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this month started of with the 15 year anniversary of my grandpa tysar’s passing, which on this particular day my grandma decided not to talk to anyone or see anyone. she wanted to be alone. speaking of his death, i cannot believe it has been 15 years! 15 years ago i was in 8th grade and my grandpa and grandma lived up north together, enjoying their last years together alone… he was in the hospital and the staff let her know that family should all come visit because he could be leaving us. the whole family rushed to his bedside that night, he was in good spirits and happy to see us all. some people stayed another night with him and my grandma, others chose to go back home for work the next day. the next day we were being watched by a family friend for breakfast and lunch time, then she brought us to the hospital to visit, talk, hold his hand. he was sleeping…. then it all happened quickly before dinner time…. he took his last breaths. tears came. hugs were given, hours passed and leaving was hard. after time food was needed & we sadly realized the day was shared with my sisters birthday. we went out to dinner, sang a horrible happy birthday to a sad little girl in 5th grade. the next day family reappeard and funeral plans were made and we all went through the motions….

IMG_20170303_230741_767wow sorry for the sad throwback but sometimes with the sad memories brings on good. and with the start of the month also came my sisters birthday. this year she had our parents, gma, and us with ajs parents, gma, & sister go out to dinner. then after the younger crowed went out to this bumper car golf thing. it was fun! happppppy birthday to my sister who i like to pretend is still not 16yet! lol it’s craziness how fast the years go by and i blog about that often … but it’s so crazy fast watching someone you love blossom and grow from afar. little to me she may be but she is for sure the one i look up to. she should have been the big sister!




Birth DAYS!


recently we went back to the gymnasics place that we celebrated last November Kaitlyn’s 7th birthday to now celebrate Jacob’s 3rd Birthday!! :) everyone had a really great time again with a spiderman theme! i love this place as everything is really organized etc. i am so0o0o going to bring my future kiddo’s here for fun and parties! this party for jacob me and leon brought abby! she had a blast! and is still talking about it! lol next month is my sister stephanie’s birthday :)

IMG_20170408_001714_980we had ANOTHER special birthday this month! DOZER BOY! lol doggie boxer birthday! our cutie patootie turned 5 years old this year! we cannot believe how fast and big he has grown over time! he is still our big puppy boy and oh he acts like a puppy still haha. for his dad we took him for a car ride and to the pet store. we love our fur babies so much! (more about them here)


EPILEPSY WARRIORNESS: i had a crazyyy seizure in my sleep that left me so0o sore and tired IMG_20170227_125916_354and for some reason i thought it was a “good idea” to go to frenkenmuth with my mom and grandma. i slept the whole way there and the whole way back. wasnt able to enjoy convos or the food. it was horrible! i hateeee epilepsy struggle days like this!! but i was a warrior and made it through! so that alone, even though my muscles hurt and my brain is still foggy, the day is gone & the seizure is done. I MADE IT! WARRIOR!!


hello hello to drama =/ of course this blog is public so i dont like IMG_20170105_135818_870to air dirty laundry (lame for the readers i know but… it just isnt even good enough for a private post, promise the good ones will have those! lol) howeverrrr there was some tears dropped and words spoke with a relative. both parties needing to talk it out more so we shall see. i will say my grandma has been a wonderful and helpful support in keeping me calm and understanding about everything. best frand she is  ♥ ♥ ♥

epilepsy: blahhhhh i was home alone and i guess i was emotional and had an episode that made IMG_20170106_144433_597me fall, possibly grabbing the cat tree down with me which in turn hit our living room window and broke it! yikes! sidesalad: it is okay as we are getting new doors & windows this year anywhichway — BUT back to the story, i fell and i guess everyone couldnt get a hold of me, the dogs were going crazy, and leons dad came over to check on me and found me on the ground with the cat tree on me with glass everywhere! scary but i guess after some time of coming back to alertness i was okay. sore, but okay. :) #epilepsywarrior!

as for random happenings TRUMP IS PRESIDENT lol. Happy Birthday tooooo my Step Dad Dennis! love you! andddd we did game night with linds and steve at our house, MONOPOLY! hahah which has been fun hanging out with the two of them again yes yes! and we also did some #tysartime over michelle and jeffs for some furtah christmas! our last gift openings! (well for the kiddos lol) other than that we have been trying to start a new year normal. leon work mon-thurs. counseling mon, catechism tues, & grandmas on wed’s :) so far so good except catechism was canceled this week to a snow day! other than that i have taken another its a new year facebook leave lol for a week or two im sure .. we shall see. until then i usually go nuts on instagram and recently i am a snapchat fan! whoa nelly!


