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Online Upiddy Up’s

i updated the music on my CDCmusic player. you can find the player on the right sidebar in my diary. o0o0oh! secrets! did ya know that was there? lol. there are a few of my favorite songs :) the newest being oh how he loves us by david crowder ♥ #godisgood is getting about an average of 11 views/day! ♥ specifically new jersey and california? hey guys! haha leave some love!!!! i used to get more views 2 years ago, and my affiliates dont seem come by anymore :( i need to get connected. and sammy, where are you????? …i’ve been trying to reach out more to some of the old blogs i use to frequent and get back in the circle. thumbs up to my online world!give

other updates: just before the new year i updated pictures of me and leon on here as well as pictures of my wonderful cuuuuuuute pets whom i love more than aything and hate more than anything lmao. cassiedotcom got a cute little facelift with a rainbow graphic i fixed up and found online for free :) i’ve been updating little things here and there as far as my sub pages (bucketlist, wishlist, pets, etc) since i turned 29 in november. no new freebie’s however. i haven’t done any pixeling since theqbee closed down sadly! i want to give my quilt page a facelift soon as well even though it serves no purpose. i’m still a bee! #213 and a part of the facebook community that is not so active =/ i think imma help spice things up for everyone pixel wise when i have time … its a mental plan i want to undertake online lol. other plans for CDC include re-vamping the about me to a more grown up me. idk what that means lmao and updating my health area as that has grown – of course. im all about being an open book here. this is my world to BE ME ♥

Site Tweaks

Hello new layout :) this is my fifth major “look” for cassiedotcom! How do you like? Whenever I make a new layout I’m constantly tweaking and changing small details,  going to my site more that usual lol. Currently cdc isn’t compatible with mobile devices :( I’m of course in the works to change this when I’m able, but in the mean time accept my apologies.  You can easily read my blog through cassiedotcom via mobile but not navigate through my other pages so well.

On to other pages, I have added some new pages, which I will not link but let you look around abd find on your own if you wish ;) I added a page filled with a list of things I would like to do or have before I die, a bucket list! Second I added a calander planning section. Each month I will add plans ahead of time – keep us all organized and I informed =P lol

Then in all the changes I forgot about my love for pixeling :( i haven’t traded patches in forever since theqbee changed their layout plan to just a discussion board! So sad! I want to update that area and start swapping patches with bees again <3 #takinginitiative

BEEutiful Patience!

there has been “movement” haha at  still missing them so much! the site doesn’t look open to members or public yet as it would not let me log in. =P because you know i tried! lol with all this i updated my quilt page a tad xoxo !!! anyone else getting giddy for our pixel community to get back together??

Wide Web

i got a message from an affiliate of mine asking if i deleted my Facebook account.. no! i did not. and i didn’t think to post anything on about it, i don’t know why i would keep you guys out of the loop! lol i am taking a month break from Facebook this January. my Facebook account is on hiatus mode so it looks as though i disappeared from the realm so to speak but i shall be back in February :) its interesting how you notice how much you use something when you go without! and something so small as a website/app! one thing i realized after switching my account off for the time being that playing candy crush … wasn’t going to save my progress :( so i kinda lost two of my favorite things haha.

as for this blog it is looking plain and i have ripped it away from the main cassiedotcom page from now. i am having issues for some reason and am trying to fix them slowly. the worst part is no one can leave me comments at this moment :( it takes your right to my main page! working on that currently and having tech support help as well! until then i have a minimal love theme for Valentine’s day coming up!

speaking of working hard online, theQbee looks like they are still hard at work on their new version! they did say there was going to be some major changes which i am excited about of course but mainly i just miss the activities and buzzing around ♥ can’t wait to see what the Queen and her court comes up with!

