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Hmmm what has been going on? I have been trying to blog often but to do so daily seems silly, or to talk about oh yeah i cleaned this, i gave the dogs a bath, we went shopping, we watched movies, i went online for seven hours, i watched abby six times or that i hang out with my grandma every week… lol gets a bit redundent (or however you spell that) after awhile i feel. i do try to post in the blog at LEAST once a month and with pictures! i feel pictures add to the story! like something random, after abby’s birthday she got a late birthday present which was a hatchimal! pretty cool and was fun but not the most oh wow to blog about, yet here i am, hey world abby got a hatchimal! lmao, i would like a black one. would i play with it? no. lmao but wanting is wanting bahahha. okay so onto the real post?

18527894_10155334864564591_4137731442673942312_nthis past week or so the Tysar family got together for some family time to celebrate my uncles birthday :) we all went over his house and had fun over there for awhile with cake etc. was fun. and always a blast with the little kiddos around now. IMG_20170527_234720_624we also went and celebrated jaimie’s (eric’s fiance) accomplishments on graduating from college last night! she had a nice BBQ party at their house with a bon fire etc. it was fun. then today leon and i headed over to my dads house to help him with some yard work, spend time with him and then we finished off the day at the driviing range. haha lame.



hello hello to drama =/ of course this blog is public so i dont like IMG_20170105_135818_870to air dirty laundry (lame for the readers i know but… it just isnt even good enough for a private post, promise the good ones will have those! lol) howeverrrr there was some tears dropped and words spoke with a relative. both parties needing to talk it out more so we shall see. i will say my grandma has been a wonderful and helpful support in keeping me calm and understanding about everything. best frand she is  ♥ ♥ ♥

epilepsy: blahhhhh i was home alone and i guess i was emotional and had an episode that made IMG_20170106_144433_597me fall, possibly grabbing the cat tree down with me which in turn hit our living room window and broke it! yikes! sidesalad: it is okay as we are getting new doors & windows this year anywhichway — BUT back to the story, i fell and i guess everyone couldnt get a hold of me, the dogs were going crazy, and leons dad came over to check on me and found me on the ground with the cat tree on me with glass everywhere! scary but i guess after some time of coming back to alertness i was okay. sore, but okay. :) #epilepsywarrior!

as for random happenings TRUMP IS PRESIDENT lol. Happy Birthday tooooo my Step Dad Dennis! love you! andddd we did game night with linds and steve at our house, MONOPOLY! hahah which has been fun hanging out with the two of them again yes yes! and we also did some #tysartime over michelle and jeffs for some furtah christmas! our last gift openings! (well for the kiddos lol) other than that we have been trying to start a new year normal. leon work mon-thurs. counseling mon, catechism tues, & grandmas on wed’s :) so far so good except catechism was canceled this week to a snow day! other than that i have taken another its a new year facebook leave lol for a week or two im sure .. we shall see. until then i usually go nuts on instagram and recently i am a snapchat fan! whoa nelly!



purple-epilepsyi have some horrible news today… on Facebook i am a member of multiple closed Epilepsy Support groups where i have made many friends over the past year, and these groups have been very helpful and rewarding. My facebook epilepsy support groups have given me the opportunity to meet people worldwide who have the same disorder as me, and we are able to share experiences and feelings etc. I have built good friendships with a small few good women and men through these groups i am happy to say. of course that is not the horrible news, the horrible news is SUDEP. SUDEP is Sudden Unexplained Death by Epilepsy and one of my good friends whom i have been talking to passed away. her sister went on her page and let us friends know that late last night she had a seizure in her sleep and passed away :'( I am so sad about this. i pray for my friend Kathrine and I pray for her family. She was so sweet and so young like me. rest in peace my sweet warrior. you are now a purple angel. ♥

