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Franken and Footballen

Frankenmuth was a lot of fun! we all went shopping (you know how in most gift shops there are pre-named keychains/jewlery etc? there is never a leon! super super hard to find! my mom found a keychain with leon on it, had to get it!) and while there we made grandma feel extra special with a little more celebrating for her 80th birthday! we sang twice and had cake twiceIMG_20150809_000330 IMG_20150809_000515haha. we had of course the amazing chicken dinner (yum yum yum) and stayed the night at the hotel with all the water slides :) me and john had a blast taking advantage of those and bonding together! we were able to be “adult free” because there were lifeguards on duty. lol. stephanie and aj came up to celebrate as well but didnt end up staying the night because they didnt know everyone was staying or something. which was a big bummer, i was planning/hopeing they were going to be staying. in the morning we had breakfast together and all headed home.

GUESS WHATTTT?! IMG_20150824_173317therapy! recently i started seeing a therapist named mary jo, whom i love lots! i’m going to be seeing her once a week. my neurologist said that i need to see someone frequently – since i have both epileptic and non-epileptic seizures. so far we have started talking about me doing some volunteer work or something and i started a gratitude journal ♥ im super pleased to be doing this. its something i need and want. ive tried many times to get into therapy/counceling but i start and then it fails or doesnt pan out so well because of not comitting, rides, money, or bonding with the therapist. this therapist and the whole situation is really working out. since going to the ER a couple times and going to the EMU the insurance is free right now until January, so i am going to take full advantage of this as much as i can! try hard to take the advice and work on me!!!!!!

IMG_20150823_172033what happened next? Football season! smh! oh man! leon is hardcore into his fantasy football crazyness and i am not a fan at all! lol of course i sit by and let it all go by and make him happy because he makes me happy everyday! hes the best! but still, football is beyond something i care about haha. xoxox but i care about him, so football i watch, and football parties i plan :)


right now its almost 330 a.m. And I’m awake basically I shouldn’t be awake but I am and I thought I’d blog because maybe it would get some time going faster nothing has been going on basically all day I stayed home I did some crocheting which was fun hopefully I’m getting or not getting um I’m trying to make a blanket for Abby for her 2nd birthday so far so good but I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on the blanket crocheting that I am doing for her. IMG_20150302_000701 Other than that all day I sat at home and did nothing snow is annoying lianas back to work and my schedule is f***** up and I f***** up I mean sleeping schedule. Right now I can hear Leon snoring and the dog story and Leon’s out in the living room and I’m in the bedroom I wish I was but I’m not. I mean I wish I was snoring. Sorry I’m reading this right now from my cell phone which is actually I am NOT typing this I’m speaking into the speaker phone and it is typing it for me so this blog entry should turn out very interesting and I’m assuming it will have a lot of grammatical errors with punctuation. Because I have to say the word.. Anyways. This whole week I’ve have a feeling is going to go by slow and it will continue to go by slow there’s nothing really am looking forward to right now except Sunday which is just cuz son’s birthday and then after that is Valentine’s Day with Julian said he just want to celebrate this year. Not Julian Leon damn f****** phone. Anywho yeah Liam said that he doesn’t want to have or really celebrate Valentine’s Day because he thinks its a money making a holiday and he doesn’t want to be a part of it. Well f*** all that because I got him present so we can eat s*** and I’ll keep the present lol. I’m just being b***** right now and talking just to talk because honestly I can’t sleep and I wish I could sleep and again I can’t. I just can’t is a strong word but whatever.
tomorrow I probably plan on sleeping in but my grandma wanted me to come help her get her a rug but I didn’t exactly say that I would so who knows what’s going on with that I’m just being stupid right now I don’t even know if I’m going to enter the blog help load it but we’ll see did I mention that I can’t sleep and I’m laying here in bed bored bored bored bored bored bored. Bye.

Shopping Issues

i bought shoes for me and leon from the same company, they both came, and then an extra pair came! augh! im trying to figure out if they charged me a second time or what happened. there are two packing slips.. IMG_20141220_133754 leon knows i got him shoes, so without him helping me ill be having him help me tonight on trying to figure out wtf happened!?! IMG_20141216_004944 also from eBay i bought a magical mansion vintage polly pocket – it said it was 100% complete etc so i msgd the girl and asked for 7 back. i thought 10 was too much so we agreed on 7. resolved, but rawr! lol

sidesalad: my fucking L key is being a fucking bitch and i have to really press it to use the letter. its pissing me off!

other than that – its 4pm and i have a few clothes to hang up before my love arrives home