Moving Forward

again with health insurance with blue cross has ended and i am now on the new Obama Care plan. i am hearing from the news it is already having issues of “not working”? this of course raises awareness for me as i need insurance to get the care for me. my plan is to get a lot of medical attention before spring comes and i plan to hit my $2,000 detuctable with the O.C plan asap! lots doctors to visit for a healthy me :) i don’t understand how an insurance plan could not work .. the guidelines are in black and white but ill just stick to what they give me. good news for me.

also in good news! we got my car up and running again! cost almost two for a new transmission (thanks mom?) but its a car leon has for reliable transportation for work and for us to get around on his days off during winter so we can get things done! amen! riding around in his dads truck was exhausting trying to work around other peoples schedule and the cost of deisel fuel is crazy these days! anywho ~ up and running again!

as for getting things going, we dont like to talk about our financial issues, and we arent having any problems but  we are looking to save more than usual right now so we have cut down on some things. one big thing is leon is putting his crotch rocket (motorcycle) up for sale next month! money money is good for other things!

hey! did i mention to you all that the spare bedroom that once was our room mates we now dedicated to our dogs? lol we cleaned everything out except an old mattress that they play on and filled it with their toys, food bowls etc. we took the door off and attached a gate. the gate we use to have up in the kitchen door way but this is so much nicer! excpecially when we need to keep them out of the way and we have people over! so nice!

my quilt: there has not been any additions as i am unable to get into contact with newbee’s because isnt up and running right now =/ this hiatus is taking a while :( i miss going there! i miss my bee’s! i think im going to say hi to everyone on my quilt tomorrow! that seems like a plan!!!

Overall Blessed

waking myself up … hello Cassie, you were in a psychiatric hospital last may. its been almost 6 months since i was in there. i seriously put it out of my head so much that it happened, that it was serious or something that i made myself think it was last September . i literally had to look through paper work to figure out that i went there in early may for the treatment to help me because i was in a suicidal state. since then a lot has happened. after i got out i saw a counselor once and didn’t continue therapy, now since this brick wall of reality hit me i made an appointment to see my therapist to discuss what happened and what i want to better myself. smooth sailing right? no. my insurance is only until January 8th so my counseling im hoping will be covered through until then but after that i have no further payment plans to continue therapy. but calm down, one day at a time. my appointment is next week and my anxiety is already building up about what i want to say, need to say etc etc. because of my limited time. i want to get something out of therapy. i need therapy, it is a crucial important tool to a few of my disorders, the most important being Borderline Personality Disorder and my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – both of which i have been diagnosed with within this year! *breathe*

then more health related~ with all the stress that has been going on last week, there are always repercussions! there’s always more stressfulness! i had a seizure last night. i woke yesterday (Sunday) with auras, so rested/slept until 3pm, ate a little soup and passed out again. next thing i remember sitting with leons mom. what happened was is i was at home all day sleeping after Leon left for work at 5pm and at 10 i randomly called his mom looking for him so her and his sister rushed over and found me passed out under a glass table, i woke bumped my head and was out of it for a while. about an hour or so later i was fine. blessed is what i am!

as we all know my memory messes with me and i sort of believe i may have blogged about this already but i also think i havent yet lol and im too lazy to check lol so0o0o anyways two weeks ago jean bought me a new bead addition to my Pandora charm bracelet ♥ she surprised me with it, thanking me for helping her this year with everything getting ready for Amy and Abby’s arrival =] she got me the queen bee bead, which while at a Pandora store the day before i hinted very much how much i loved it lol. (love bee’s so much, shout out to my fellow bee’s at theQbee!) here at cassiedotcom i have my growing Pandora collection displayed! here is the link of what i have thus far! wanted to share! i posted it on twitter and Tumblr but not the most important spot, cassiedotcom! hehe!

anyways, on another positive, i hope everyone is doing good in their own lives. i clearly keep mine busy at a standstill status. i know many are getting ready for Halloween and such, parties, decorated goodies, candy, orange & black, scary movies, haunted events, etc are you having fun out there? i hope so! i never was one who got into Halloween. i don’t have many trick or treating memories … well one actually so that shows how much i really am not into Halloween i suppose lol. im always looking forward to thanksgiving because my birthday is right after! lol any big Halloween plans this year? if not what are your small plans? lol ill be at home relaxing, not handing out candy watching not scary movies!

