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6 To 8 Months

IMG_20170901_152712_163We ended last month with the vet by making a vet appointment for our eldest dog Champ, who has a tumor growing on his balls. One day we saw blood come out of his penis so we wanted IMG_20170831_170743_983to make sure he was in no pain. because of his very old age of 11 almost 12 we knew when it started growing we were not going to get it removed or fight the cancer because of his age and life expectancy which he already has gone past happily! I took him to the appointment without leon (he could not come, was at work) i of course called him, kept him in the loop through-out the appointment & he was very emotional. emotional because the vet did a test, verified it was cancerous and most likely through-out his entire body which was spreading fast. (mass cell tumor) of course we kind of knew this, but hearing it makes it more real. the vet gave us a rough timeline that we may have  with him of “6 to 8 months”. she prescribed IMG_20170905_110629_013champ some pain medication as well as some antibiotics for the tumor which was growing very fast at this point. she said the tumor would leak daily as it grew (because it is never going to “heal” or scab up) and to make him comfy etc. leon immediately had a new rule of letting champ and the dogs on the couch so he could cuddle with them more lol. he gave champ so many treats at first that he got a little constipated but we fixed the issue! haha so as for now we are enjoying him and his amazing personality until he shows us he is not okay :)

on the 3rd i went to Arts Beats & Eats with my mom,IMG_20170903_214847_854 step dad, sister, and her bf! My mom had some tickets and i got some free tickets from me and leons friends Jaimie & Eric – it was my first time going to this event and i liked it very much. i was more into the art and going through the handmade items for sale rather than the food, but we did have some good lunch. mom wasn’t too into the “sampling” lol which is the whole idea haha. the different cultures of dancing was really fun to see and how all the stages were divided by genre was wonderful & easy to navigate! i for sure want to go next year with leon and probably our friends! i with my family had a great time this year and i got a new pair of sun glasses :) so future years look bright ;) haha! it was a beautiful warmmm day & everyone was a in a great mood! can’t ask for anything better? right?

IMG_20170918_123348_133as for health my rash is starting to really go away now! it isn’t really on my face anymore but mostly my chest and stomach. i went backkkkkk to the dr and now he says it is eczema?! …not poison ivy. oy! idk. THEN my tooth started hurting last weekend and OH MY LANTA! saturday i had a seizure then by night my tooth it was hurting – i realized a chunk had broken off and thenerve was exposed! but i took asprin and went to sleep, woke up for church with my philly on sunday , we didnt even make it to the start of mass and we had to rush out of there to URGENT care so i could get some pain medication! i was a mess! because it was sunday IMG_20170923_101929_832no dentist was open and i had to wait an additional 24 hours to have someone really take a look at it! monday i saw the dentist and he said i have to wait 2 WEEKS taking antibiotics incase there is an infection! So i am on pain meds feelings loopy and sleeping lots etc. yay. lol right now i am sitting at a campsite in Pinckney MI – Hell Survivors a paintball event. lol oy! paintballllll of course! getting warmed up for these tournaments to win for World Cup 2017! lol

Indiana Corn

IMG_20170811_184858_134We just got back from our FIRST trip to Indiana, it was a lotttt of fun! we woke up super early to drive up there, and got up there the day before the event so we could get to the hotel, settle in etc. the WHOLE group was down in Indiana so it was fun having the guys all together, outside of paintball traveling etc. the group of everyone from Lonewolf was large because we had two teams coming to the event for two different divisions which leon was in both! IMG_20170812_181431_828whoa nelly on being busy leon! lol so the first night we all went out to dinner to this italian restaurant having a good time etc. the next morning (saturday) we woke early to get to the field (which it was a super cool field) and leon played for The Average Joe’s – they ended up not winning first place, but the Sunday game with the Level 7 Dragon Masters (team names are so weird lol) was the division leon was playing in for World Cup in Florida!

Saturday night we stayed up pretty late, the guys all got drunk and we went out to a weird ass strip club! lmao it was funny and fun. first time i had been to a strip club where the girls just sat with us and drank with us talking, im going to try and not be mean here, they are working people with feelings, but we didnt care at all for their conversation and were just there to enjoy the groups company and watch from afar while enjoying alcohol. haha sorry not sorry? idk and it was the first strip club i been to where the women covered their nips as well as did the lap dances in the MAIN ROOM! I suppose each state has their own strip club laws. speaking of state laws … we learned on sunday Indiana DOES NOT SELL ALCOHOL on sundays! lol craziness. i mean i dont need or want it but i find it silly. also whats crazy silly is CORN! i thought michigan had heaps of corn, Inidana proved me wrong! hah

ANY-WHICH-WAY ;; sunday morning we woke up on time and our friend jeff was in the IMG_20170813_125000_188hotel room next to us, we were his ride to the field .. and we COULD NOT WAKE HIM UP! he was drunk as fuck the night before and nothing i mean nothing would wake him! not phone calls, banging on the door etc. we even got a maid to unlock his door but he locked the DEAD BOLT! omg are you kidding. i mean 7am and people were opening their doors to see what all the noise was! we finally put a note under his door to leave him as i gave his door one FINAL loud kick he “woke up to go to the bathroom” and heard it, opening the door. we got the field late, everyone was pissy of course BUT they played ball & won first place! BOOM!

