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She Fell

IMG_20170705_032222_295As July started off it was FAMILY TIME! there were so many fabulous family gatherings! this time of year we have some family that visits from Florida so we tend to get together on my Mom’s side of the family! We went out to Harsen’s Island which is always a blast and SO MUCH fun! I posted many pictures on my Instagram account, of courseeeeeee! On July 4th this year we had two party’s, my brother had family over his place and my cousin had family over her place for fireworks etc. I felt horrible leaving my brothers right after food ect but my brother has a littttttttle habbit of inviting us last minute to events and we have to squish him in lol.

SO we went over to my cousins later and while it IMG_20170704_220827_340was day time we enjoyed eachother, food, and the kids were everywhere! haha once dark came the guys put on an AMAZING fireworks display for what was probably an hour! it was great! at the end we were all leaving, my mom was driving me home (leon had left early because he had work the next day), we were pulling out of the driveway & my cousin sarah came running out of the house yelling that my grandma fell! of course i panicked and RAN to her! i found her on the back porch floor, everyone surrounding her as she wept in pain and fear… i tried comforting her as each person took turns trying to offer advice, help, etc – eventually we talked her into going to the ER IMG_20170712_111844_062and i called 911 giving them the information they needed to get to her as quickly as possible. me and my mom followed behind the ambulance and i called my uncle and aunt to tell them what had happened since they left the party early. they met us there and stayed as mom took me home because she had work the next day. i of course went to the hospital the next day and she was super eager to get home, so they released her not even 24 hours after she fell. IMG_20170720_074057_229she ended up dislocating her shoulder – they had to pop it back in place and schedule a surgery. while waiting she was in SO MUCH PAIN!! on the 20th the surgery took place and my uncle dropped me off so i stayed the hospital all day during the procedure etc. my cousin john came and visited but had to leave and wasnt able to see her. uncle randy came back just as she woke up then leon picked me up…


A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities. – William Arthur Ward.

IMG_20170513_215043_053Cheers to seven years with my darling Leon ♥ this year we celebrated a little early because of life lol. since today is Mothers day and tomorrow leon has work. but last night we went to Black Rock Grille (“it’s more than just a meal, it’s an experience”) haha. even with calling ahead the wait was very long!!! we “experienced” a wonderful meal together lol and got all dressed up :) a lot of people asked if he proposed because i posted a picture online and thought he would have, but… NOPE! lmao. still waiting! patience is a virtue ;) but it is funny because not just me, but OTHER people are starting to hassle him about it lol, LOVE it! & I Love Leon! I love the ground under his feet, the air over his head, everything he touches, and every word he says. I love all his looks, all his actions, him entirely and altogether!

Today, as I have said & as the the world (or is it an american thing?18519835_10155310550879591_7201092937628085978_n lol) knows, it is Mother’s Day! Where, who, would we be without our mothers? Happy Mothers Day to every Mom out there & Mom’s who are no longer with us. You’re appreciated more than words & loved beyond measure! IMG_20170515_134745_769Of course a special Happy Mother’s day to my Mom ♥ & Grandmother! This morning/afternoon leon and i met up with my uncle, aunt, cousin, gma, sister, & mom at this Mothers Day Brunch for breakfast etc :) it was very nice! we all got dressed up, spent some time together, enjoyed yummy food galore, and exchanged gifts! A wonderful day! Being happy never goes out of style!

He Has Risen


Happy Easter all! HE HAS RISEN! HALLEJULAH! ♥ IMG_5792This year we has some awesome TysarTime at my Grandma’s house with Turkey & Ham! Yum, with of course tons & tons of sides! Grandma and I went to church earlier in the day and then we went and got everything ready before everyone came over :) The kids had a blast looking for eggs and opening their baskets etc. Everyone lookd lovely and the kids lookd cute dressed up. unfortunately we of coursed missed all our family that lives out of state but even so we had a great time making memories as the little ones are all growing so quickly, and time is always passing so fast!

Getting Ready

Me and Heather have been dress shopping for her for Mom Prom! Mom prom is a charity event we are going to be going to! Basically it is a fun night for women to get all fancy at a hall, dinner, drinks, dancing and the money raised goes to battered women shelters! :) We are super excited to go and have been getting ready since February lol.


Another thing that everyyyyone has been getting ready for is Easter tomorrow! me and Grandma decorated her house a little bit together and put together cute little baskets for the kiddos! I even made a little basket for Abby. Easter will be at my Grandma’s IMG_20170415_130101_440house this year, so planning with her for events is always a blast. We have even been getting her outside patio ready for the kids to find eggs outside ♥ & play. As for early Easter celebrations today Leon and I met up with Eric and his brother up at Michigan University for the Spring Football game! it was beautiful out and a lot of fun! We left a little early and headed over to my brothers for Easter fun! My brother had us all over for some yummy food and dessert =P We all had such a wonderful time together!