Working Order

may i just say that computer problems are so frustrating! the laptop was acting up, finally i got things running smoothly, updated, upgraded finally to chrome (im so stubborn some times lol)! then the most frustrated was my free html kit wasnt working which i have been accustomed to using for years and don’t have the money to put into another program at this time. i was upset. but like i said i finally got everything in all working order :) yay! cause when computers start to malfunction boy does my heart race because i hate to think of how much info i could loose! anyways with everything running and updated i did coding! yay Cassie! nothing too fancy! im not ready for a layout change until snow is on the ground i think … but i did make small updates here and there, nothing too specific to point out. as long as im happy though right? ;) haha i also updated my quilt a bit – the layout there has been changed to a plain white for the time being and the layout will be changing as soon as i can! also bee related, last month for the ice cream treats i won 2nd place for yummiest looking ♥ my prize was a patch and i will add that to my quilt page soon as well! [[thank you to everyone at theQbee who voted for my ice cream treat!]]

in other news: ive been interested in seeing what i can do to help Leon with the bills – any advice? i was looking into surveys for cash or more like you get items sent to you then you try them and give your opinions on them and get paid a small amount … but i don’t know what is safe and what isn’t. have any of you tried this?

Shareing Is Careing

bloggy blog blog blog pshh hello mister blog – who is making me write a post all over again because WP just deleted the one i just wrote! rawrrrrrr! so lets try to remember all of what i wrote 5 minuets ago.. lol well i was writing about how on friday i went over to my dads for dinner then they (him and his lady lover donna) drove me back home. its been nice saying yes and finding ways to get out of the house! its much-needed! then tonight kayde came by for a two-hour visit and then back to her boyfriend. i don’t blame her, if i was on vacation for a week i would be with him too .. but i still miss her! lol she even came back with a i ♥ caseville shirt for me :) what a doll! oh i wanted to bring up the dreads from last week, lol i brought up the idea to Leon, he was so anti the idea haha which is okay because i would much rather donate the hair and know its going to good use! also in the random thought process of news is our roommate is moving out! he’s decided he is going to find work and a place to stay somewhere else. this makes me very excited as we have said “this is the last roommate” a couple of times before but im seeing that possibly we may get another! leon asked for a yes and i gave him a vague okay but he took it and ran with it .. of course. so idk whats in the outlook of that except steve will be moving out at the end of august, about a month or so. other than those tid bits ive been keeping myself busy with what i mentioned before, layout switch ups and working on my quilt for theqbee :) also ive been real into looking up information on my disorder and becoming aware of a lot of things i had no clue about even though ive had my disorder for years! things i and other people in the world i feel should be aware of .. needless to say im on a #epilepsyawareness kick right now =P lol i even made a “share awareness” picture.


Independant Wants

Guess what??!? i made a quilt layout yay! before it was just white page with patches and a few outlines, but i put together a first layout for ‘Cassie’s Quilt” :) you can view my quilting page now at ♥ i will be making changes to it frequently for the next week or so, but that’s because im one of those people who have no patience and couldn’t wait to put it online for all to see =p haha so check out my quilt duh! bee #213 and don’t forget it hahah

okay so, subject change … i want dreadlocks! lol why not? im not going anywhere or trying to impress some special employer. the hesitation with dreadlocks is

  • a) “maintenance”
  • b) chopping it off when finished in 2 yrs or so then being bald
  • c) wasting the hair that could be donated to someone who wants it really really bad.

thoughts? i think they are so hot on girls though =P lol so dreads or no dreads? it’s a commitment! anyways, the weather has been cooler! yay!!! the past three days have been much cooler and easier to live with when there is no running air conditioner! it was about 73 or so today. today was fun and did something different from my usual Wednesdays with kayde. kayde is in caseville for a week so ive been finding other ways to occupy myself. i called my sister early in the morning to ask her to come over for a sisterly movie night but opted for her coming over for a quick chat; she was headed to a friends bonfire after and i tagged a long. i had a lot of fun and the time was going by fast for me – hope i wasnt a drag for her. sometimes it’s not fun bringing a guest because you feel obligated to make sure their having fun or include them in convos etc but i think i did a decent job of occupying myself. anyyyyways im glad we got to hang out and talk today. my sister has been recently down because of some personal issues and i hate so much that she’s not smile all the time lol. but im so so so proud of her and her strength with her current issue. yay for positive people!