Midnight Came

leon has had this week off so it has been nice spending it with him a we ring in the new year of 2017 ♥ we havent done any fighting etc he just starts getting bored towards the end of his vacations lol. so during this vacation i ended up getting a little sick, not bad, just a sore throat. i went to the dr’s so he checked on it and i also talked to him about TMJ from biteing down during seizures etc. nothing really came of it, it still hurts sometimes =/ on FRIDAY we all went over to the “eastpointe estate” lol to celebrate her birthday :) happy birthday heather!!!! i got her an alex an ani that donated to the american heart foundation. IMG_20161226_035945_752 then saturday was new years eve! we all headed over to steve’s and went CRAZY in the food department! lol we are all nuts. so we had lots of fun all night of course and midnight came too soon lol. we all stayed the night and did breakfast the next morning with left overs lol. THENNNNN because everyone was too drunk to play any board games new years eve lol steve n linds came over new years day for game night haha.

yesturday night we headed over to my brothers house to celebrate my sister angela’s birthday! it was nice getting together and we were able to exchange xmas gifts <3 after it all last night i ended up having a seizure in my sleep =/ today i am doing okay just relaxing and resting more after all the christmass and partying madness lol. today leon went back to work so now its time to get back to a sense of normal. get all the xmas decor outta the house, clean up, and the routine back in action lol. only one more xmas adventure left this up coming weekend with the tysars to see the furtahs :)

IMG_20161225_101128_466random, my vantel pearls finally showed up! so annoying lol. never going to get into that crap again lol. they got me hook line and sinker! in random sad news: facebook live is fairly new: some girl in the USA commited suicide live online :'( WOW – WTF

& a sidesalad: no catechism this week still, winter break! haven’t seen them since before xmas!

Christmas 2016

another christmas in the books! plans that were made changed a little bit but mostly went through. IMG_20161224_212351_371christmas eve leon and i relaxed then went to his aunts at 1pm and enjoyed a lot of fun with the family until about 9pm. we played new games, i won a round of LCR, and we got goofy funny white elephant gifts. the fun seems to of course be spending time together, but watching the little ones grow and enjoy being young together :) it is fun to watch, to talk and laugh about etc. it makes christmas just that much more special when little ones are around i think. sooooo after we left his aunts we went home to wait for santa! not really, like i said in my last post, we know everything we got, and i wrapped the gifts, even the ones i got haha. (anti climactic.) so, lol really we went home, i cleaned a little, and he passed out on the couch. i put all the gifts under the tree and went to bed.

Christmas morning leon and i slept in! which i NEVER so on christmas lol. we opened our gifts one by one even knowing what they all were then made breakfast and relaxed. once we got ready to go over my aunts house we stopped by leons parents house for a little while to visit and see what abby got from santa :) IMG_20161225_180802_047my aunts house was fun! this year some people who normally visit, visited other sides of their families (its so hard to choose and make everyone happy! especialy with kiddos!) so the TYSAR clan was a lot smaller this year. after my aunts we all headed over to steve’s house for his annual POKER GAME! IMG_20161226_025000_257 even tho we ended up playing black jack haha. steve and linds announced they are back together (OMG YAY) and we stayed the night! which followed the next day sleeping in, breakfast made by the couple lol. once me and leon got home the next day we PASSED OUT! lol for like three days now haha! christmas was amazing as usual!