IMG_20170811_115038_921after allllllllll of that we headed home, to our fur baby’s :) it is super hard for us to leave them! last time we left them for a long time was when we went to caseville for the weekend – thankfully leons dad is there to help us each time we want to take a vacation of some sort! now that we are home with our baby’s, leon has work all week of course. then this weekend we are heading up north for the day so we can go to leons cousin’s wedding!  I bought a beautiful green dress at Bibbidi Bobbidi You for Jaimie & Eric’s wedding at the end of the month, so0o0o pictures of that to come!!

Tomorrow’s Destination

oh my lordy have i been busy busy and have been getting ready for my trip to florida tomorrow morning, which i am so0o0o pumped for! leon had Monday, Martin Luthar King day off and was able to come home tuesday, which was awesome to spend extra time with him before my trip xoxo.  because of the trip stress i did have a small seizure on tuesday aIMG_20170121_153950_603t some point but i have been trying to stay positive and after i was feeling better this past week we have been going to the gym again (yay) and i have been counting my calories which i have been liking. we also went back and renewed my medical marijuana card because of the laws etc and its not given at a regular pharmacy in this day n age yet. saturday i got my nails and wax done, making me feel all sassy for the trip and monday we got some last stop shopping done for things i would need for the trip! $55.00 on crap pretty much lol. then tonight i had family night at catechism and leon helped me pack :) i leave tomorrow for the airport in the morning with leon and my dad ♥ wish me luck with NO SEIZURES on the airplane andddd on the trip! Anxiety is high but prayers!

PS: Happy Birthday to my baby boy Efferson Emanuel!!!



img_20161026_132512since my last post we celebrated champ our oldest dog turning 11 years old!! crazy pup you can’t even tell he is that old because he has so much energy and spirit lol. we took him out for a walk and for some ice cream at DQ :) leon and i also have been helping my grandma get a lot of things done around her house, like putting in new appliances etc. yay for helping and yay for grandma days ♥

last saturday was Tommy’s (leons paintball buddy) wedding! we got all pretty and had a really good time enjoying and celebrating with them! followed by dinner and football on sunday haha! but in short i have been enjoying volunteering at catechism a lot this year. this month i really got to know them and moving forward with lessons has been a lot smoother etc. one of my students is a female but goes by he pronouns and dresses like a girl. img_20161015_223554intresting meeting someone at the age of 7 who is identifiing as a different sex than they were born. i am happy god put this little boy in my life :) tuesday i went out to lunch with emily from my high school committee team, we had a lot of fun sitting and gabbing the whole afternoon! this wednesday me and grandma kicked back and watched movies as the weather has been getting colder etc so we snuggled up together. at home leon and i turned the heat on officially! WINTER IS COMING! lol


img_20160828_222100last sunday leon and i headed out to buffalo wild wings to meet up with all of his friends for one of his fantasy football drafts he entered! it was a good time :) since i wasn’t in the fantasy draft i brought my computer and kept myself busy on that etc while it was going on and had dinner since it was a long process for all the guys and girls. img_20160828_222153 leon received his gold fantasy football belt as he won last years draft haha. so he will hand it down to next years winner haha. they are all goofy! lol tuesday me and mister thought it would be fun to bring champ our boxer dog to dairy queen and treat him to some ice cream. since we got ella a new home the boys have been having some dominance issues and champ had the dominance first so we are trying to re-establish that for him between the guy dogs.

wednesday i spent some time with grandma and after i came home and got lots of sleeeeeep! once leon came home he checked the mail and i got some of my new sims 2 games! yay for being a simmer!haha and then today (friday) leon and i took dozer to the vet to check him for cancer and got him some shots. the bumps he had were both non cancerous :)img_20160902_091039


20160414_150031update on Ella, the dog we have been fostering since January.. Cj, leons cousin and ella’s owner, came and picked her up. the dogs got into one last fight sunday and i another monday while waiting for him to pick her up to the next temporary owner. she left and then we went into even more full throttle looking for a forever owner over the week – thankfully i got into contact with an old friend i had back 11 years ago in High School! her and her family were very happy and excited to get her to their home. Cj then took her from the temporary home to her forever home officially on Friday!! i am deeply happy about this but as i have spent so much time with her here in our home, and cj raised her from a puppy for 4 years.. we are so sad to see her not in the family anymore and with another. its a bittersweet goodbye. we are all elated though she went to a good home of someone i know and we can get updates of :) #grateful

over this week leon’s second softball game got canceled due to rain & i did more painting! yesturday i went over my moms in the evening to help my mom make chocolate covered pretzels and surprizingly today me and leon went up to saint mary’s family festival, which i was hoping to make an appearance! we walked around new baltimore again seeing all the cool vendors out for the summer and catching our poke’mon haha.