Scream For Ice Cream

last week Friday i went out on a little date with my Grandma :) was fun and lovely memories. we went out to Red Lobster and then walked around the mall once. and i found five dollars while outside walking around haha [outside mall] was nice! then on Sunday the whole family got together for a surprise birthday party for my uncle jay who turned 60 and my cousin john who turned 13! they were sure surprised! it was nice because some of the family who live in Florida were there – it was nice getting everyone together. right after i went to a restaurant for Rachel [friend] baby sprinkle. a baby sprinkle i guess is a small second baby shower for a second child of different gender. both parties people bought others gifts … i was unable to give anyone anything because of money. makes me feel bad, but i don’t work and don’t receive disability yet! Leon helps me financially 100%, bur gifts are luxuries.

speaking of feeling bad… i missed a few med doses here and there. im not sure how many but i would say 4-5 maybe? i hate when i fuck up like this. i fall back into my old bad habits and have negative thoughts. this morning i had my first suicidal thoughts again since may – it was scary and over STUPID shit. its sad to know i suffer and struggle. sometimes i feel like i suffer alonei just need to be more vocal about my thoughts. blah.


hey! i did the Qbee ice cream activity! yay! i didn’t think i was going to participate this month but surprisingly just whipped it up today lol. you like? put 11 frames and pretty rainbow i’ve been going with the rainbow thing for months now =p my C is my signature and rainbow is my thing. duh, how can you not love all colors ;) ha and on Pinterest i even have an entire rainbow album, in plans for my best friends wedding – the theme she wants! one day, it shall be AWESOME!

oh & PS: it is soooo hot here in Michigan! almost 100 degrees and we are not running our AC this year to save on money. it’s been miserable!

Health & QBEE

Gelly Roll Pens!! tumblr_m078dr9ebb1qajwpgo1_500Back when i was in 5th grade, these pens were new and a huge hit. they were sold in dollar stores for a dollar each, and i LOVED THEM! they came in all colors in a variety of metallics, glitter, and plain basic colors. My favorite colors were white and silver, they looked awesome on colored paper! i have plans to collect all the Gelly Roll pens because i recently found out, as I went to the craft store Michael’s for my first time yesterday lol, they have them ALL there for $1.00 each! im pumped! yesturday me & Jean went out shopping again for babyshower stuff and other unneeded items for baby Abby! lol as usual it was a lot of fun =]

shopping with Jean is such a nice outlet for me! i don’t get to get out often due to my epilepsy .. not because i can’t leave but because i cannot drive, so people must take me places. the only people in my life that drive me anywhere normally is Leon, of course whom takes me on errands mostly, about once a week. then there is Kayde who will take me to a 7/11 or around the block for a smoke or two here and there, not often at all, maybe once a month .. if that. then there is Jean who takes me shopping or out to lunch, which are both very fun to me. she takes me out about, seems like 2 times a month right now. when i go “shopping” with Leon we go there with intent, and the intent is not to look around at anything we didn’t come there for, so unfun! last but never least, my lovely Grandma ♥ my grandma lives a few hours away so when she comes to town (about 10-12 times a year) she and i like to go out to lunch and catch up =] something i love to do and look forward to. other than those people whom take me to those said destinations, i don’t get out of the house much =/ something i dislike but, it is what it is. i know one day it will get better but for now, that’s the current “Cassie Schedule“.

the quilting bee activities you ask?lanternbee ha last post i discussed the activities they have at the quilting bee, the results for the LANTERN2lantern pixeling was posted! there were three winners in first category, three in second, and three in third place for three different categories… unfortunately as my first activity i didn’t place at all =[ my lantern in lavender (pictured here) was very plain to say the least. i had an original lantern that was animated with glowing (pictured here), but the bit size was too bit to submit! i wish i was able to have submitted my original animated lantern as i think it would have placed me as a winner!