April Fools

April the Giraffe finally gave birth to a cow! as we have all been crazily waiting! bahahha jokes. but this month does start Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD Awareness month! In honor of all children who struggle every day!!! i spread awareness for my disorder but of course awareness needs to be spread for so much more! help is needed everywhere! become aware! this is my corner of the world i get to put whatever i want so lol APRIL IS Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD Awareness month! RAINBOW <3 ha today i needed a new show I can binge on :-) so hello season 1 episode 1 #TheFosters!!! i am already obsessed! i can tell i am going to FLY through this!

Something adorable & fun that happened recently is Leon’s friend IMG_20170412_230129_573Eric who we graduated with came back into his life. lol Back on St. Patty’s day last month Leon and Eric ran into eachother and have been hanging out since. they grew up together as kids and teenagers, they are pretty much brothers. They stopped hanging out about 6-7 years ago (when me and leon started dating) for no reason except life and now life brought them back together. Eric is happily engaged and getting married this August! Eric came over for dinner the other night and asked Leon to stand up in his wedding! ♥ How fun! Leon’s cousin Zack is also getting married this August so we have TWO weddings to attend! YAY! :)

IMG_20170329_145355_073tomorrow is Grandma Day we are going to work on leons t-shirt quilt that i have a feeling is going to take us forever haha and make some easter cookies! yum!

V-Day 2017

In the spirit of today, Valentine’s Day here are our “date’s”:

Met 👫 6th Grade
Dating 🌹 May, 2010
Together 💖 2,467 Days

For V-day this year we didn’t celebrate too hard again lol. We made chili together at home and it was what made us happy :) no flowers, chocolates, or special dinner’s (although I WILL have us celebrate our seven year anniversry this may!) haha but in all seriousness it is a rare day that i don’t thank God for you! i love you Leon Calvert! your my best friend! ♥ happy 7th valantine’s day babe! IMG_20170312_165528_687

Midnight Came

leon has had this week off so it has been nice spending it with him a we ring in the new year of 2017 ♥ we havent done any fighting etc he just starts getting bored towards the end of his vacations lol. so during this vacation i ended up getting a little sick, not bad, just a sore throat. i went to the dr’s so he checked on it and i also talked to him about TMJ from biteing down during seizures etc. nothing really came of it, it still hurts sometimes =/ on FRIDAY we all went over to the “eastpointe estate” lol to celebrate her birthday :) happy birthday heather!!!! i got her an alex an ani that donated to the american heart foundation. IMG_20161226_035945_752 then saturday was new years eve! we all headed over to steve’s and went CRAZY in the food department! lol we are all nuts. so we had lots of fun all night of course and midnight came too soon lol. we all stayed the night and did breakfast the next morning with left overs lol. THENNNNN because everyone was too drunk to play any board games new years eve lol steve n linds came over new years day for game night haha.

yesturday night we headed over to my brothers house to celebrate my sister angela’s birthday! it was nice getting together and we were able to exchange xmas gifts <3 after it all last night i ended up having a seizure in my sleep =/ today i am doing okay just relaxing and resting more after all the christmass and partying madness lol. today leon went back to work so now its time to get back to a sense of normal. get all the xmas decor outta the house, clean up, and the routine back in action lol. only one more xmas adventure left this up coming weekend with the tysars to see the furtahs :)

IMG_20161225_101128_466random, my vantel pearls finally showed up! so annoying lol. never going to get into that crap again lol. they got me hook line and sinker! in random sad news: facebook live is fairly new: some girl in the USA commited suicide live online :'( WOW – WTF

& a sidesalad: no catechism this week still, winter break! haven’t seen them since before xmas!

Christmas 2016

another christmas in the books! plans that were made changed a little bit but mostly went through. IMG_20161224_212351_371christmas eve leon and i relaxed then went to his aunts at 1pm and enjoyed a lot of fun with the family until about 9pm. we played new games, i won a round of LCR, and we got goofy funny white elephant gifts. the fun seems to of course be spending time together, but watching the little ones grow and enjoy being young together :) it is fun to watch, to talk and laugh about etc. it makes christmas just that much more special when little ones are around i think. sooooo after we left his aunts we went home to wait for santa! not really, like i said in my last post, we know everything we got, and i wrapped the gifts, even the ones i got haha. (anti climactic.) so, lol really we went home, i cleaned a little, and he passed out on the couch. i put all the gifts under the tree and went to bed.