also today leon and i were talking about my health etc and realized i haven’t had a seizure in awhile so we counted the days out and when i started the 5,000mg oil etc &…. It has been 20 days since I switched to my highest dose of Charlottes Web CBD oil & i am as of today TWENTY FOUR DAYS SEIZURE FREE!!!! This is the longest I have gone without a seizure in YEARS! if anyone needs some type of proof that medical marijuana products work or are more than recreational, I am it!!!! #grateful

in bad/good news .. i was home earlier this week with my HP laptop open on the coffee table and a full glass of kooliad. (you can see where this is going). i went to let the dogs outside, and they were very excited one bumped into the table and the the whole glass spilled alllllllll over the keyboard! i immediatly poured it off, panicked, grabbed a towel, and just started crying. leon walked in and didnt know what was going on. there was a huge FROWN FACE blue screen that said restart on the screen and i showed him. he was like OMG CALM DOWN BUT TURN IF OFF. 20160121_102415 i was freaking out over it being ruined that i didn’t even take the battery out. i was for sure it was done and i lost everything. so he immediatly (because leon is the best in the world) helped me and took the computer out the garage and blew it out with the air compressor. we let the computer sit off and dry for three days as we talked about the possibility options of a new computer for christmas and the options of getting my files. as each day passed i would remember more and more things that were saved on my laptop that i had lost. thennnnnnnn finally after the three days it came time to try it out, turn it on and see what happens. i turned it on, screen worked etc but it was slow – but overall i sighed relief and was SO THANKFUL!!!! everything was working, everything was still here. my life, my files, my games, my everythinggggggg. so i ran diagnostics etc. the keys all work. the screen is fine. the speakers work. one thing doesnt, the microphone lol. woopdie fkn doo. lmao. #grateful!

Painted Dog Walks

leon started softball last week! i was suppose to go to his game but ended up not feeling good. i haven’t had a seizure in a while, since before i went to my dad’s but i was feeling dizzy and out of it i suppose so to be safe leon had me stay home instead of go to his first game as planned… i stayed home and slept and didn’t have a seizure and the guys ended up playing their first game not so well lol. they were given a mercy by the other team or something haha. but it is something fun for him this summer and cheap good fun. so that was last week wednesday and all his games will now be wednesday nights. thursday i got cleaning done all day and leon watched football. blah. friday leon, his family, and i went out to dinner and pacos tacos … a family favorite of the stillwell & calverts lol. mexican is not my favorite but i finally think i found a dish i like there! over the weekend i started painting back up! leon even went out and bought me new paint colors :) i decided to help with money costs this year as we are behind on the garage remodel i am going to do a painting for each family member. it will be a nice, loving, handmade, and not costly xmas gift for all. the idea lit a fire under my but and i did two paintings! lol i will have to make a PAINTINGS page on soon to keep a little corner/record of all my work!IMG_20160825_174920 and then toooooooday this afternoon leon and i headed up to New Baltimore again to catch pokemon and enjoy the town. not many of the shops were open unfortunately but this one new custard shop we tried, it was cute we loved it. had some awesome ice cream with strawberries!! yum! then did some more walking and headed home. tonight we are going over his parents house again for dinner :) should be fun!

sidesalad* Ella is leaving tomorrow for her safety. we have been looking for a dfghjhome for her since the 16th our female sasha and her keep getting into horrible fights – for for her safety, their safety and ours she is moving to another temporary home :( i am deeply sad about this. so much stress on her. she is such a loving caring beautiful amazing pet and deserves so much love in return and i just wish all us humans could get our act together and give her what she needs physically and emotionally! praying for a forever home for ella! and saying goodbye to ella tomorrow :(

Forts And Boats

IMG_20160730_151237Okay so saturday me, leon, and his friend went to mount clemens to play pokemon go… no kidding hahhaha. we spent like three hours doing and going out to lunch. we also stopped by the paintball field because leon had a tournament on yesturday lol and he needed to review the layout of the field hahha. so funny. they didnt do well, got last place in their division, sorry guys!IMG_20160730_232009 then Saturday night leons cousin CJ (the owner of Ella who is now up for adoption) had us babysit his son Braydon! He spent the night! it was intresting to say the least for leon and i to have a little one stay with us over night for the first time lol. i mean we have watched abby for a few hours but we have never watched a little one or kid over night so it was an experience! here  is what happened: He dropped him off and he instantly saw our xbox andIMG_20160730_232214 wanted to play leons batman game so leon helped teach him how to play for a few hours. abby came over for little a few and after i moved on to making dinner while leon kept braydon company. next thing i know i cut myself! right in the webbing on my fingers by my thumb! hurt so bad! so i had to get leon to come to my aid as we smiled at braydon to keep playing xbox haha. finished up dinner and then leon created a fort for bray .. which took them about 45 mins! as they did their guy thing i felt pretty left out as im use to girly things with abby! lol after all that fun we fell asleep to minions in the livingroom all together :)


excited Abby #slipandslide


closest i’ve been to a heli!