Cookie Craziness

15181436_10154739413019591_1301330745291909673_nI’m 30! my birthday was tuesday and a normal day it was :) i had so much birthdayness all month a normal birthday was PERFECT! i relaxed all day and then had catechism with my little kiddo’s ♥ once i came home leon had a birthday card and made me dinner xoxox

this past weekend has been a lot of fun!!! it was another #TYSARTIME weekend! my uncle jay got some time off from work and was about to fly up to michigan from florida to visit! we always try to make the most of it as we can when he comes in because we love and miss him so much!  on friday the whole family got together and went to this hidden gem auto museum that is not open the time! Stahl’s is a collection filled with cars, signs, music machines, memorbilia, etc! the family broke apart and enjoyed the place a lot. leon really enjoyed it as it reminded him a lot of his late grandpa with all the old antique cars! me and leon plan on bringing our dads back in june for fathers day! :) after the auto museum we all went to lunch together & 15349703_10154765499974591_7414931324248572510_nthen met up againnnn on sunday for christmas cooking making! ironically it ended up being december 4th which is national cooking making day! haha so we celebrated by making tons and tons and tons of cookies! we made (my favorite of course) tripple batch of peanut butter kiss cookies, sugar cookies (some frosted), white chocolate macedemia nut, chocolate chip w/almonds & coconut,  chocolate chip, lemon squares, cherry nut squares, & powdered date nut balls!!!!!! i have them ALL in my freezer. typing it all out it’s a lot lmao. and shockingly on wednesday i am going back over to my grandma’s house with my mom to make 2 more desserts and another batch of kiss cookies to use up the rest of the chocolate kisses my grandma has unwrapped hahahaha! so we have been getting into the spirit of christmas for sure!! as you all prepare for the joy of Christmas, what traditions does your family have? Is it attending a special Christmas liturgy each year? Is it enjoying a delicious stolen or coffee cake baked from your grandmother’s recipe?

future fun !!!! wedding at the end of january next month in Naples Florida! i am beyond excited and beyond getting anxious and scared lol. i have not flown since i went to italy in 7th grade before 9/11.. so that’s kinda eh. my seizure’s have been good and under control, i haven’t had any major seizures for 36 days today! yay! but i dont know where i will be then, idk. just need to stay calm. ahhhhh. calllmmm. BUT OMG YAY FLORIDA! ♥ i am SO SO SO excited! all i need to do is buy a dress or two!  so i need to head over to bibbidy bobbidy boo boutiqe asap! haha

& now sad news: my computer has been giving me problems again :( remember when i spilled the koolaid all over it? obviously it was an answered prayer that it turned back on and all my files/apps are workable etc yay but it just isn’t the same. so i had to save all my files and do a reboot – i am still missing a lot of my old favorites rawr!


Surprise 30th!

Happy belated Thanksgiving! leon and i had a good time over my aunts img_20161126_013121watching the game, spending time with family etc. i was even able to help my aunt out getting dinner ready ♥ after we went to his grandma’s to see his side so it was a nice day! normally each year after family time on thanksgiving, late into the night we have all our friends over for a poker game! this year would have been year 5 but leon planned on working TRIPPLE TIME on black friday! so we didn’t get a game going. img_20161123_221742steve says a poker game is going to happen at his house this christmas, so we shall see! yesturday leon worked the tripple time and i went to my cousin kaitlyns 7th birthday. she had the party at a gymnastics place which was super cool because we all got to play with the kids! i took tonssss of pictures haha she is ADORABLE! i even really personalized her birthday card this year with pictures haha.

after kaitlyns party my mom and me headed out to lunch then she had planned for us to go to Painting With A Twist! we went to the class and when i walked in i was soooo surprised to find out all the ladies in my family were there to paint with img_20161126_121945me and make memories for my birthday! it was so much fun!  and i was SO surprised when i walked in my eyes got a little teary lol. after painting we all went over to my aunt and uncles house for pizza, cake, presents, and an AWESOME game of spoons! i left litterallty feeling just as special as kaitlyn did earlier that day! ♥#29daysofCassie♥ today i am home cooking and stuff for leon and the guys who are watching football (big michgan vs ohio game today!) … and in it all i am STILL feeling fantastic with no seizures!!!!