Christmas morning leon and i slept in! which i NEVER so on christmas lol. we opened our gifts one by one even knowing what they all were then made breakfast and relaxed. once we got ready to go over my aunts house we stopped by leons parents house for a little while to visit and see what abby got from santa :) IMG_20161225_180802_047my aunts house was fun! this year some people who normally visit, visited other sides of their families (its so hard to choose and make everyone happy! especialy with kiddos!) so the TYSAR clan was a lot smaller this year. after my aunts we all headed over to steve’s house for his annual POKER GAME! IMG_20161226_025000_257 even tho we ended up playing black jack haha. steve and linds announced they are back together (OMG YAY) and we stayed the night! which followed the next day sleeping in, breakfast made by the couple lol. once me and leon got home the next day we PASSED OUT! lol for like three days now haha! christmas was amazing as usual!


img_20161031_132430img_20161031_173732Happy Halloween everyone! It’s late right now and I am in bed at my grandma’s spending the night :) she picked me up, we had pizza for dinner and had so much fun handing out candy to all the kids img_20161102_200732dressed up! the best costume’s of course were the homemade ones and my favorite i saw was a kid who was a poke’stop hahha. loved it! grandma and i watched movies, and gabbed allllllll night. like i said, so much fun. i even played some nintendo ha and no i am not good as i use to be! lol now i need to cuddle up and go to sleep, which is hard when your not at home, but staying the night makes my little cutie happy and makes me happy to spend time with her! this week on wednesday of course i get more time with her ♥ couldnt be more grateful to have this lady in my life! xoxo

Just Keep Going

Well i went 16 almost 17 days without any seizures! i had a small nocturnal seizure last week tuesday. no biggie, just start right back over! i am happy about the 16 days. after one month of being on the 500mg of CBD oil i now am moving up to a stronger theraputic dose of 1500mg IMG_20160702_104527CBD oil now which i am super happy about! i strongly believe this is helping me and making the seizures more far between IMG_20160702_012449and less, which is what i want! less seizures if not any! i was having multiple a week, it was not good at one point! and now i am jumping for joy and happiness that after almost 10 years i have something! i am also jumping for joy that leon and jordan finished putting the blue siding on the garage last saturday! yay! it looks awesome! we plan on painting the small door black next weekend. last sunday leon and i went over to the annual furtah 4th of july party! it was fun! it was my first time going to it, i didnt know it was a big thing of theirs or something or didnt hear about it in the past i guess but they do a bunchhhhh of fireworks. leon didnt have work the next day but we ended up leaving before all of the fireworks were gone because we had to let the dogs out and knew they would be scared :(


yesturday leon and i drove up to Mio Michigan and went canoeing together for the first time (not my first time canoeing, just our first time together) down the Ausable River and had a blast with my family! it was BEAUTIFUL weather, and not many people so the water was calm, the nature was peaceful, and we even saw a bald eagle! such a blast!IMG_20160709_1057483 people in the group fell in the water, it always happens lmao! we had a nice lunch and leon did an awesome job as i sad in the middle yelling each time someone moved and scared me haha. after canoeing a random storm came through, right as we finished, it was perfect timeing! we headed home and all stopped together at a family favorite restaurant, Turkey Roost! i was happy to share this family tradition with leon and was so happy he loved it as much as my family and i do! ♥ after we got home, we SLEPT! was an awesome day yesturday!

Memorial Day weekend

IMG_20160601_213139well in the next week i did the normal week with an additional babysitting anddddd of course grandma’s & counceling on Wednesday but Friday i was suppose to go with me to Ashlee and Matt (old friends from High School’s) house out in lake Orian for a bonfire and whatever… IMG_20160528_194310BUT everything went against the whole plan and we were unable to get out there in time with time to hang out etc. big disapointment as i was really looking forward to going and seeing them and other people as well! it would have been awesome!

the next dayIMG_20160528_194610 the guys started on the garage officially tearing it apart etc. i helped picking up all the pieces and burning them – all while keeping Abby safe and away because for some reason she was with me? lol and i kept the dogs at bay. fed all the workers, sun-screened them all because i’m the mom ;; haha i totally made my job seem more important than it was.