Sunday while leon played paintball i went with his family to his aunt and uncle’s house for the Saint Clair Shore Boat Races! it was a lot of fun watching the boats, seeing the helicopter following them around and up close. the kids were running around having a blast together as usual! yummy food and company in the summer! can’t go wrong! we stayed until the end and then a storm started coming in so we headed home. i was happy to see leon and tired from the weekend! it was nice to relax together for a little bit but he passed out real quick from running around all day at paintball haha. today starts August and a big milestone for me! See you next post! ;)


leon and his buddie’s have been doing an AMAZING job working on the garage, IMG_20160604_131256doing the demolition, and putting up the new boards, new door, etc so we can get the new siding up! it has been a long process but very rewarding! i have been helping throwing more and more things in the firepit to be burned, picking up the debris and nails etc and maintaining the clean up as well as making sure the guys have cold drinks and lunch :) my girlie duties haha. so again, they are doing amazing and great and i am so proud of leon and his hardwork! took a long time to get to the point where we can actually start redoing the garage and house here and there. we even fixed up all the screens! yay! lol this is a BIG YAY because last Thursday after counceling Efferson pushed his way through a hole in one of the screens and we found him outside! gave me a crazy big scare! :'( DONT LEAVE ME EFFY! so getting those fixed up was a safety need!

IMG_20160611_110653on Saturday i went up to the church to take a group picture with all the Catechists to be put in the St. Mary’s Directory! how fun! after i went into the church to spend some alone time, light a candle or two for some people that need some prayers, and send some prayers of my own to God at the alter ♥ it was after Saturday’s mass and NO ONE was in the church before it was locked up, it was so beautiful and nice to be in there, so peaceful! after that i met up with Emily, a girl i graduated with from High School in 2006 and we went around town in New Baltimore and Chesterfield to small shops to try and get them to sponcer our reunion! did i mention i was added to the committee? yes yes yes! i am now on it and helping with getting sponcers as well as helping with the slideshow! i am super happy about it as i dont want to miss any of them in the future all the way until i am 90! lol. Sunday leon had a paintball tournament (yay Detroit Nova!) and tooooooday is my Guy Nauna’s (Grandpa Cardillo) Birthday! may he rest in peace as he would have been 102! HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU!

Goodbye Gloria

IMG_20160401_012234since easter me and leon have still been keeping up with the gym :) it has been nice – on the weekends its awesome because no one is there and the place is practically vacant haha. IMG_20160402_194934so we have the gym to ourselves! i haven’t moved up in how much i can lift yet but im getting there. also my little miss abby came over for a day of fun with her aunt cassie ♥ she went crazy with the stickers this time! haha she is getting much better at peeling them off. we did painting, coloring, cleaning, lol, bathtime, and her new favorite show, peppa pig! her birthday is next month, she will be turning 3! and her theme amy says will most likely be peppa pig! lol the new shows these days.

some sad news… yesterday my cat gloria that lives with my mom and step dad passed away. i got her in august of 2004 and she quickly became a family cat of course. when i moved out of my moms i didn’t want to disrupt her life and introduce her to large dogs etc so she stayed at my parents. they did an awesome job taking care of her but she was getting older and passed away at 12yrs old, almost 13 in cat years :( so sad. no matter the time, the age, or the circumstance .. it always hurts to loose a pet you’ve loved.

(i love this picture of me and her because this was a SuperBowl day back when i was in High School - i let her walk the board and i put her name down once on a square to win ... she won ALL THE MONEY FOR ME! All the guys were pissed a CAT won lol 💰 thank you Gloria! i will never forget it!)

(i love this picture of me and her because this was a SuperBowl day back when i was in High School – i let her walk the board and i put her name down once on a square to win … she won ALL THE MONEY FOR ME! All the guys were pissed a CAT won lol 💰 thank you Gloria! i will never forget it!)

Obsessed And In Love

IMG_20160120_082325i decided to bust out my new paint stuff from christmas :) i woke up early one morning, couldn’t sleep, and had this elephant pictured in my head that i saw an artist do on etsy. it took two hours and boom, i LOVE IT! first question when people see it everytime is, “why just half?” lol so no questions, BECAUSE! haha it’s art. love it or hate it! i hope ya’ll love it because I AM OBSESSED with it and can’t wait to be obsessed over my next project lol. because self gratification is awesome! :) i used black, white, green, purple, blue, and yellow paint. i dont have a ‘name’ for the art itself, with no plans to do so i suppose.