Painted Dog Walks

leon started softball last week! i was suppose to go to his game but ended up not feeling good. i haven’t had a seizure in a while, since before i went to my dad’s but i was feeling dizzy and out of it i suppose so to be safe leon had me stay home instead of go to his first game as planned… i stayed home and slept and didn’t have a seizure and the guys ended up playing their first game not so well lol. they were given a mercy by the other team or something haha. but it is something fun for him this summer and cheap good fun. so that was last week wednesday and all his games will now be wednesday nights. thursday i got cleaning done all day and leon watched football. blah. friday leon, his family, and i went out to dinner and pacos tacos … a family favorite of the stillwell & calverts lol. mexican is not my favorite but i finally think i found a dish i like there! over the weekend i started painting back up! leon even went out and bought me new paint colors :) i decided to help with money costs this year as we are behind on the garage remodel i am going to do a painting for each family member. it will be a nice, loving, handmade, and not costly xmas gift for all. the idea lit a fire under my but and i did two paintings! lol i will have to make a PAINTINGS page on soon to keep a little corner/record of all my work!IMG_20160825_174920 and then toooooooday this afternoon leon and i headed up to New Baltimore again to catch pokemon and enjoy the town. not many of the shops were open unfortunately but this one new custard shop we tried, it was cute we loved it. had some awesome ice cream with strawberries!! yum! then did some more walking and headed home. tonight we are going over his parents house again for dinner :) should be fun!

sidesalad* Ella is leaving tomorrow for her safety. we have been looking for a dfghjhome for her since the 16th our female sasha and her keep getting into horrible fights – for for her safety, their safety and ours she is moving to another temporary home :( i am deeply sad about this. so much stress on her. she is such a loving caring beautiful amazing pet and deserves so much love in return and i just wish all us humans could get our act together and give her what she needs physically and emotionally! praying for a forever home for ella! and saying goodbye to ella tomorrow :(

Online Upiddy Up’s

i updated the music on my CDCmusic player. you can find the player on the right sidebar in my diary. o0o0oh! secrets! did ya know that was there? lol. there are a few of my favorite songs :) the newest being oh how he loves us by david crowder ♥ #godisgood is getting about an average of 11 views/day! ♥ specifically new jersey and california? hey guys! haha leave some love!!!! i used to get more views 2 years ago, and my affiliates dont seem come by anymore :( i need to get connected. and sammy, where are you????? …i’ve been trying to reach out more to some of the old blogs i use to frequent and get back in the circle. thumbs up to my online world!give

other updates: just before the new year i updated pictures of me and leon on here as well as pictures of my wonderful cuuuuuuute pets whom i love more than aything and hate more than anything lmao. cassiedotcom got a cute little facelift with a rainbow graphic i fixed up and found online for free :) i’ve been updating little things here and there as far as my sub pages (bucketlist, wishlist, pets, etc) since i turned 29 in november. no new freebie’s however. i haven’t done any pixeling since theqbee closed down sadly! i want to give my quilt page a facelift soon as well even though it serves no purpose. i’m still a bee! #213 and a part of the facebook community that is not so active =/ i think imma help spice things up for everyone pixel wise when i have time … its a mental plan i want to undertake online lol. other plans for CDC include re-vamping the about me to a more grown up me. idk what that means lmao and updating my health area as that has grown – of course. im all about being an open book here. this is my world to BE ME ♥

Site Tweaks

Hello new layout :) this is my fifth major “look” for cassiedotcom! How do you like? Whenever I make a new layout I’m constantly tweaking and changing small details,  going to my site more that usual lol. Currently cdc isn’t compatible with mobile devices :( I’m of course in the works to change this when I’m able, but in the mean time accept my apologies.  You can easily read my blog through cassiedotcom via mobile but not navigate through my other pages so well.

On to other pages, I have added some new pages, which I will not link but let you look around abd find on your own if you wish ;) I added a page filled with a list of things I would like to do or have before I die, a bucket list! Second I added a calander planning section. Each month I will add plans ahead of time – keep us all organized and I informed =P lol

Then in all the changes I forgot about my love for pixeling :( i haven’t traded patches in forever since theqbee changed their layout plan to just a discussion board! So sad! I want to update that area and start swapping patches with bees again <3 #takinginitiative

Effy & Heather


this past week has been wonderful =] i posted in the past recently that Leons parents cats had kittens again and we were going to be taking one! a day or two after Dozers birthday we took one of the kittens home! 20140302_133927[1]he is black and white as you can see from the pictures here and the others i post on instagram. his name is Effy. his “formal name” lol is Efferson Michael Cardillo until we are Calverts ;) haha! he is so cute and playful! the first two days he hissed at the dogs and such, took a bit to get all of them comfortable with each other – now everyone has settled in. Effy is still exploring new boundries everyday. i plan on adding a little Effy section to my pet area on my site! soon to come of course. ive been playing with him a lot it is easy to leave the others out. Dozer, the baby of all the pups, gets jealous the most. anyways, adding him to the family has been fun!


