament over the weekend! it was a lot of fun and i was finally able to go to this mexican “speak easy” diner leon had been telling me about.20170617_131256 there is this cheap’o mexican place in the front, then by the bathrooms there is a pringles machine that opens to a large dark room which is an upscale bar/fine dinning lol. i wasn’t impressed i suppose but we all had a good time! and no0o0o we did NOT stay directly in FLINT or drink Flint water. lmao, ew! but in the end the guys took first place! yay! the following weekend i went to Kaitlynn & Maddie’s dance recitle! oh my lanta it was so adorable! they both did ballet and i could just cry at the cuteness!!!! I posted some of the video’s on my youtube account :)

before the last week of june we of course had our ANNUAL stoney creek get together with everyone and enjoyed lots of fun! so much fun that the time was just slipping away and the fireworks were there before we knew it! this year we took dozer againnnn and he did amazing! and i was able to see some friends from high school who stopped by for a while, which was REALLY nice to see them! 20170623_201459the morning after, which was a saturday, we went to the epilepsy walk with my family at the zoo until about noon. then sunday i went to Eric & Jaimie’s wedding shower! me and leon put together a really cook laundry basket filled with goodies from their wedding registry (which i never do lol)!

thennnn to end off the month i enjoyed a FUN week of Vacation Bible school at saint Mary’s! this year i was able to enjoy all areas of VBS because i did a lot of the photography! it was a lot of fun and i went CRAZY with it. i think i found my VBS calling! hahha


Hmmm what has been going on? I have been trying to blog often but to do so daily seems silly, or to talk about oh yeah i cleaned this, i gave the dogs a bath, we went shopping, we watched movies, i went online for seven hours, i watched abby six times or that i hang out with my grandma every week… lol gets a bit redundent (or however you spell that) after awhile i feel. i do try to post in the blog at LEAST once a month and with pictures! i feel pictures add to the story! like something random, after abby’s birthday she got a late birthday present which was a hatchimal! pretty cool and was fun but not the most oh wow to blog about, yet here i am, hey world abby got a hatchimal! lmao, i would like a black one. would i play with it? no. lmao but wanting is wanting bahahha. okay so onto the real post?

18527894_10155334864564591_4137731442673942312_nthis past week or so the Tysar family got together for some family time to celebrate my uncles birthday :) we all went over his house and had fun over there for awhile with cake etc. was fun. and always a blast with the little kiddos around now. IMG_20170527_234720_624we also went and celebrated jaimie’s (eric’s fiance) accomplishments on graduating from college last night! she had a nice BBQ party at their house with a bon fire etc. it was fun. then today leon and i headed over to my dads house to help him with some yard work, spend time with him and then we finished off the day at the driviing range. haha lame.



A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities. – William Arthur Ward.

IMG_20170513_215043_053Cheers to seven years with my darling Leon ♥ this year we celebrated a little early because of life lol. since today is Mothers day and tomorrow leon has work. but last night we went to Black Rock Grille (“it’s more than just a meal, it’s an experience”) haha. even with calling ahead the wait was very long!!! we “experienced” a wonderful meal together lol and got all dressed up :) a lot of people asked if he proposed because i posted a picture online and thought he would have, but… NOPE! lmao. still waiting! patience is a virtue ;) but it is funny because not just me, but OTHER people are starting to hassle him about it lol, LOVE it! & I Love Leon! I love the ground under his feet, the air over his head, everything he touches, and every word he says. I love all his looks, all his actions, him entirely and altogether!

Today, as I have said & as the the world (or is it an american thing?18519835_10155310550879591_7201092937628085978_n lol) knows, it is Mother’s Day! Where, who, would we be without our mothers? Happy Mothers Day to every Mom out there & Mom’s who are no longer with us. You’re appreciated more than words & loved beyond measure! IMG_20170515_134745_769Of course a special Happy Mother’s day to my Mom ♥ & Grandmother! This morning/afternoon leon and i met up with my uncle, aunt, cousin, gma, sister, & mom at this Mothers Day Brunch for breakfast etc :) it was very nice! we all got dressed up, spent some time together, enjoyed yummy food galore, and exchanged gifts! A wonderful day! Being happy never goes out of style!