Recently we started watching/fostering CJ (leons cousin)’s dog. 20160111_121849he took one of champ and sasha’s puppies from her last litter almost 4 years ago, so his dog Ella is dozers sister :) when we first took her in it was a bit of a struggle for the first 3 days but ever since then it has been like she’s been here the whole time. surprising how easy it was to adapt to a fourth dog. i thought it was going to add stress etc etc. but she’s so sweet and such a peach! she is very playful and loves to sleep in bet with us at night ♥ i am falling in love with her for SURE! we dont know right now how long she is going to be staying with us, until CJ can get a home with a yard for her — so im hoping she goes back home with them in the spring. but as time goes on, and my heart grows more for her i get sad to think how her world is going to change again after. i like to think my dogs have it nice here with their set up, me here 24 hrs to let them out, play with, and cuddle on. as well as they have eachother to mess with haha


Where’s Food

Ebay problems. :( i bought the sims games as i said before, the first game comes in the mail with just disk 2. wtf. so now i have to deal with bullshit. nottttttt in the mood. plus im trying to sell these two pairs of DC shoes in hopes to get money but now that i spent money on me for these games and a little gift for leon for vday i used all the money in my pay pal account and leonis giving me crap for it. well not crap but kinda making be feel bad that i dont save up and just spend shit asap. like wtf i never have money and he thinks buying the sims games was lame cause i barely use the game. whatevs.

im so hungry right now anddddd worst part, once leon gets here we are going grocery shopping. shopping with an empty stomach is not such a swell idea. oh amys birthday is this saturday so we are going out for mexican jean said. today i went over and spent the day with jean. shes not doing so well. she fell and hit her head at kroger and injured her ankle so she cant move around much right now. tomorrow morning she is going in for surgery so that will be better for her. apparently they had to order metal from lowes just to do this surgery for her! weird! blah! yuck!

IMG_20150217_054822 anywhoooooo the kitty is on my lap right now and keeps messing with my fingers as im typing this haha. oh speaking of mister efferson! on the 15th it was his one year birthday! awe!!! hes a year old now! cute little tyke who keeps attacking my hands right now lol. xoxoxo love him. hes my soft little muffin. my effernanz. my peanut butterrrrrr xox

did i mention im hungry?

Tennessee Trip!

have you ever been camping? whats your camping preference? i like camping in a tent, but i think thats because it’s the only way i have ever really gone camping lol. once when i was real young, before my parents got divorced we went camping with a pop up camper. one day i want to buy/rent a nice RV (recreational vehicle) and go camping with that! anyways, this past week Derak and Heather have come by twice and we have been talking about going camping! i have been wanting to go camping for so long now! i havent gone in years, so many that i do not remember the last time i went camping!!! it quite possibly may have been still in highschool or just graduated! so, i am deffinatly due for a camping trip! originally we all wanted to go camping in tents but we all wanted to bring our dogs .. well we all kind of have to, its a BITCH trying to get a sitter for animals! so we set out for a cabin or two so we could bring all 5 dogs .. yes i said 5! lol we have our three and Derak & Heather have two dogs. then i had to set out to find a pet friendly campsite with cabins near water … HA! unreal! took me forever to find a rustic small cabin that allowed dogs for a good price let me tell you all! three hours online and the phone! finally i found a campsite right across the street from Houghton Lake Michigan :) 10537159_10152555261354591_1689611424639054475_nhowever leon’s bestfriend came into town and we invited him to camp with us, next thing i know we are all talking about cabins he had been to in Tennessee! whoa! change of plans!!!! we are staying at the Sundown cabin at Cobbly Nob!! we are going with two other couples and the dogs. again, whoa! lol im so so so so excited! as you can see this place is SO beautiful! secluded in the smokey mountains with a hot tub =P ooh la la lol with access to a pool and has all the ammentities we will need :) YAY!