Harsen’s Island! there is a wet marshy island at the mouth of the St. Clair River that you have to take a ferry to semi close to my home. my uncle just bought a second home there :)
how fun! on Sunday, say before Memorial day, Leon had to go to work so my sister and her boyfriend picked me up and we went out on the ferry to his new house. the whole family was there! even some family was in town visiting from Florida which was nice! all the kids played. once minor i had a little absence seizure and slept on their couch for a bit butttt everything other than that was fabulous haha. ♥ on 13312729_10154207715779591_2113042720030180563_nMemorial day Leon of course had the day off, so we used it to run our errands, grocery shopping, we went looking for a reunion dress for me again, and relaxed at home catching up on our shows. after all the running around Leon went to sleep early as he had a busy exhausting weekend! love him, he is my amazing handy man :) of course i haven’t found a dress yet but i will be going shopping with my grandma again this week, so i am still hopeful!


this month i started the CBD Charlottes web oil, of course i wasn’t expecting magic results but in the back oh my mind i always have wishes for a magic cure lol. since Sunday the 1st i went 5 days with no seizures, which can be typical for me to go that long as a normal cassie but then on the 6th  before Mothers day i had 2 panic attacks & 1 absence seizure, which is pretty minor.

IMG_20160508_182715Mothers day me and my sister got up in the morning and went to the grocery story for some breakfast items, headed to my moms (which i hadn’t been there since Easter of 2012! whoa! drama is dead now yay) and made her breakfast. for a gift me and stephanie together made her a shutterfly book of a ton of pictures :) she loved it. it was a magic present!IMG_20160508_182935 ha so easy to make and so awesome to give! the pictures are posted on my family tree page! (new page). after we had fun there for a few hours my sister brought me home and then me and leon hosted mothers day dinner over our house for his family. it was fun a of course delicious. leon made lamb! he is quite the cook! lol they all stayed pretty late and we slept really well!!! and then tomorrow, abbys birthday! she is turning three! i cannot believe it!

Hop Hop

Over two or three weeks ago leon ordered movie tickets for Superman vs. Batman at the Emagine theater we love, so after he got off work i had dinner ready and we headed straightIMG_20160324_232124 there in our new jeep last Thursday :) the movie was good and after leon let me drive the car in the parking lot for minuet! made me happy. feel like it issssss mine too duh i should at least be behind the wheel once lol even if i cant drive. so it felt nice and made me smile he was okay with it. it was a huge deal because i have epilepsy and cannot drive but it was a safe situation in an open parking lot. i know many reading this would be super upset hearing this but… it was nice for the circle i made in the lot for the minuet….

IMG_20160326_131805Saturday, March 26th was PURPLE DAY – an Epilepsy Awareness day! both me and leon wore purple and did our last minuet Easter shopping so get out and be seen in purple ♥ of course i did my online sharing for more awareness as well <3

on Sunday it was EASTER! happy belated easter all! we celebrated by staying cozy at home this year hosting leons immediate family. in the morning leon and i made blueberry pancakes, yum! and cleaned the house last minuet (because thats how we are!) lol then we started prepping dinner and cooking up a storm about 3pm and had dinner served by 5. the main meal was ham and lamb, it was veryyyyy yummy! my leon is an amazing cook! love you babe! we were very full, enjoying the rest of night with them and abby running around playing lol. it was a nice easter, but i missed my tysar family =/ im hoping in the future i will be able to host both sides and easter will become “my” holiday…. i can dream for now! oh and no seizures on Easter! yay!! today leon had work off, the day after, and i dont know why lol


Lobsters And Monkeys

leon and i are both still sick :( boo hoo but we have been trying to make the most of it. this weekend on friday we went out to the movies and saw dead pool, just because we wanted to get out of the house but be comfy. leon, the sweetheart that he is told me he was going to surprise me and take me to red lobster for v-day, but because are sick he was asking me first. we decided to go another time so we can taste the food. lol. saturday we did our grocery shopping, and sunday – vday – we were only suppose to get eachother cards. IMG_20160214_123012but because hes the best, he got me a huge card, roses, candies, and a baby stuffed monkey because i have been talking about wanted a finger monkey! no seriously, i want a finger monkey one day – no joke! its going to happen! they are SO FUCKING CUTE! IMG_20160214_122800when i first saw a video of one with leon i screamed and said “OMG YOU HAVE TO GET A RING AND FINGER MONKEY AND PROPOSE TO ME THAT WAY!” lmfao, like? idk. apparently thats what came to my brains. haha but until then ;) he got me the stuffed monkey lol. for the whole day we spent together playing online monopoly, watching movies, he got a hair cut and i got waxing done lol, we went to menards and priced out things for the remodel :) just had fun together. loved it. doesnt have to be so fancy sometimes!