this week we went out shopping and Leon took me to this local store his best use to own … there they have this painting a woman did that i fell in love with almost two years ago. when i first saw the painting i was amazed by it. when she was around i asked her about the painting, what it ment to her, got her insight etc which made me feel even more closer to the painting. then her paintings went up for sale! they were very exspensive. every time i went into the store i asked Leon about it/for it. after some time since the store was open the artist disapeared at the store owner changed thus the price went down! i had been asking Leon for the painting for so long! anyways, he bought me the painting! original price was around $200 and i got it for $50. i know it was worth more, and the money unfortunately did not go to the artist, all of her paintings have been left behind by her. the money went to the store owner. i will post a full picture of the painting once i have it up where i want it! PS her name was Heather lol

Wide Web

i got a message from an affiliate of mine asking if i deleted my Facebook account.. no! i did not. and i didn’t think to post anything on about it, i don’t know why i would keep you guys out of the loop! lol i am taking a month break from Facebook this January. my Facebook account is on hiatus mode so it looks as though i disappeared from the realm so to speak but i shall be back in February :) its interesting how you notice how much you use something when you go without! and something so small as a website/app! one thing i realized after switching my account off for the time being that playing candy crush … wasn’t going to save my progress :( so i kinda lost two of my favorite things haha.

as for this blog it is looking plain and i have ripped it away from the main cassiedotcom page from now. i am having issues for some reason and am trying to fix them slowly. the worst part is no one can leave me comments at this moment :( it takes your right to my main page! working on that currently and having tech support help as well! until then i have a minimal love theme for Valentine’s day coming up!

speaking of working hard online, theQbee looks like they are still hard at work on their new version! they did say there was going to be some major changes which i am excited about of course but mainly i just miss the activities and buzzing around ♥ can’t wait to see what the Queen and her court comes up with!

Diamonds and Drinks

Merry Belated Christmas~! i dropped the ball and gave away what Leon bought me for Christmas or Pandora in my last post! lol but squeal as i must as i love my bracelet and there was so much  more we got. the shopping went on through december ~ as tempers ran high at times for everyone him, me, his parents, and sister all towards the end but of course christmas was wonderful and everyone was pleased with their gifts. Leon got me real white and black diamonds. so beautiful! with a lifetime warranty! every 6 months we have to go back to jareds to get them check, whoo hoo that’s an extra gift on the side, more reasons to go to the jewelry store! hehe! anyways i got post secret books which i wanted, a new straighter, hair dryer, portable hard drive or w.e u call it, tons of clothes, shoes, i could go on lol everyone was very spoiled this year as last year we went without for money reasons.

HAPPY 2014! me and Leon had a few friends over for new years eve. we invited the usuals etc. i even invited kayde, trying to patch things up but she decided to spend NYE with her parents at home because her bf was doing the right thing and serving his time for his mistakes. (unfortunately what kayde said is a lie and unfolds in a later story) anyways the party was lovely :) i made snacks like the little betty Crocker that i am lol and we played games yadda yadda anddddd i even had my self a drink! i know i know! shhh! im not suppose to drink because of my medication but i had a glass of hypnotic in celebration of the new year. i was careful and Leon was watching me. i barely got buzzed as it has 17% alcohol haha but it made me feel WILD! lmao what a difference 5 years in your life will do! 

Pandora Additions

i plan to blog about Christmas but i wanted to first to another Pandora update :)

i got three Pandora charms from Leon Christmas morning ♥

20121221_1356131067421_204 20131014_1381763421535_629 purple

he got me the three things i wanted because he is an amazing boyfriend and listens to me :) lol i wanted the detroit charm really bad as it is a new charm in our area and really hard to get! luckily he got one of the last ones at Jareds! he also got me the faith hope and love charm, one i believe to be going out of stock soon as the price as gone down! also i got my first colored charm with purple for #epilepsyawareness   ♥  i now also added these charms to my Pandora page featuring my bracelet and the collection i have so far! since my collection is growing so much i am curious as to how much it is worth now, i plan to add everything up soon lol

Pandora Love

as i mentioned i got some Pandora charms for my bracelet from Amy and Jean for my birthday :)


they got me a safety chain that i wanted and a christmas stocking because i like christmas ♥ i now also added these two charms to my Pandora page featuring my bracelet and the collection i have so far!