Pie Time

Aunt Cindy’s surprise 60th was a ton of fun! we all surprised her by showing up the a restaurant out in saint clair shores, enjoyed an awesome dinner together, and had her open up gifts! i was even able to get everyone together for a big group picture! (not often or easy lol)


tomorrow thanksgiving! i can’t believe time is flying that fast! always say that but it feels just like that, fleeting! but since its thanksgiving week i dont have catechism as the kids are on break! instead me and grandma hung out this week prepping pies, side dishes etc for thanksgiving and getting her house cleaned up so she could have company over! tomorrow’s plans are to celebrate turkey day at my aunt and uncles house then stop at his grandma’s after for desert! black friday i am going to my little cousins birthday party then out with my mom for my birthday! :) ahhhhhhhhhhh just feeling fantastic lately, no seizures in 26 days! =O

Be Positive

whoaaaaaaaaa i haven’t posted since my friend past. i was pretty sad that whole day, really thinking about what could happen to me etc. SUDEP is super scary and real, but that is what makes living with this disorder beautiful… i am able to live with deep beautiful gratitude! making each day count! so this week i’ve been trying to be positive as much as i could. 20160918_171025_001last sunday was a good day! me and grandma went to church and after i had my catechism meeting and got all my teaching information etc for this year. I am teaching 3rd grade again this year but have a MUCH small class this year with only 3 students, making this year super easy and intimate! I start the first day next Tuesday! img_20160921_210338after church grandma and me headed to Brandonburg Park for a little family fun. some family came and we all hung out and ate etc. trying to enjoy the last of summer before fall!!!! grandma’s brother and his son were able to come too! :) leon had softball wednesday & i attended for the first time, and i was their only fan. it was fun watching them and they won! (i dont remember the score of course lol).

yesturday was jean’s birthday so we did cake :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY 20160922_162514JEAN! today i went with leon to his doctor appointment! i set it up for him and got him to go, first time in FOREVER since he went to a doctor! so i went in there with him and made sure we got alllllll the questions answered lmao. later tonight night i went with  grandma, mom, aunt, and my cousin to Painting With A Twist! we had a good time painting of course and my mom even got herself a little twissssted with some wine hahah. it was a good time.20160923_194735

Don’t Connect

i have a lot of different things that don’t connect together to blog 14316785_10154507314219591_6045847016090918916_nabout so i will be hopping all around in this entry, lol sorry…   Today my late Grandpa would have been 89 years old! Happy Birthday Grandpa Tysar!!! We are all always thinking of you & missing you at each family event! rest in paradise until we meet again in the kingdom of God xoxo ♥ My grandfather has been gone now since 2001 but his memory is still so fresh, and that’s what i love, all good amazing memories! i love you for all eternity Grandpa, we all do!

14356068_10210170000463342_1943220195_nthis week has been National Suicide Prevention Week, which is the Monday through Sunday surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th. each year (for the past 7 years) i have been participating in TWLOHA — which is To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Recently online I have been getting into watching these live pearl parties on facebook by Vantel Pearls .. it is so addicting lol. let me explain: At a Pearl Party, they bring the oysters to us! In their amazing jewelry catalog you choose a setting you would like your pearl to be in .. but what will your pearl be?? Will your pearl be a classic white, peach, black, or other exotic colors?!?!? At the party the co-host will be opening an oyster of your choice via live facebook video pearls_fullfeed! Each oyster contains a beautiful, genuine Pearl (cultured)! When your oyster is opened and the Pearl is discovered, excitement sweeps through the Party as we all find out the color, size, or… TWINS!?! its like gambling for pearls hahah!!!! ♥ After your amazing pearl is opened it can then be mounted into a ring, necklace or any one of their many beautiful jewelry designs! You can check out their catalog here! i have been getting so into that i am actually hosting a party next weekend saturday! lol so go to my event and check it out!!

sunday leon and i went out to heather and deraks for some football watchingg since the tysar picnic got canceled due to the weather. of course during that time me and heather talked the whole time and i got her into my pearl obsession lmao. but onto the regular health update…. i made it an amazingggggg  42 days with no grandmal’s and feel 100% blessed and grateful! now onto doing it again! :) with that said i of course had an episode.. on monday i had counceling and i was feeling a bit down maybe? idk but that night i had a grandmal seizure in my sleep. leon said it wasn’t too long but only one. moving forward with a positive mind!