Monday, and yesturday (because there was no catechism) leon and i went to the gym! whoa nelly! my arms are a tid bit sore, and becoming more sore! guess i should start back up on that plexus! i’m motivated i just hope he doesnt stop all together and doesnt want to go too much. i want a small happy medium i guess lol. we shall see. right now im still sick and a lil sore. tonight i see my therapist (i like herrrrrr) so im sure she will have lovely motivating things to say! other than that this weekend idk whats going on yet, we may go to steve and lindsays and we may go to red lobster and i think saturday leon has paintball practice.

What We Asked For

Hello0o0o0o everything we asked for! Christmas was fabulous! another special year for us. we didn’t go too much overboard, we got everything nice gifts (at least i think so), and we both got eachother what we asked for plus each a little something extra for a surprise. it was nice this year to see him excited and opening stuff excited to try it out and take it to paintball and use it etc. whoa im rushing, lets fill everything in…

Christmas eve leon and i both gave eachother one gift each of clothing so we had something new to wear over his aunts house. I got him a shirt that says “my favorite people call me uncle leon” lol so we went over to his aunts house and had a great time. his grandma unleashed some sad upsetting words with me about how she basically wanted to be in heaven.. it was hard to handle. i only told leon and we are keeping it to ourselves. i probably shouldnt have told leon acctually but i have a hard time holding things in, i already have too many of my own secrets within myself that burden me. =X other than that the food was fantastic, the company was wonderful, and they all feel like FAMILY ♥ i love them all so much. presents were fun. we played CRL. aunt cindy won all rounds lol. aunt laura called, not doing so well as it was the first christmas without uncle mike. :( the kids again sat at their own table with little champagne glasses and sparkling cider! so cute! we got them to do cheers together too! love it!

IMG_20151225_122414Christmas morning we woke up about 6am with sex, coffee, a nice clean home, smokes, and lots of presents. once abby was awake next door we had to hurry things up. leons favorite present: his GoPRO, my fave, my Pandora Bead <3 once we went next door abby was not in the best mood, was sick and not wanting to open anything. she was exhausted and overwhelmed. after we got through the gifts we had her come over our house as we had a trampoline for her! yay! she loved it. later on we went to my aunts (first ones there lol) many gifts. my mom seemed to like the Open When card box i made for her but cried really because she was going to be alone at work she said on her birthday. but i called on her birthday her work and there was people there so idk. its okay. hope she opens them and likes them. after we and all our friends got together for steve and lindsays first annual poker game! yeehaw! it was fun! we stayed there super late and they all got way drunk. made a christmas food run at 3-4 am it was hilarious to say the least! i was able to meet lindsays bestfriend nina and her baby too <3

saturday leon went and played paintball at lonewolf with his buddies, used his gopro for the first time, and showed off all his new christmas goodies. lol. sunday we didnt go to dads, steph spent time with ajs family but stopped by my house to try out the new brush straightner i got… sucks. i then (because i can never wait) gave her the birthday present i got her already when she doesnt turn 25/26 until march lol. and oops idk her age. shes like 21 to me. :( boo hoo to growing up. i forget that as i age so does everyone else haha. as with age brings the new year – 2016! whoa! party at our house again!

Fave Time Of Year

IMG_20151126_194700Thanksgiving was thursday – this year leon and i spent thanksgiving with his family at his grandma’s house. it was a lot of fun and ll the kiddos were in a great mood running around playing together. they looked so adorable eating together at their little kid table lol. we were suppose to go after to my grandma’s for dessert but it just wasnt able to happen time and distance wise, so we enjoyed more time at his grandma’s. after his grandma’s we had some of our friends over for a poker game – like we do each year. this year we were going to cancel it then last minuet it seemed right lol. so darius, jackie, heather, derak, and joe came over anddddddddd i learned how to play poker (in the basic sense) for the first time! of course i was the first out lol and both the jackie/darius team won again! two years in a row! boo! lol

Black Friday i was so geared up for this year – online shopping – that right at midnight, boom i did a huge order for leon for christmas! then couple more orders after that. later in the afternoon we all went over to michelle and jeffs to celebrate kaitlyns birthday, the big 5! and my favorite theme, the little mermaid! it was cute, and she had so many little friends running around! After the birthday mayhem grandma invited everyone, (but only mom, me, aj, and steph) to come over for some leftover dessert. shes one person and didnt want to be stuck with so much so she was passing along the leftovers. i was happy to receive! lol. i wouldn’t say “randomly’ but once i saw a moment where i was able to, i took mom a side to a different room to have a small private conversation with her – i had been thinking of doing this in my head for a while now. i told her what happened in the past was okay, it was okay to me now. we didnt need to talk about anything that happened or didnt happen anymore and i loved her basically. we hugged and she said it was a big deal. the night was good. the hug was great. the dessert was great. the birthday was fantastic. and kaitlyn is growing up too fast! lol