Fourth Layout!

rainbows to blues =P do you like the layout switch up? i changed it up a tad. it is pretty much the same layout but tweaked a bit into a more wintry feel from a summery look .. from my stand point at least lol. i call it ICED hehe. i mostly like the little simple falling snowflake html code i found online. unfortunately while i was switching the layout the site was down for three days this time, displaying an internal error! not cool. i had to again call go daddy and discuss the issue with tech support but it turned out the be an issue on my end this time.

random: november is #epilepsyawarenes month ♥

Overall Blessed

waking myself up … hello Cassie, you were in a psychiatric hospital last may. its been almost 6 months since i was in there. i seriously put it out of my head so much that it happened, that it was serious or something that i made myself think it was last September . i literally had to look through paper work to figure out that i went there in early may for the treatment to help me because i was in a suicidal state. since then a lot has happened. after i got out i saw a counselor once and didn’t continue therapy, now since this brick wall of reality hit me i made an appointment to see my therapist to discuss what happened and what i want to better myself. smooth sailing right? no. my insurance is only until January 8th so my counseling im hoping will be covered through until then but after that i have no further payment plans to continue therapy. but calm down, one day at a time. my appointment is next week and my anxiety is already building up about what i want to say, need to say etc etc. because of my limited time. i want to get something out of therapy. i need therapy, it is a crucial important tool to a few of my disorders, the most important being Borderline Personality Disorder and my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – both of which i have been diagnosed with within this year! *breathe*

then more health related~ with all the stress that has been going on last week, there are always repercussions! there’s always more stressfulness! i had a seizure last night. i woke yesterday (Sunday) with auras, so rested/slept until 3pm, ate a little soup and passed out again. next thing i remember sitting with leons mom. what happened was is i was at home all day sleeping after Leon left for work at 5pm and at 10 i randomly called his mom looking for him so her and his sister rushed over and found me passed out under a glass table, i woke bumped my head and was out of it for a while. about an hour or so later i was fine. blessed is what i am!

as we all know my memory messes with me and i sort of believe i may have blogged about this already but i also think i havent yet lol and im too lazy to check lol so0o0o anyways two weeks ago jean bought me a new bead addition to my Pandora charm bracelet ♥ she surprised me with it, thanking me for helping her this year with everything getting ready for Amy and Abby’s arrival =] she got me the queen bee bead, which while at a Pandora store the day before i hinted very much how much i loved it lol. (love bee’s so much, shout out to my fellow bee’s at theQbee!) here at cassiedotcom i have my growing Pandora collection displayed! here is the link of what i have thus far! wanted to share! i posted it on twitter and Tumblr but not the most important spot, cassiedotcom! hehe!

anyways, on another positive, i hope everyone is doing good in their own lives. i clearly keep mine busy at a standstill status. i know many are getting ready for Halloween and such, parties, decorated goodies, candy, orange & black, scary movies, haunted events, etc are you having fun out there? i hope so! i never was one who got into Halloween. i don’t have many trick or treating memories … well one actually so that shows how much i really am not into Halloween i suppose lol. im always looking forward to thanksgiving because my birthday is right after! lol any big Halloween plans this year? if not what are your small plans? lol ill be at home relaxing, not handing out candy watching not scary movies!

Can You Tell?