Labor Celebrations

this past weekend was labor day weekend! cannot believe the end of summer is pretty much almost here!!! it is still really hot & the michigan weather is lovely but the ‘oh my time is flying by’ feeling is coming again as another season just flew past! it was a short summer! but lots to look forward to always so not sad lol, this fall i get to start catechism again at the end of this month! yay! so i will not be sleeping this september (lmao wake me up when september ends duh).img_20160904_205106

anyyyyyyyways for labor day celebrations on Sunday the Tysar family all went out to Harsen’s island again and spent time together :) it was of course lots of good food and good laughs! leon was able to come and didn’t have work or anything and it was his first time seeing my aunt and uncles house on the island so that was fun. right when we got there i had a dumb cassie moment and fell down the stairs of the front porch and got a nasty bruise/mark on my ankle. oh man. cassie cassie cassie. haha. img_20160904_204834later in the afternoon some of usimg_20160904_204730 went out on my uncles boat for two hours around the island which was a lottttt of fun! once we got back we played lots of cards and headed home. on monday, labor day, me and leon headed to the New Baltimore park just the two of us for a little date. we packed up a picnic lunch and everything we needed, and went to the beach ♥ we did very little swimming haha but we ate and cuddled and napped in the sun. as time went by his cousin stopped by, we ended up seeing three of our high school classmates, and then an ice cream parlor later we ended the day :)

as for my silly little health updates, my late blog was about my fabulous celebration of being one moth seizure free, and im still NO GRAND MAL SEIZURES but yesturday i spent the day with my grandma, was kinda sleepy for the day, went to sleep and in the evening i ended up (so leon said) waking up sleeping walking and waking up stareing off so having an absence seizure or two. hoping i still go longer and the CBDoils keep me on the right track but at the same i know its not magic. #epilepsywarrior #gratitude

31 Days!


i 4e0a38e8a8cdc82373fd4065152dc2a2of course needed to stop and take a moment to blog and celebrate with the world that i am one month seizure free! thirty one amazing days with no major grandmal seizures! i am so blessed as this hasn’t happened in so long! today me and leon are celebrating with a little bit of cheesecake and strawberries together and i will be continueing with no more seizures! :) i am a warrior and i choose not to suffer epilepsy, i battle epilepsy! ♥ please go to my epilepsy page!

random sidesalad: today is my dads birthday! happy birthday to my fabulous dad!


The Best Hosts

This past week I have been real busy with my grandma in preparation of her birthday party! After those seizures last week thankfully I was feeling much better, got the rest I needed, and had plenty of energy to help my leading lady out :-) andddd oy boy did she need help lol…

Heather & Derak's

Heather & Derak’s

Wednesday my gma and i got together as usual and prepped her house with moving things around for her, tidying the outside as she had plans to entertain outside if good weather… so we did just that and set everything up. Friday was her birthday, we spent some time together and did food prep for the party lol… lots of food prep because my gma really knows how to throw… scratch that, host a party! Even though it was in her honor I helped her work hard on getting a good spread out for everyone. Leon later came over that evening and helped putting up a shelf and a picture frame she really wanted. We gave her our little gift then headed over to derak and Heathers! They got their first place together :-) the guys watched football and we gabbed as usual. Thennnn saturday was the big day, the day of the party! My gma had me come over early and we cooked and moved things around even moreeeee for everything lol it was fun. Love her so much! At 5pm people started arriving, I helped the whole time ago she could enjoy some time with her brother! Which was awesome he came. Everyone ate, laughed, played games and even went through old photo albums gma has in her livingroom. The little ones enjoyed the Nintendo which makes me happy because it was part of my childhood too <3 everything went smoooooth. Only thing that went wrong.. I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!!!  :-(

Monday I had counceling like I do every week and it was a very lovely appointment :-) she un diagnosed me with major depression and severe anxiety!!!  Yay! My mental game is on point lately and I am doing fanfuckingtastick lol. We even moved my 20160816_135812appointments from every week to every other week! Progress! And then today Leon is out at work then a drake concert! I am not going because 300 for floor is too much $ considering I know like 4 of his songs haha. So I have the house to myself tonight! Hopefully I don’t get bored without my mister lol. Today is also leons parents 30yr wedding anniversary! They invited me, amy, and abby to go out to the movies with them this afternoon to celebrate. We of course saw a kid movie because abby was with us, we saw the real life of pets. Its was very funny I loved it. Jean and leon didn’t sit together but it was still cute they “did something” for their anniversary. You know? I pray to have a marriage where we stick together no matter what too. Anyways so here I am at home  blogging and hopefully enjoying this evening without Leon haha.