Happiness In Grass

Abby Marie!! ♥ You are God’s gift to us all, making the world a more beautiful place!! You are so bright, funny, and witty! This year me and uncle leon had fun picking out your birthday present as you are deeply obsessed with horses and know everythingggg about them! IMG_20170512_215311_067more than any of us adults know! you surprise us every day with how much you learn on your own! we bought you a mommy and baby horse and we are so happy that you fell in love with them instantly and named them, and then changed their names, and then changed them again… lol you LOVE to name your toys and change them constantly! we can’t keep up with your wild imagination! this year we celebrated at home, your favorite place, your mom made you a simple dinner, which made you very happy, and lots of cupcakes to make you smile :) you can find happiness in a blade of grass little one lol. i admire you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
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grat·i·tude – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. :) I am feeling very greatful today as i got my letter of acceptance for disability in the mail ♥ as many of you follow my blog and public Epilepsy Fight Facebook Page, i do not work/drive, and have been fighting for disability since 2009! A recap on the story ;; in 2009 i applied, was denied & accepted the answer and went out to try working with my disorder again. after two jobs & many issues they both let me go because of the disorder problems, i tried. i applied again in 2012 and was denied 3 times over the years, but re applied with a laywer each time and went to court two times. today, may 9th 2017, i was finally NOT denied. i will not be getting all the years back pay and have agreed to it, i do not want to fight for the back pay and look greedy, i have so much gratitude for the monthly payment i will not be receiving! #GodIsGood

IMG_20170502_102839_993also giving me smiles, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Abby Marie the past few weeks, she has really been enjoying coming over my house and playing with me. We have a lot of fun togetherIMG_20170505_105624_389 and our little routine’s with crafts, nail painting, snuggling, bubble baths, cleaning (she loves it i promise lol), and just plain goofing off haha. she is my silly nilly and i love her lots and lots. she has grown so fast! i cannot believe she will be turning FOUR this month! so crazy! I love you so much little lady!!!


Truly Special


My students graduated 3rd grade catechism this week!!!!! Can’t believe another year is over! My two sweethearts i will remember forever. this small class was such a special one :) a lot of fun and special memories were made with the three of us ♥ on the last day i took them on an exploration of the church in and out, going through all the statue’s and meanings etc, took a lot of pictures because i dont ever want to forget these cutie’s!

18119562_10155259433064591_2967730622926130062_nthis week was also memorable with moreeee as leon turned 29! his last year in his twenties!!! we got together with some friends and IMG_20170427_232437_621went to b-dubs etc and had some fun. the draft was going on on the same day and jason p was celebrating his bday as well so all the guys were happy! we were all going to go to the casino and texas de brazil too another day but that fell through lol. b dubs with friends was just fine for him lol. we all had a good time and thats what he wanted. Just want him happy because that is what he makes me! Every moment of my life is so special for me, because I have a wonderful, caring and truly special person by my side. I am so happy that you are mine Leon, Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!!!!

First Burn

IMG_20170423_184457_113the guys have been KILLING it in paintball this summer! Leon joined Average Joe’s paintball team and leon with the team have been doing amazing. Sunday they just won 1st place in the tournament. Sunday me and Marina hung out together in the muddddd and really “bonded” haha. lol what other way do you say it? she’s fantastic and her daughter is a cutie! same age as Abby, can’t wait until they meet one day and play together. adorable times to come! lol  SO anyways i got a nice tan as they won and we talked the whole time. well lets be honest, i got my first sunburn of the year! whoa nelly!

New binge: Code Black on CBS :) loving the show very much! watching it like everyday so far lol. and randomly in the mix of this blog.. I  have had my Samsung Note 4 phone for 2.5yrs & JUST LEARNED TODAY it has a sensor on it to measure heart rate / stress etc!!! =O WTF! haha these smart phones are too smart for me!!!!