July Fourth Parade

10401959_10152519146759591_4149149004103165798_nHAPPY JULY 4TH!!!! this morning we got up early and headed out to Clawson to be in their parade! our good friend George Brikho is running for congress in the 9th district! we walked with him and his team in support of him and his campaign! 996116_10152519187944591_4968999675459995662_nwe brought dozer who was a huge hit with his red shirt lol (the kids loved him) and i passed out flyers while getting the communities attention :) im so fantastic at sales i swear lol. im awesome at it! i passed out so many we ran out of flyers half way through the parade! haha oops? anyways it was a huge parade! lots of people! even fox news was there! whoa! clawson parade is a big deal huh? ha i made sure i smiled at the camera ;) so what did you all do for independance day? after the parade leon and i went out to lunch, hit up dairy queen for some icy treats lol and now we are relaxing at home ♥

Four Year Fail

sorry for the lack of posting since mothers day and Abby’s birthday… i was going to post after me and Leon celebrated our second anniversary .. and i plan on it still however things became delayed. our real anniversary was before Abby’s party on the 15th :) four years! crazy! IMG_20140515_182739 leon surprised me with two Pandora charms ♥ the music note and a star charm, two charms i wanted~! i make sure he knows what i want haha. i added the charms he got me to my pandora page. our anniversary he worked and then that night we were going to go to a simple movie as we had plans to go to the casino/hotel a week later .. we ended up not agreeing, fighting and not talking the majority of the night =/ figures. the night ended up sucking. lovely anniversary. yay for four years! lol but nothing important just stupid disagreements.Deluxe King then our plans changed for when we were going to the hotel. so we ended up doing nothing on our anniversary to save money for no reason because we still haven’t gone to the hotel until June 12th lol. oh well, i’m still excited and still looking forward to it. the room is booked. we have a king suite! the pictures look super nice! i’m pumped! as i keep saying! lol

last weekend was memorial weekend – me, Leon, his mom, sister, and Abby went to the local outdoor mall. it was lovely outside, lots of people there with their kids and pets! we brought Dozer with us =P he loves trips of course and loves people and other animals. hes always up to play with anyone~! however he had so much while we were out shopping he stopped several times in the middle of stores to rest and sleep lol. 20140525_165303 while we were there i got a new phone case that i needed, leon did as well. i also got an awesome new bathing suit i needed. it was a $110 suit but the sale was buy one get one free, so i split the cost with Amy and we each got a suit! nice deal! stoney creek is scheduled for june 27th so ill be sporting it then! :) i should start tanning now! lol of course then Monday was memorial day – Leon and i didn’t go out or do anything =/ me and Leon spent the day home getting some house work done, it was  BEAUTIFUL outside! but so hot too! i was jealous of everyone outside having fun with their families etc :( i wanted to be out doing something too but unfortunately our plans were to go to the the Gibraltar fair, but they didn’t open this year on memorial weekend so we opted for house work, this weekend they are open :) yay! lol today we went to the movies and say the new X-Men days of future past movie that came out and tomorrow we are going to the fair and then the mom to mom expo sale! yay! =P the movie was really good! i would never watch marvel movies on my own but i’m always pleasantly surprised at how great they are! but not just marvel, so many good movies are out and good movies are coming out this summer! i am also excited about that too! lol

Efferson Yay’s

Yesturday i woke up and went with Jean to take Efferson to vet :( it was his first visit for his shots, check up, and we had his fixed and declawed! i didn’t know it before hand but we had to leave him overnight! the reason i didn’t know this was because when i made the appointment the receptionist who took the appointment didn’t understand that i was making a surgery appointment not just a first appointment. so she didn’t tell me important information like bring in stool, don’t feed him, bring in food, hes going to stay all night etc even though she gave me the estimate over the phone for the surgery over the phone? idk confusion happens but while i was in there i was sort of getting irritated almost if he didn’t get his surgery, but luckily they were able to fit him in. while we were there during the appointment they found out that the kitten had ear mites! he got them from the mother cat! ew! so we left them there. later in the day Leon and i went back “up north” (everything above Detroit is up north to me lmao) to Davidson to get him more paintball equipment and a gun! he pinky promised me three guns were his limit! so thats it unless he gets rid of one! no more!

9 am this morning i got a call from the vet clinic, i immediately answered and we set off to get my kitty :) lol first we headed off to the pet store to get him paper litter for him so his paws don’t get infected. then we picked Efferz up! as soon as the veterinarian brought him into the room and she gave him to us he was purring and so happy to see us! he is walking, healing great, and so happy to be home! he’s currently next to me ♥

also right now leon is off playing indoor paintball lol. as soon as we got home and Effy (lol our cat has a lot of nicknames) was settled in he went off to enjoy his new toys! but tonight at 6 we celebrate Kenny’s birthday! with less people than we thought because people are cheap! even his family! sad! true! the economy sucks! i have no money! no room to talk! hash tags! lol! okay, until tonight!!! wish me luck at the casino!! i really want to win something for the first time! even just 50 or 80 bucks!

other ways to make money is online. my boyfriends sister has her own online website connected to amazon. if you go to amazon through her page she gets money! do you shop on amazon? go to amazon by clicking this link first! i’ve never put advertisments or anything on my website or anything but i have now provided this link on my site in plain view. anytime you want to shop on you can go to and it will open Amy’s Extreme Deals Page where amazon will open. sound like a bit much? well your already here! CLICK!