Throw Water?!

last wednesday i woke up and started the day normal further along i was on the phone with leon and switching the dogs outside to go to the bathroom, i let the dogs outside and made sure his dogs were not outside and he didnt see mine outside either … next thing i knew i hear the dogs going wild outside and ran out there to help get the dogs away from the fence and back inside so no one would get hurt. i threw my phone and went and got them, i got them inside and thats when i blacked out. leon was still on the phone waiting for me to get back to him and tell him everything was alright .. but what he heard was me come into the house, fall, and have a seizure. he got off the phone to call his mom who happened to be off on a walk with her daughter and grand daughter, she could feel his frustration when he heard she wasnt closer than he had hoped for so he quickly panicked more seeing who else was home and where everyone was and who could help. she took it personally as though he doesnt feel she should ever leave the house and do what she wants etc. but really he was just worried about my health. they hung up on eachother and he got ahold of his dad who was able to get into our house and keep an eye on me. i guess after some time i had another seizure and he didnt know what to do because i wasnt waking up or something so he asked leon if he should throw water on me! lmao what? oy! i had kinda assumed my family knew how to handle seizures before and after but hearing that was a huge wake up call that i need to get more info out there to my family and extended family. im going to do so this thanksgiving, pass out general info for each family to have :) its important! and no he did not throw water on me as leon said NO! haha but i later on i guess jean came home and leon left because i remember sitting in the living room with jean for a while and talking with her about the neighbor or something? Wish i could remember everything i said! lol cause who knows! from what i hear i can be pretty goofy when im out of it after seizures, so i like to hear the humor in the ugly of it all. ANYWAYS lots of sleep that night and rest.

600x600bb-85Thursday i relaxed more at home and started watching 7th Heaven season 1 episode 1! it is an oldershow from when i was in high school! i use to and still love this show even though its been over now for years! its been awesome re-going into the cute little family of seven who eventually have twins! :) i could go on and on about the show, if you have never seen the show its a good family show with lots and lots of good lessons ♥ later when leon came home we had dinner then went out to play some put put golf together and have some ice cream! it was a cute little date and loved it! and again today we went to sho-guns for another little date because i am fabulous and can talk him into things xoxoxo lol

Forts And Boats

IMG_20160730_151237Okay so saturday me, leon, and his friend went to mount clemens to play pokemon go… no kidding hahhaha. we spent like three hours doing and going out to lunch. we also stopped by the paintball field because leon had a tournament on yesturday lol and he needed to review the layout of the field hahha. so funny. they didnt do well, got last place in their division, sorry guys!IMG_20160730_232009 then Saturday night leons cousin CJ (the owner of Ella who is now up for adoption) had us babysit his son Braydon! He spent the night! it was intresting to say the least for leon and i to have a little one stay with us over night for the first time lol. i mean we have watched abby for a few hours but we have never watched a little one or kid over night so it was an experience! here  is what happened: He dropped him off and he instantly saw our xbox andIMG_20160730_232214 wanted to play leons batman game so leon helped teach him how to play for a few hours. abby came over for little a few and after i moved on to making dinner while leon kept braydon company. next thing i know i cut myself! right in the webbing on my fingers by my thumb! hurt so bad! so i had to get leon to come to my aid as we smiled at braydon to keep playing xbox haha. finished up dinner and then leon created a fort for bray .. which took them about 45 mins! as they did their guy thing i felt pretty left out as im use to girly things with abby! lol after all that fun we fell asleep to minions in the livingroom all together :)


excited Abby #slipandslide


closest i’ve been to a heli!