First Mom Prom



OMG Mom Prom was AMAZING! first off, i DID get my nails done :) ha, and leon’s dad is a sweetheart and paid for it so i could feel all fancy haha. IMG_20170421_153435_933 heather came and picked me up yesturday afternoon and we both did our hair and got ready at her house :) Mandie even came over to help us. we got there and there were hundreds of gift baskets that were being raffled off. all the women were able to vote for eachother as prom queens lol. there was a photobooth we all had a blast with of course, then there was the open bar and an awesome buffet dinner! yum! heather and i had a blast dancing all night and IMG_20170422_133157_654 i was able to remince with some old friends from HighSchool who were there as well. a night well deserved for all the ladies who went! and getting dolled up like a princess is ALWAYS fun! ♥ I will 100% be going to the Mom Prom next year! cannot wait to find out what theme they will have in store for us all! this year the theme was fire and ice =P Now time to sleep as the guys all have a paintball tournament tomorrow!!! =O


The Twentieth

It is hard to believe ten years ago today my cat, Prince, passed away. you never forget the love of an animal! For a pet, he was my most favorite hello and our family’s hardest goodbye :'( you are still missed today buddy!!! unfortunately i dont have any pictures of him saved on the laptop as it was so many years ago.

Good things to bring up a happy spirit today? i’m with the best kiss-giving, IMG_20170420_153335_347boo-boo fixing, candy buying, fun-supplying, story-telling, grandkid-spoiling Grandma ever! <3 many things in life aren’t equal but everyone gets the same 24hrs, 7 days a week etc. we all make time for what we truly want. i’m spending time with my lovely lady! We are doing some shopping for mothers day together and enjoying our Wednesday time =P as always duh! We even headed over to the shoe store so i could pick up some heels for the Mom Prom… because…

Tomorrow is Mom Prom! =O leon, me, and his dad are going to run some errands together in the morning and afternoon, & hopefully i can get leon to agree & get my nails done ;) lol


He Has Risen


Happy Easter all! HE HAS RISEN! HALLEJULAH! ♥ IMG_5792This year we has some awesome TysarTime at my Grandma’s house with Turkey & Ham! Yum, with of course tons & tons of sides! Grandma and I went to church earlier in the day and then we went and got everything ready before everyone came over :) The kids had a blast looking for eggs and opening their baskets etc. Everyone lookd lovely and the kids lookd cute dressed up. unfortunately we of coursed missed all our family that lives out of state but even so we had a great time making memories as the little ones are all growing so quickly, and time is always passing so fast!

Getting Ready

Me and Heather have been dress shopping for her for Mom Prom! Mom prom is a charity event we are going to be going to! Basically it is a fun night for women to get all fancy at a hall, dinner, drinks, dancing and the money raised goes to battered women shelters! :) We are super excited to go and have been getting ready since February lol.


Another thing that everyyyyone has been getting ready for is Easter tomorrow! me and Grandma decorated her house a little bit together and put together cute little baskets for the kiddos! I even made a little basket for Abby. Easter will be at my Grandma’s IMG_20170415_130101_440house this year, so planning with her for events is always a blast. We have even been getting her outside patio ready for the kids to find eggs outside ♥ & play. As for early Easter celebrations today Leon and I met up with Eric and his brother up at Michigan University for the Spring Football game! it was beautiful out and a lot of fun! We left a little early and headed over to my brothers for Easter fun! My brother had us all over for some yummy food and dessert =P We all had such a wonderful time together!


My Philly Cheesecake

IMG_20170330_131319_636wednesday was a sucessful GrandmaDay! haha we went and IMG_20170330_191037_388got her hairs cut <3 lol and we did work on the t-shirt blanket a little bit and made some yummy cookies for her HighSchool reunion group that she see’s once a month (which i think is so fucking adorable) and i even got to take some home which leon was of course very happy about hahaha.

before the weekend grandma and me took kaitlyn & maddie to the movie’s! we saw a cute music movie with animals called sing and then we took them to mcdonalds before we took them back home :)


then today was palm sunday! we went to church early to pray IMG_20170409_115617_795the rosary and took some flowers and palms to grandpas grave ♥ i like going with her to visit past loved ones, i like sharing those moments with her. helping cleaning up the grave sites .. letting her know, almost silently reassuring her that i will care for her when she is gone. i love my grandma so much, she is serioulsy my best best best best friend! even we get into fights =P

April Fools

April the Giraffe finally gave birth to a cow! as we have all been crazily waiting! bahahha jokes. but this month does start Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD Awareness month! In honor of all children who struggle every day!!! i spread awareness for my disorder but of course awareness needs to be spread for so much more! help is needed everywhere! become aware! this is my corner of the world i get to put whatever i want so lol APRIL IS Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD Awareness month! RAINBOW <3 ha today i needed a new show I can binge on :-) so hello season 1 episode 1 #TheFosters!!! i am already obsessed! i can tell i am going to FLY through this!