IMG_20151128_231534Speaking of growing up and birthdays … :) Yesturday we celebrated my birthdayyyyy and IMG_20151128_220235today I am officially 29! in the morning leon took me out to michaels for breakfast then we relaxed for the day. he left to do some “black friday shopping” for an hour or so lol (basically bought me my present) then gave it to me 4 hours later after asking me if i wanted it then or on my actual birthday. uh DUH i love presents! gimmie NOW! haha he got me the printer we checked out together i wanted ♥ we then got allllll dressed up nice and pretty, and went to texas de brazil for dinner then out to the casino where lindz, heather, derak, and steve met up with us :) heather got me the cutest necklace with a C on it. i love it! we all had fun and pretty much broke even i think. unfortunately we stayed out suuuuuuper late! which brings me to….

Today we woke up wayyyy late when we needed to be at my dad’s at like 11am for a mini cardillo thanksgiving, steph and aj came too. my dad made food and because of our lateness the food was overcooked i suppose and everyone seemed displease. sister left soon after eating but understandable as she had probably been there a while and we had just gotten there =/ hoping to make up for that on the christmas visit. so we met amanda’s boyfriend who i guess is staying at my dad’s now and i say amanda again and she looks horrible. i went to hug her and she didnt want to and said she smelled of “greese” – bull she’s deff useing. only a matter of time before things get worse that my dad and donna can’t deal. oh well. (thinks of my issue and what i just said .. when i was on drugs, only a matter of time before mom and dennis can’t deal. intresting)  sooooooo onto a positive end ;; christmas is next and there still is no snow! YAY! lol

Over Parked

IMG_20151030_134633IMG_20151029_174646i have spent some time at my grandma’s, out to lunch with her another day, out shopping more than once for supplies so i can make a baby blanket for church lol (to donate for a baptism ♥) we went to the library to fax something but stayed to put a puzzle together hahah. we have been having a lot of fun and she is so giving and caring. i love her lots. she even surprised me with two little pumpkins for me to have and paint! of course i painted one purple for epilepsy [why?] and then me and abby painted the other together :) i had a blast helping her and then of course a fun bubble bath after! its always fun over aunt cassie and uncle leons house!!! well… unless it’s nap time, then not so much haha.

then sadly leons uncle mike passed away. all of the family knew it was coming. he has been in the hospital and then hospice now for a little while with a failing liver and kidneys :( we of course drove up north to the funeral. leon was unable to come because of work – which speaking of his job. they were on and off a “strike” contract renewal for a month or two and yay to say it is finally over and most at the car plant are happy with the outcome. at least i know we are happy to say we are! a raise in pay! yay!

on the 23rd me and heather went to the painting class thing, and with our food and drinks we went happy as can be and painted away for our first times. we had a lot of fun but felt a little rushed at the end. we were both happy with our paintings in the end :) i love mine and hung it in our livingroom. i pretty much showed everyone including my therapist mary jo haha. i can be proud! duh! my dad offered to buy it from me! lol of course its cause i painted it but i didnt give cause i love it so much cause its my FIRST. =P




and so0o0o then for tonight, halloween. we didnt do anything cool except go downtown detroit and eat dinner at texas de brazil then get a $40 parking ticket lmao. awesome end to our night!

Stars and Stripes


hey hey hey! yesturday was the 4th of july! red white and blueeeeee baby. lol me and leon went to my brother anthony and his gf saba’s house. they had an amazing (exspensive) party all set with everything. id go into detail but mentioning how amazing catered food is sounds silly lol. we had fun and i was able to see my sister angela, whom i havent seen in 4 years and meet 2 of my neices for the first time! they are adorable. we stayed for a while but then after we headed home, let the dogs out, and then went over to steve and lindsays for party number 2! thIMG_20150706_222103e girls had fun with their mixed drinks (no alcohol for me!) and the guys had fun grilling and with the fireworks…. and whoa did they have “fun” – they bought the kind that went up in the sky, yeahhhh it fell over and hit people houses. no damage but hilarous. i got it on video that i put on my fb. hilarious to say the least. a great independence day!