Sunday while leon played paintball i went with his family to his aunt and uncle’s house for the Saint Clair Shore Boat Races! it was a lot of fun watching the boats, seeing the helicopter following them around and up close. the kids were running around having a blast together as usual! yummy food and company in the summer! can’t go wrong! we stayed until the end and then a storm started coming in so we headed home. i was happy to see leon and tired from the weekend! it was nice to relax together for a little bit but he passed out real quick from running around all day at paintball haha. today starts August and a big milestone for me! See you next post! ;)

Moon Rocks

SO the yard clean up went AWESOME! except one thing… i kinda broke the blades on the riding lawn mower… oops! big oops! i mowed the entire back yard and front before it conked out and leon cleaned up everything with the week wacker and tore down all the tree 13781964_10154356346034591_1662621084432257638_nbranches i was talking about in my past posts. it was a job well done last weekend! we did even have to worry about dinner because leons parents invited us over their place for dinner outside so that was nice! and yummy! we had super exspensive steaks lol. onto health wise i had one small seizure last saturday in my sleep – probably because of after all the yard work.

on sunday i went to harsens island again with my family to celebrate my cousin johns 16th birthday. it was a small get together as it was planned last minuet but it was fun! my mom’s gift to john was an acre of the moon! hahha! so not only does he own a license but he owns property now at the ripe age of 16! lmao. leon didn’t come to harsen’s island as he had to work, so my mom and dennis picked me up etc! monday and tuesday i spend at home relaxing and getting things done because i had such a busy weekend. yesturday me and grandma went and did some shopping, looking around together and i took her to costco for her first time as we planned her birthday party next month!! we sent out invites and she started planning the menu haha. get one thing in our heads and we run with it! later last night me and leon went out to dinner at the lions club with leons family! and that completes today’s post! ♥


IMG_20160713_224622the past two weeks have been spent mostly with my grandma helping her get some things done and keeping her company as some appliances got dropped off at her house and installed. i was with her last week wednesday, thursday, and friday getting that done and helping her around the house etc. love spending time with that cutie ♥ on thursday she, leon, and i all went out for chineese .. it was nice! last weekend after all that hooplah leon and i finally got rid of the cable and have only internet now for our stream smart! which is nice to have and we already have saved so much money. so we refer you to buy it! haha over the the weekend i was able to paint the small garage door black then later in the day ended up having a big seizure, which is one of the first in a while (thank you CBD) ! this week wednesday was my youngest cousin johns 16th birthday! i cannot believe he is that old! it kinda hit me this year so i sent him a special message that said this:

“The baby of the family. I remember the night your sister announced she was going to be a big sister (it was November). I remember the day you were born, 13669186_10154341896749591_6140421276795189521_nwaiting at my house for the call that you made it and we all could come see you! I remember you as a baby and all I wanted to do was hold you on my own but you couldn’t hold your head up yet. I remember you as a toddler in your little dinosaur zip up onsies sitting on grandpa’s lap at all the family gatherings and everybody on their knees in laughter as you said this or that learning how to mimic us all. I remember you as a young boy, sooooo full of energy, always a story to tell, a song to sing, and always a game to be played… you have kept us all young for so long. I remember you turning into a teenager… you are so smart, handsome, fun, loving, and mature! I love you very much John! Happy 16th Birthday!”

also on his birthday me and grandma got together and went to her parents, my great grandparents, 13754155_10154342237124591_5618251682063843270_ngraves and fixed them up together. :) we hang out on wednesday’s, lol she is my woman crush wednesday! haha anyways we were there for a while and took forever to find their plot because they were so over grown! she hadn’t of been there in years and i had never been there before sadly so once we found them we got to work! the picture is the before and after! what a difference! so beautiful now! we found out that they will raise the stones if we sign and ask for that but i am sure her parents appreciated the hard work we put in out in the hot sun together! ♥ later on i had counceling and today we started the clean up of the yard! doing some much tearing down of tree branches this weekend!