[sidesalad: Nichole works at our vet clinic, i had no idea. when she came up & said hi i jumped a little lol. we were both ‘nice’. cheers to being civil adults.]

Boyfriend Birthday!

10245299_10152352657744591_7623709633446950833_nas i last posted i was sitting at leons old friends house waiting for him to arrive so we could buy leon a paintball gun for his birthday … well we got there saw a ton of guns, talked prices, chatted and caught up FOREVER .. we were there a good two hours no including the drive which was an hour away from home! turns out, leon bought the first gun he saw lol. we were suppose to go run errands after but that certainly didn’t take place! we went to big johns for a sandwhich after and … ew! so gross! and not a good diet solution! i took a few bites and felt sick :(

Saturday i got to sleep in again :) yay lol but then we used the day to run errands and take care of the house. we went to the pet store and bought champ a muzzle because hes been attacking Dozer recently. Sasha is in heat so champ is going crazy! thats for the dogs, as for our kitten efferson, he is finally old enough to get fixed and declawed to i set an appointment up for this friday! my poor baby! he is getting both his front and back claws removed so i really hope he isnt in a lot of pain for a long time! :( but ill be home 24hrs every day to care for him so he will be surrounded by my love ♥

today, Sunday, is Leon’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYFS! yay! today he is 26 years old. unfortunately he got called into work this morning but luckily it is double time. he will be home by 5 no matter what and we will do something like dinner and a movie, idk, whatever he wants I’m up for! :) so happy for him. this year i didn’t get him a birthday present or card by myself. as i blogged before i noted that we went out to the club, casino, and he bought himself a paintball gun so that was his presents. i wanted to get him a hat rack for all his lids but that didn’t happen yet. yet… lol i’m pretty sure once i show him what i wanted to get he will just get it haha.

QUOTE: “I’m here. Here is home. Home is where your heart is. My heart is here.” ♥

Shhh Smile

Easter came and went … how was your holiday? leon and i spent the day home. we had plans to relax and have people over later, which turned into cleaning all day for our friends to come over and celebrate 4/20 (weed smoking) with us lol and i mean CLEANING! we cleaned the yard and hung up pictures, my painting, and other things ive been waiting for him to hang since Christmas (there’s still more to hang lol) but we had fun doing it together. then his dad next door made breakfast in the morning, and dinner later which was nice. i made deviled eggs. later our friends came over and surprisingly we had everyone out by 10 and made our new found ‘bed time’ *healthy!*


and then the weight loss! i have a gym membership, of course but the everyday same time needs to take place – and it starts Monday. me and leon will be hitting the gym up everyday leaving the house at 5:30 pm once he gets home from work! (plus i have this walk in june (please donate for epilepsy)) i’m excited for that schedule to blossom. and TANNING! augh i want my skin to bake and be dark, and i LOVE being in a warm bed. love love love! right now my body cant handle 5 mins! that’s crazy to me because i’m use to 20 mins! once im up to that long i shall be a happy girl! then once my weight is below a certain number i again shall be a happy girl. and i bet leon will be a happy guy! *healthy!*

quiet!!! at night me and leon alternate if the dogs sleep with us or in their room (they take up a lot of bed space) or if the cat does. see the issue is if the dogs are in the room the door has to be closed so they don’t get out and roam the house tearing things up. if the cat is in the room then the door has to be open so he is able to get out and use the litter box if need be. SO when the dogs are in the room with us, little mr. efferson cries :( it is so sweet and sad at the same time. we cant talk or make noise because he will cry more and want it, but if we be quiet he goes off and plays or sleeps lol shhhhhh

want to know about the mom movement? if you’ve been intrested or following along? my mom called me last night, randomly. we talked. all good. nothing bad. which is all okay by me. a good thing, and pretty much what i asked for during our last conversation when we discussed phone calls. i let her know i was reaching out – so now she is. i will not let myself get too excited as i always do. she is not and never will be the person i want and need her to be. but being civil is nice. right?


Hey the detroit tigers won on penning day! Lol. Late update but always a good start to the year fire or home team! *sings take me out to the ball game!* lol

Anyways whoa, is April already! Easter is sooner than I thought and Yay because shoeing is here! I’ve been very much enjoying the sun! Even took the dogs out in a walk with Leon, they loved it! The dogs don’t want to come in every time we let themI the back yard haha. I don’t blame the though, they have been cooped up all winter only going out for short breaks because they hate the colddd so much :( but no more! Two days ago me and Leon opened up the windows and started spring cleaning! The kitchen donation pile is larger than I thought lol but we are ph so happy to have everything organized better! Much more easier to navigate! But the cleaning has just started, this is the time to get it done before the heat hits because we don’t use our central AC. Trust cassie when she says cleaning in the hot sweaty heat with no AC is a draggggggg! Lol