graduations! tis the month of getting diplomas! lol everyone on fb is graduating – its about that time since highschool ended for some getting their masters and such. my sisters graduation was last thursday. me, my mom, dennis, grandma, and her boyfriend aj went to her ceremony in the morning. we all went to detroit ford feild, watched her walk across the stage and yelled our heads off. we took pictures and videos. we were expecting my dad and donna to show up, but they didnt, it was a big disappointment. he didnt even call and explain so that made me angry =/ i still dont know if he called and appologized. if he hasn’t by now, the longer you wait the harder it is to repair the problem. i need to let go of all that though, i have a hard time when it comes to getting into peoples issues. its like i want to fix everyones problems for them, only i get in the way and sometime create more and even cause distrust in people. rawrrrr on fixing personality traits. anyyyyyywho ~~ after the graduation we all went out to lunch at Andiamo’s, yummy. took more pictures then i had to head home and let the doggies out, as it was a long day. congrats to my sissy!

sunday was mothers day, in the day before amy had work i went over to their house and we all watched the abby video i had made. (here) not leon though, he was at work. later that night we had dinner at our house with his mom and abby – prime rib and corn! yummmm! =P

IMG_20150502_143606today is abby’s birthday. unfortunatly the money didnt get budgeted correctly and we have no gift for her :( idk what we are doing for her, i think going over later tonight to sing to her and have cake. also earlier today leon had a funeral to go to, a friend of his died at work. long ass story. dont even want to blog about it…. other than that. rest in peace to him and i feel bad i have nothing for abby.

Easter Hash

hello blog, i missed you! i haven’t posted in quite a minuet! i think the reason for that is because there has been so much family drama on my side and leons side and when that is going on its kinda the main thing and not something i really want to blog about. so if i skip all the family crapola ….

IMG_20150402_002400everything has been pretty chill since i stayed the night at my grandma’s. the weather has been up and down. winter and spring, god cant make up his mind haha. i did some babysitting. IMG_20150322_154256 i watched Abby alone. i watched Abby with leon. which i looooove. ive been working on making Amy a mothers day video slideshow of Abby a lot so that takes up time. and recently im making a similar fathers day video for Jeff of his daughters :) surprisingly. verrrry surprisingly i got a call from my cousin michelle (jeff’s wife) and she asked me to come over and watch her 2 year old for an hour. it was nice, and made me feel good. i had a blast watching her and playing dress up!

subject change ;; this summer everyone is getting together again for the annual fireworks, the official date is the 26th on a friday of June & thennnnn the day after is the Epilepsy walk i have been chatting about! last week i printed out a bunch of forms and bought cards to send to everyone to collect money, but i havent finished them =/ DAMN YOU PROCRASTINATION. it’s April so i want to make sure i get those out to some people asap. the people i am sending them to is family who doesnt use facebook that much or i know doesnt pay attention to events, also some old co-workers. :)


last Saturday we went to Ann Arbor michigan to watch a michigan football spring game and then attend the annual Hash Bash event! hundreds of people, SO MANY just smoking and sharing information. tommy chong from cheech & chong was there. some said snoop was there too, and he has been before in the past but we didnt see him. there was SO many people. it was awesome. i cant explain it. this year there was more people than they ever have. people from all states come to that college town for Hash Bash ♥

Sunday was easter. leons extended family didnt invite us to anything (and never does for easter to be honest) and my family all went over to my grandma’s new house. leon and i back during christmas time that the next holiday we would stay home. i agreed. leon and i got the house all ready, hid eggs all over the house for abby to find and had leons mom, sister, and abby over for dinner. ham and all the fixings. dinner was good. was desert? i have no idea because i passed out right after dinner lmao. i know, good hostessing right?!?

Vday 21 And Breakup

hahaha that last post made me laugh! i barely remember posting it, but did it through talking into the cell phone. lol very funny. i’m pretty sure i passed out soon after lol. im glad i could give myself a good laugh hahah. ahhh. since that post vday past … and yes leon stuck to the no celebrateing lol. saying we never do. so with the help of timehop i showed him every vday in all 4 years we’ve celebrated w/the gifts and cards and flowers and dates lol. imma not say NOTHING and lets see how valentines 2016 turns out ;) lol cause he was in the “dog house” hahah i was messin with him a lot. IMG_20150120_131203 we did acctually go out to lunch at shogun and i gave him the shirts i bought us the month before. xoxox love him!

after vday i went to church on ash wednesday and got my ashes with my grandma. it has been a while since IMG_20150218_170416i got my ashes because … well no excuse i just havent made going to church a high priority in the past couple years. now that my grandma is in town i am pleased to go with her when and be a companion as she does go alone on some sundays. hopefully after some time i will get back into my habbit of putting church into my weekly life. reading the bible alone is meaningful and really helps you along through life. but being a part of a ministry is :) ♥

— also after valentines day leon & i went out to verizon and i got the new Galaxy Note 4 in white!!! yay! i love it! i have nothing negative to say about it before. i upgraded from the Galaxy S4. however when we were there the phone leon wanted they didnt have in stock so he ordered it online that night.