Something adorable & fun that happened recently is Leon’s friend IMG_20170412_230129_573Eric who we graduated with came back into his life. lol Back on St. Patty’s day last month Leon and Eric ran into eachother and have been hanging out since. they grew up together as kids and teenagers, they are pretty much brothers. They stopped hanging out about 6-7 years ago (when me and leon started dating) for no reason except life and now life brought them back together. Eric is happily engaged and getting married this August! Eric came over for dinner the other night and asked Leon to stand up in his wedding! ♥ How fun! Leon’s cousin Zack is also getting married this August so we have TWO weddings to attend! YAY! :)

IMG_20170329_145355_073tomorrow is Grandma Day we are going to work on leons t-shirt quilt that i have a feeling is going to take us forever haha and make some easter cookies! yum!


IMG_20170325_121925_866okay SO IMG_20170325_121822_309swoop woosh and a hiccup! so0o0o  my grandma was all gung ho about going to this concert and everyone bailed on her poor little butt last min so yesturday me and my uncle randy went. it was an ethan bortnick concert lol. had no idea who this kid was until my gma but it was fun! my gma got closrophobic (sp idk) and ended up sitting in the back not by us lol. silly lady! but me and my uncle had a good time enjoying the music etc. then we all went home :) thanks for the good time grandma!


TODAY is PURPLE DAY!  international #PurpleDay, to honor the #epilepsy fighters, families, friends, and lives lost by wearing purple!!! 💜💜💜 purpleday.org :) asking anyone who wants to wear purple on March 26th yearly :) i of course sported purple! and went to my little 20170326_131326cousins 4th birthday party ♥ so cute and fun at the bounce house. i live for kids IMG_20170326_155912_760ahaha & i take billions of pictures. i have google photo’s that makes these adorable GIF’s and movies etc while organizing them all, i love it! if you want GIF’s for freeeee ask me :) i can’t upload them here sadly boo but i will eventually make another free GIF page once i have time in the fall! Happy Birthday to my little cuz Maddie! after maddie’s party some of us went on to celebrate my mom’s first hand bell concert! it was a little far away but in a beautiful church! she and her hand bell choir did an awesome job! after we went out for a bite to eat!


i hate you i love you – gnash

I miss you when I can’t sleep
Or right after coffee
Or right when I can’t eat
I miss you in my front seat
Still got sand in my sweaters
From nights we don’t remember
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Fucked around and got attached to you
Friends can break your heart too,
And I’m always tired but never of you
If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that shit
I put this reel out, but you wouldn’t bite that shit
I type a text but then I never mind that shit
I got these feelings but you never mind that shit
Oh oh, keep it on the low
You’re still in love with me but your friends don’t know
If you wanted me you would just say so
And if I were you, I would never let me go


this month started of with the 15 year anniversary of my grandpa tysar’s passing, which on this particular day my grandma decided not to talk to anyone or see anyone. she wanted to be alone. speaking of his death, i cannot believe it has been 15 years! 15 years ago i was in 8th grade and my grandpa and grandma lived up north together, enjoying their last years together alone… he was in the hospital and the staff let her know that family should all come visit because he could be leaving us. the whole family rushed to his bedside that night, he was in good spirits and happy to see us all. some people stayed another night with him and my grandma, others chose to go back home for work the next day. the next day we were being watched by a family friend for breakfast and lunch time, then she brought us to the hospital to visit, talk, hold his hand. he was sleeping…. then it all happened quickly before dinner time…. he took his last breaths. tears came. hugs were given, hours passed and leaving was hard. after time food was needed & we sadly realized the day was shared with my sisters birthday. we went out to dinner, sang a horrible happy birthday to a sad little girl in 5th grade. the next day family reappeard and funeral plans were made and we all went through the motions….

IMG_20170303_230741_767wow sorry for the sad throwback but sometimes with the sad memories brings on good. and with the start of the month also came my sisters birthday. this year she had our parents, gma, and us with ajs parents, gma, & sister go out to dinner. then after the younger crowed went out to this bumper car golf thing. it was fun! happppppy birthday to my sister who i like to pretend is still not 16yet! lol it’s craziness how fast the years go by and i blog about that often … but it’s so crazy fast watching someone you love blossom and grow from afar. little to me she may be but she is for sure the one i look up to. she should have been the big sister!