I don’t feel like the old me, i suppose what im saying is More now than I ever have before. Idk how I feel about it. I do feel emotional but a little more in control which is nice. My anxiety is better so that’s a plus I could tell that right off the bat. then, there is the mood I put off – I feel more mellow, Distant I wouldn’t say so much as before I would say I was very chatty and go go go now I’m slow’d down more .. chill. I feel like I don’t like it and my first reaction is to ask others if they notice it, how they feel about it, if its better .. I don’t want to come off as snobby or ignoring people! I already stare off in my own world as it is anyways =/

#randomthought: I want to know who goes to my website, truly – I feel like maybe 5 people do? Hmmm

Working Order

may i just say that computer problems are so frustrating! the laptop was acting up, finally i got things running smoothly, updated, upgraded finally to chrome (im so stubborn some times lol)! then the most frustrated was my free html kit wasnt working which i have been accustomed to using for years and don’t have the money to put into another program at this time. i was upset. but like i said i finally got everything in all working order :) yay! cause when computers start to malfunction boy does my heart race because i hate to think of how much info i could loose! anyways with everything running and updated i did coding! yay Cassie! nothing too fancy! im not ready for a layout change until snow is on the ground i think … but i did make small updates here and there, nothing too specific to point out. as long as im happy though right? ;) haha i also updated my quilt a bit – the layout there has been changed to a plain white for the time being and the layout will be changing as soon as i can! also bee related, last month for the ice cream treats i won 2nd place for yummiest looking ♥ my prize was a patch and i will add that to my quilt page soon as well! [[thank you to everyone at theQbee who voted for my ice cream treat!]]

in other news: ive been interested in seeing what i can do to help Leon with the bills – any advice? i was looking into surveys for cash or more like you get items sent to you then you try them and give your opinions on them and get paid a small amount … but i don’t know what is safe and what isn’t. have any of you tried this?

Day Fillers

coding … i have so much html and css to fix up on my site and updates to take care of, i have comments to reply to, friends/blogs to visit, and my quilt to clean up and attend to! so much to do but i put it off for about three weeks prior to my “one week” epilepsy center hospital stay as something to do and keep me busy while i was in there, to help with the bordem. once i was in there, and off my medicine i stared at walls and day dreamed and updated my Facebook way too many times that was completely not necessary .. but i did blog once! lol i just didn’t code while i was in there. then of course we all know the rest, surgery, recovery then now… I’m getting my life back into the swing of things, just getting back into blogging but im not at the coding yet. hmm. i will. so far i have been filling my days when Leon is at work with daily chores and television. (most recently ive been blowing through Skins the UK version on Netflix, currently in season 3) but i think im ready to expand to the online world and fully cleaning my house and then get back into my semi walking routine with the dogs, they need it! good luck to me! me oh my to all the coding i have planned ahead of me lol.

a side note next would be about the dogs; Dozer is getting to be a chunker! all three the dogs are on a “diet” with no people food, no treats (except ice cubes, which he & Sasha love lol), and one bowl of food a day from 8-8.

Shareing Is Careing

bloggy blog blog blog pshh hello mister blog – who is making me write a post all over again because WP just deleted the one i just wrote! rawrrrrrr! so lets try to remember all of what i wrote 5 minuets ago.. lol well i was writing about how on friday i went over to my dads for dinner then they (him and his lady lover donna) drove me back home. its been nice saying yes and finding ways to get out of the house! its much-needed! then tonight kayde came by for a two-hour visit and then back to her boyfriend. i don’t blame her, if i was on vacation for a week i would be with him too .. but i still miss her! lol she even came back with a i ♥ caseville shirt for me :) what a doll! oh i wanted to bring up the dreads from last week, lol i brought up the idea to Leon, he was so anti the idea haha which is okay because i would much rather donate the hair and know its going to good use! also in the random thought process of news is our roommate is moving out! he’s decided he is going to find work and a place to stay somewhere else. this makes me very excited as we have said “this is the last roommate” a couple of times before but im seeing that possibly we may get another! leon asked for a yes and i gave him a vague okay but he took it and ran with it .. of course. so idk whats in the outlook of that except steve will be moving out at the end of august, about a month or so. other than those tid bits ive been keeping myself busy with what i mentioned before, layout switch ups and working on my quilt for theqbee :) also ive been real into looking up information on my disorder and becoming aware of a lot of things i had no clue about even though ive had my disorder for years! things i and other people in the world i feel should be aware of .. needless to say im on a #epilepsyawareness kick right now =P lol i even made a “share awareness” picture.