As for easter, what’s everyone’s plans? When I lived with my mom the holiday was filled with church but I don’t do lent during this time of year anymore … I feel like I will again when I’m older? Idk. Anyway on easter me and Leon plan to make dinner at our house fire his family and us then later in the evening have our friends over to celebrate a different “holiday” … This year easter Falls on 4/20 which is the National smoking pot day. Don’t want to leave that part out haha so friends, smoking, & games :)

Random:today is siblings day (not federally recognized) and I posted a picture of me and my brother with half sister cut out then another of me and my full sister. My half sister who I haven’t talked to since I was 17 liked the photo. 10006949_10152317386354591_2755638836514724388_n I’m not Facebook friends with her but she is with my full sister…. so since she liked it and commented about how Anthony looked I sent her a private message saying halt sibling day with the picture. So far,  no response. Whatever.

Effy & Heather


this past week has been wonderful =] i posted in the past recently that Leons parents cats had kittens again and we were going to be taking one! a day or two after Dozers birthday we took one of the kittens home! 20140302_133927[1]he is black and white as you can see from the pictures here and the others i post on instagram. his name is Effy. his “formal name” lol is Efferson Michael Cardillo until we are Calverts ;) haha! he is so cute and playful! the first two days he hissed at the dogs and such, took a bit to get all of them comfortable with each other – now everyone has settled in. Effy is still exploring new boundries everyday. i plan on adding a little Effy section to my pet area on my site! soon to come of course. ive been playing with him a lot it is easy to leave the others out. Dozer, the baby of all the pups, gets jealous the most. anyways, adding him to the family has been fun!


this week we went out shopping and Leon took me to this local store his best use to own … there they have this painting a woman did that i fell in love with almost two years ago. when i first saw the painting i was amazed by it. when she was around i asked her about the painting, what it ment to her, got her insight etc which made me feel even more closer to the painting. then her paintings went up for sale! they were very exspensive. every time i went into the store i asked Leon about it/for it. after some time since the store was open the artist disapeared at the store owner changed thus the price went down! i had been asking Leon for the painting for so long! anyways, he bought me the painting! original price was around $200 and i got it for $50. i know it was worth more, and the money unfortunately did not go to the artist, all of her paintings have been left behind by her. the money went to the store owner. i will post a full picture of the painting once i have it up where i want it! PS her name was Heather lol

Creative Fun

Sunday morning after Valentine’s day Leon woke me bright and early :) informed me we were going to Frankenmuth! it’s a cute little German tourist town about 2 hours away from us that hosts the worlds largest Christmas store! once he woke me up we got ready and he was so a eager to take me we, left SO early lol. he got off from work at 4AM and we hit the road at 9AM lol, with smokes in tow for a good time. we chatted the whole ride it was fun. they had a winter festival that just ended and all these beautiful ice sculptures! we walked the streets, went through each little store, talked non-stop, got some fudge, i got a gift, we had dinner at Zenders. but unfortunately Leon wasn’t in the mood for Christmas stuff just yet right after the holiday season so we didn’t go into Bronners :( i was sad but i know we always come back! i love living by Frankenmuth ♥ our second valentines day was a hit xoxo! he didn’t know it but i got him a second card and a box of chocolates that i gave him that morning too on top of his 52 card gift and normal ‘v-day card’ card. lol other all he’s so sweet and im so happy he thought up to take us somewhere. one second we can’t afford dog food and then the next we are splurging. i can never keep up! lol but :D i do notttttttt care about no money thats for sure! i just love me my Leon <3333 awe. gushy gushy i posted some pictures from the trip on instagram – you can check them out on there!

OH YEAH! 20140215_135748 - CopyLeon’s cousin Stephanie’s baby shower went great! we made another diaper cake and amy made a bear cake! the work she put into all night was crazy! 20140215_135734and the work we put into it getting the bear to the shower without damaging it was something too! lol this cake was the second bear cake she made for a baby shower. she does an amazing job! i tried helping but when it comes to icing it’s a one person job if you want it all coming out one way. what do you all think of the cake she made? i don’t remember where she got the mold from, no where special i don’t think, Walmart i think she said. hmm. anyways stephanie of course got lots of great stuff for her shower. her and kyle are still keeping the sex of the baby a secret =X lol well from themselves too. their top baby boy name is Chain. hmm not so sure how everyone feels about it. not too positive actually. i assume or suppose because ‘chain’ as a name is often reffered to as a rapper type name because of how many “chains” he wears around his neck, meaning how much money he has…? lol cassie is going off topic.

♥ TODAY IS DOZERS 2ND BIRTHDAY! today he turned 14 in dog years. me and Leon took him to the pet store and he got to get a new toy and got three cans got wet dog food for dinner for all the dogs in celebration cause they have no idea lmao i love it! then on the way home we stopped at wendys and went through the drive-thru where “he ordered” a kiddie burger =P