onward, health issues.. i have been doing good! in my eyes, that is. i have been adhering to my new sleep pattern to help motivate me, keep me not depressed, a healthy NORMAL state. when you stay at home constantly, its easy to get stuck in the negative of it all and let yourself go. Leon is convinced my sleep pattern has to do with my seizures, which i know it doesn’t, the medication is what helps. good sleep, not too much etc is healthy, needed, and helpful to stay on the right track. my newest  conclusion is that my seizures could be a result of my overweight and breathing, if im overweight my body restricts my breathing at night, which has negative results in the end? no i suppose that wouldn’t make sense as medication stops them? idk, it’s hard having a disorder that has no “reason” or “solution” =[ its sad, stressful, and emotional. a part of me feels that im not as emotional about it as i use to be. over the years ive learned to accept it, and not hate it. have i given up? probably. why keep my hopes up year after year waiting for an end to it all when it possibly doesn’t exist? i don’t see a reason so i have accepted what i have been dealt, and im okay with it. no one else is it feels.

epilepsy: my sisters fiance’ had a seizure a couple of days ago! he is about 23/24 i believe, had one seizure before when he was around 14 years of age, then took medication for years .. after no seizures for such a long time he got off them at 21. my sister says his medication made him deeply depressed .. im hoping this isn’t going to be the case again as clearly he will need to be on medication for the duration of his life most likely. they told me he does have a possible “reason” as to why the seizures occur for him — his frontal lobe is slightly unattached from the rest of the brain ..? of course im not glad he has them at all, but im glad he has a direction to go for a solution to the issue. one side note that he expressed was that he went through a somewhat “spiritual experience” which is interesting because I’ve gone through those during seizures as well, but that’s a different story for another day! later lovies!

Bestfriends & Pixels

i guess i’ll continue where i left off which was Thursday .. on Friday i got up early and went out with Jean to the party store and Jo Anns for decorations etc =] was a lot of fun! after we went for some lunch at Big Boys then i was able to get back home and get Leon off to work. lol wow. the weekend was fun we had some friends over and watched our favorite shows, kinda did a couples thing with his best friend and his girlfriend on both sunday and monday. Tuesday was me and Leon’s “day” as we have every week, only he spent a lot of the time getting things he needed to get done, done … and also he played a lot of Xbox o.O haha and his main reason was because football season is coming up so he needs to re-familairize himself with teams and players for the draft, lmao okay sweetie whatever. then our roommate ended up hanging out with us for the night.. so not much ended up happening for “Cassie and Leon night” .. well of course we *couch* “played” together *cough* hahah anyyyways, today kayde came over early then i cleaned and soon before 3 i will get Leon awake, take a nap for an hour, get him off to work at about 4:30, hang out with myself for a while and possibly more cleaning if needed, then at about 8 kayde will come back over for some of our favorite shows and some bff time ;] THEN sleep at midnight because im back on  my sleeping schedule ♥

ps: Cassie, stop complaining about the difficulties of getting on track, people don’t want to hear it constantly! love me you and us lmao <3

welll welll welll alsooooo on theqbee each month they have an activity to do for pixeling etc, this month they are making pixeled coins, this is mine =] you like?entry213cassie i did each and every colored dot on my own yay lol i spent some time on it, and originaly i had planned to do a pastel rainbow with a four leaf clover in the center, however the pastels were much to light for the thin lines i made, so i adjusted it to bold basic rainbow colors, then when i went to make the clover i had in my head, it looked so horrible every time i tried lol, so i went simple with a heart :) in the activity it is requested that the coin in “shiny” so thus the lighting and glitter movement. im very happy with my submission. as i mentioned last month i sumbitted for last months activity of a chineese lantern – the voting is still in process and the results will be posted on the 17th! i am excited to see how i did as it was my first activity i participated in! i’ll most deffinatly post here what results came to! and of course for the coin too duh! stay updated!