IMG_20150220_152612last thursday leon and i met up with heather and derak for dinner at the casino.
lovelyyyyy. we got yelled at for ‘standing on the furniture’ after lmao idk then GAMBLINGGGGGG! lindsay and steve met up with us and we celebrated for her birthday ♥ we had a good time! lindsay got wastedddd & the pictures are hilarious lol. loved it! we were there until 6am! crazyness.  OHHHHH and they have the new Ellen Slots! omg i love her! shes my favorite celebrity of all time! 100% percent. after me and leon picked up breakfast & passed out until what seemed like forever! lol


this week ~ well today acctually i weeded out another negative part of my life. #friendbreakup lol. no big issue but i ended everything, shes not a good friend. she’s so negative. basically the breakup story as follows is: On facebook.

HER: she posted a status saying she watched the new real world and how people should watch because of the drug abuse message.

ME: i commented asking her if she just watched it, saying i watched it last night.

HER: she posted she did just watch it. (side salad: she watches children sometimes as a job in her home)

ME: and i said, are the kids there today? cause that show is crazy but i loved when taylor was born.

– she then deleted my comment. i knew this because other people commented about the show so i was notfied. –

ME: did you delete my comments?

– more comments from her and other people directed not to me –

ME: hellooooo

– then she facebook messaged me to answer me –

HER: Obviously i wouldn’t watch it with little eyes around, stupid thing to post on my status.

ME: Why do u keep deleting it?

HER: Because its a stupid comment my life is kids i dont need you saying stupid shit thats common sense. Then after its deleted you repost smdh you really need to think before sayig dumb stuff

ME: What I say is not stupid or dumb. I’ve asked u to stop saying that before

HER: Obviously i take care of kids all day i know way more then you about children

ME: All u had to say was “lol of course not there in the playroom I’m all alone” or something. Deleting it and saying what I say is stupid and dumb? And that u know more than me?

HER: Or they were napping and all the moms know 11 to 12 is naptime, and i dont need advice on what to and not to watch around children

ME: Was I giving u advice? No. I said it was a crazy show

HER: Yes I do, and for you to think otherwise is ignorant. You are not a mom and do not spend your days with kids therfore yes i do know more. You said hope your not watching, like duhhhh

ME: Ok well just like every conversation you jump down my throat and belittle me. You create arguments were there shouldnt be any and sometimes bring up past drama. You recently got mad and a huge 2 hr long fight over how long u have been seeing kenny. I have no interest to be your friend at this point. I’m glad we tried being friends but no thank you. Best of luck. Oh and thanks for never coming to my epilepsy walk after saying “see u tmrw” with no explanation or apology that was nice

HER: Good I feel the same, you are ignorant and feel you can say whatever and not deal with consequences. That is why nobody likes you. What epilepsy thing!?! You have me cracking up over here.

ME: The day after Stoney. U said u n the boys were coming. U had a lunch packed n u would see at 8am

HER: Lmao didn’t you just say I bring up the past!?! Let me refresh your memory Unlike you I have responsibilities and Cody had an allergic reaction and was hospitlized! Dumb picking an argument there. He’s severly allergic to bees. Smdh again you are rediculous

ME: Suuuuurrreee. Bye

HER: Lmao have fun with your dogs and hey stop using epilepsy as an excuse, get a job and help your bf insead mooch off him the rest of your life.

– i put a lovely thumbs up for showing her colors –

HER: And yes millions of ppl wprk with epilepsy


AHHHHHHHHHHH :) i love it ♥ i’ve been talking about wanting to “break up” with her for a while now. i refuse to have people in my life who put me down. everytime we get into a tiff (which happens often because she always blows things out of proportion and out of context) she always throws out horrible mean things like dumb stupid iggnorant, like wtf. always trying to convince … idk not me but herself it seems shes better than me or other people constantly. augh. such a load off my shoulders!!!! i was getting SO sick of getting those dreadful hour long conversations of her droning on and on about non-intresting ‘drama’ about people i dont even know. did i say at any point how great i feel? haha okay so0o0o this saturday we are helping my dad move to Lapeer (up north from us a little, hr away, boo) & that is all i have for today! hope you enjoyed today’s post! bahhhahah