Getting On Track

Saturday was my sister Stephanie’s birthday .. *HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTERFACE!*IMG_20140524_004444

over the past weekend it was slow because Leon did overtime, so to me, felt like the weekend never happened, was a regular old weekday to me. within the weekend me and Leon talked, again about my sleeping and health issues and made up a new schedule and time to take my medication. basically everyday wake 8am, nap 3-4, nap if needed 8-9, and sleep at midnight. as simple as it is, so far it has been difficult adhering to the schedule and staying away, i love my sleep! but i need to figure out new methods that could help maybe .. cure my epilepsy? everything seems like a longshot, but regardless of that its something i should be doing for mental health, physical health etc etc etc. i is only Wednesday and thus far have had difficulty staying awake and getting myself up, i have hopes that eventually my body will react positively.

today my Grandma came by for a visit as she is in town for a few – we went out to breakfast and putts’d around a few stores for a while, spent some nice time together. at 2 we had a Skype meeting set up with my cousin Ben, my Aunt Sheila, and my cousin’s new fiance’IMG_20130103_055226 Andreina so my Grandma could meet her, as no one has yet. my cousin lives in Florida and his fiance’ lives in Venezuela (side note, their president was died/killed yesterday!?). she is in the states for 2 weeks, so it was the perfect time to get everyone together on Skype and ‘meet’ her =] everything went well with that and my Grandma was thrilled with the technology of it all lol. afterwards I showed her how to get Facebook on her phone, added just family and so forth .. she was happy with that as well! i know she will enjoy seeing daily updates from her children and grandchildren, these days if you’re not on a social network, you really are missing out!

now onto online stuffs, I’ve been so out of it with the seizures i kind of put everything on hold so to speak, not that my website has any criteria or deadlines to make .. but i like as im sure everyone else does when i keep things fresh and up to date. i get to my blog every couple of days, add tid bits here and there to the website, or change things up a bit. i still don’t know and have no taken care of the fact that my site looks off in any resolution other than 1366 x 768 … sorry! looks good on my end and to most, so for now that’s all I’ve got. with my quilt for the quilting bee, i have patches to add, gifts to add, and logs to update, but again i haven’t been mentally up to a lot. good thing to know about me, i always bounce back! ♥

Layout Switchups

quickly bored with layouts recently. under the CDC milestones on my web page you can see that i started the design of cassiedotcom back in October – it all started out with a lovely black and hot pink layout, forming into a very rainbow colorful layout. then December I switched it up and started all over with a new layout completely, using light pink and grey tones (current KNIT layout), all before the launch this month! took awhile i suppose to decide what i wanted to start with. anyways last night i randomly had all these creative thoughts flowing through my mind how i wanted my first year of cassiedotcom to have all the seasonal/holiday layouts (probably not monthly layouts, but you never know!). i sat down trying to work out a february/love layout of course or something just wintery .. and ending up with a makeup layout! regardless i spent all yesterday doing a brand new layout! .. have i mentioned that the very first layout i originally created has yet to be thought of to be used .. maybe spring time! hahah who knows .. im happy to have cassiedotcom yay!!!


two nights ago i tripped and hurt my ankel and knee, used ice and heating pad…. was painful but it subsided eventually, luckily. now, however, i woke up this morning with a horrible pain in my neck – slept on it wrong? :( so of course im back to useing the heating pad again, just a different area lol my body cant take the heat! so ive been on the computer most of the day and yesturday due to my ‘injuries’. right now im in the process of downloading fonts from dafont IMG_20121104_113846[plug] haha i LOVE that site and am always amused with the different types of fonts. hopefully i pick some good ones. ive been working on my site since october, i have it almost done, just finishing touches and making sure the spelling and links all work before the launch – but nowwww since ive been looking at the same colors and layout for so long working so hard on it, im sick of it! haha i want a new layout! so i might be working on a second soon (lies, i already started). oh well, more variety for my viewers ;) speaking of viewers, i have very few. i need to get that site out there, put myself out there and let everyone into my world. i want input, advice, love, everything that the online world offers ♥ xoxo

Be Positive

IMG_20121227_235944official – i have deleted my livejournal account! there are so many terrible horrible and deppressing entries that ive written. things i dont even want to be reminded of, so why share? i never did, they are all posts you’ve never read. i kept them private for my eyes only and now – offiicial deletion! goodbye livejournal and hello tumblr then onto my site! clean slates within ones self are so rejuvenating. so again another time in my life.. *raises a glass* heres to saying goodbye to the depressive moments and trying over again with a smile on my face!! amen!