Getting On Track

Saturday was my sister Stephanie’s birthday .. *HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTERFACE!*IMG_20140524_004444

over the past weekend it was slow because Leon did overtime, so to me, felt like the weekend never happened, was a regular old weekday to me. within the weekend me and Leon talked, again about my sleeping and health issues and made up a new schedule and time to take my medication. basically everyday wake 8am, nap 3-4, nap if needed 8-9, and sleep at midnight. as simple as it is, so far it has been difficult adhering to the schedule and staying away, i love my sleep! but i need to figure out new methods that could help maybe .. cure my epilepsy? everything seems like a longshot, but regardless of that its something i should be doing for mental health, physical health etc etc etc. i is only Wednesday and thus far have had difficulty staying awake and getting myself up, i have hopes that eventually my body will react positively.

today my Grandma came by for a visit as she is in town for a few – we went out to breakfast and putts’d around a few stores for a while, spent some nice time together. at 2 we had a Skype meeting set up with my cousin Ben, my Aunt Sheila, and my cousin’s new fiance’IMG_20130103_055226 Andreina so my Grandma could meet her, as no one has yet. my cousin lives in Florida and his fiance’ lives in Venezuela (side note, their president was died/killed yesterday!?). she is in the states for 2 weeks, so it was the perfect time to get everyone together on Skype and ‘meet’ her =] everything went well with that and my Grandma was thrilled with the technology of it all lol. afterwards I showed her how to get Facebook on her phone, added just family and so forth .. she was happy with that as well! i know she will enjoy seeing daily updates from her children and grandchildren, these days if you’re not on a social network, you really are missing out!

now onto online stuffs, I’ve been so out of it with the seizures i kind of put everything on hold so to speak, not that my website has any criteria or deadlines to make .. but i like as im sure everyone else does when i keep things fresh and up to date. i get to my blog every couple of days, add tid bits here and there to the website, or change things up a bit. i still don’t know and have no taken care of the fact that my site looks off in any resolution other than 1366 x 768 … sorry! looks good on my end and to most, so for now that’s all I’ve got. with my quilt for the quilting bee, i have patches to add, gifts to add, and logs to update, but again i haven’t been mentally up to a lot. good thing to know about me, i always bounce back! ♥

Busy Bee

i would like to say I’ve been busy getting things done, working on the house, getting paperwork sorted out etc but … umm I’ve been busy in a completely different way … I’ve been a busy bee! ha i joined theqbee recently and have been immersed with making a basic quilt, trading with other bee’s, pixeling for my first time, getting into activities and making bee friends! i am loving every part of it and am in newb addict mode! i literally have nothing to blog about regarding my daily life because I have been locked to the computer – not leaving the house, eating munchies and lord knows i havent watched a tv show in days .. I am in bee world! lol I even found myself making a “bee” folder on my pinterest account. such cute stuff! i feel like its boring to other people. no one around me in my life would even think it was cute, cool, or interesting. i however i, Cassie Cardillio, am in love

ps: im bee #213 hehe if you are a bee member, lets trade! [quilt]

«below are all of my firsts … the beginner patches of a new bee»


In Sickness

last night i had a hard time falling asleep, was up until 8am coding and building my qbee quilt! which even though i just blogged about a goal changing my sleeping schedule .. i guess i am, just in reverse? lmao probably not. okay, so i finally got to sleep  and boom 8:30 am Leon wakes abruptly out of his sleep. not just sits up in a panic but goes into an immediate stand up, clearly having a hard time breathing then throwing up all over me! the blankets, pillows, and me while standing. then jumps from the bed to the floor proceeding to puke all over the floor. as i was half awake i froze and didn’t do anything, oops. after he regained himself and stopped throwing up he realized he threw up all over me, apologized then took all the sheets, pillows, covers etc and threw them on the floor, then laid back on the bed! haha. my boyfriend said only this: “i don’t feel good” and passed out on the bed, lol that was it. i of course needed to clean up, shower, and get myself sleeping on the couch – needless to say i didnt sleep for a while. no matter, i love him in sickness & in health ♥ hehe, forever and ever! i can officially say I’ve been puked on without having kids lmao, what a life milestone.


do family/friends connect with you through your site or blog? do you wish they did?

random: it sort of bothers me that no one i know is interested in my website … many people know about it and i’ve even showed interest in them seeing/reading it — or connect with me through my blog? nobody cares. no one wants to. i guess in the end it is a place i created to get outsiders opinions. *insert awkward disappointed sigh*