Just Keep Going

Well i went 16 almost 17 days without any seizures! i had a small nocturnal seizure last week tuesday. no biggie, just start right back over! i am happy about the 16 days. after one month of being on the 500mg of CBD oil i now am moving up to a stronger theraputic dose of 1500mg IMG_20160702_104527CBD oil now which i am super happy about! i strongly believe this is helping me and making the seizures more far between IMG_20160702_012449and less, which is what i want! less seizures if not any! i was having multiple a week, it was not good at one point! and now i am jumping for joy and happiness that after almost 10 years i have something! i am also jumping for joy that leon and jordan finished putting the blue siding on the garage last saturday! yay! it looks awesome! we plan on painting the small door black next weekend. last sunday leon and i went over to the annual furtah 4th of july party! it was fun! it was my first time going to it, i didnt know it was a big thing of theirs or something or didnt hear about it in the past i guess but they do a bunchhhhh of fireworks. leon didnt have work the next day but we ended up leaving before all of the fireworks were gone because we had to let the dogs out and knew they would be scared :(


yesturday leon and i drove up to Mio Michigan and went canoeing together for the first time (not my first time canoeing, just our first time together) down the Ausable River and had a blast with my family! it was BEAUTIFUL weather, and not many people so the water was calm, the nature was peaceful, and we even saw a bald eagle! such a blast!IMG_20160709_1057483 people in the group fell in the water, it always happens lmao! we had a nice lunch and leon did an awesome job as i sad in the middle yelling each time someone moved and scared me haha. after canoeing a random storm came through, right as we finished, it was perfect timeing! we headed home and all stopped together at a family favorite restaurant, Turkey Roost! i was happy to share this family tradition with leon and was so happy he loved it as much as my family and i do! ♥ after we got home, we SLEPT! was an awesome day yesturday!

Well Wishes

Wednesday Emily came over again and we went over a WHOLE BUNCH of High School pictures she had taken over the years. i swear she was our class photographer! she had pictures of everyone it felt like! took us about two hours to go through pictures but it was fun gabbing and getting it done. then we went out and took photos of the companies we had sponcer us and got another or two together to sponcer us :) so it was a productive day! IMG_20160617_181627Friday i went out to dinner with grandma after cleaning all day – we went out to Red Lobster, my fave! then after us and a bunch of the family went out to my cousin Michelle’s daughter’s recitle! it was so adorable and fun! after she did her dance we went home.IMG_20160613_100926 the next day the guys of course did more garage work and officially got some siding up! BLUE SIDING! what do you think of the color! i wanted more of darker blue but we are eventually going to rent out the home (thats the long term plan, so the cheaper was more in the budget). all in all i LOVE it. ♥ it is going to look awesome with black and white trim and when the house matches it will be perfect! lucky me, leon is working so hard and i am able to get the housework done and relax as i have a verryyyyyy busy week ahead of me with Vacation Bible school at church, the annual Stoney Creek, my Epilepsy Walk, and our High School reunion! wish me luck and NO SEIZURES!!!!!

Memorial Day weekend

IMG_20160601_213139well in the next week i did the normal week with an additional babysitting anddddd of course grandma’s & counceling on Wednesday but Friday i was suppose to go with me to Ashlee and Matt (old friends from High School’s) house out in lake Orian for a bonfire and whatever… IMG_20160528_194310BUT everything went against the whole plan and we were unable to get out there in time with time to hang out etc. big disapointment as i was really looking forward to going and seeing them and other people as well! it would have been awesome!

the next dayIMG_20160528_194610 the guys started on the garage officially tearing it apart etc. i helped picking up all the pieces and burning them – all while keeping Abby safe and away because for some reason she was with me? lol and i kept the dogs at bay. fed all the workers, sun-screened them all because i’m the mom ;; haha i totally made my job seem more important than it was.

Harsen’s Island! there is a wet marshy island at the mouth of the St. Clair River that you have to take a ferry to semi close to my home. my uncle just bought a second home there :)
how fun! on Sunday, say before Memorial day, Leon had to go to work so my sister and her boyfriend picked me up and we went out on the ferry to his new house. the whole family was there! even some family was in town visiting from Florida which was nice! all the kids played. once minor i had a little absence seizure and slept on their couch for a bit butttt everything other than that was fabulous haha. ♥ on 13312729_10154207715779591_2113042720030180563_nMemorial day Leon of course had the day off, so we used it to run our errands, grocery shopping, we went looking for a reunion dress for me again, and relaxed at home catching up on our shows. after all the running around Leon went to sleep early as he had a busy exhausting weekend! love him, he is my amazing handy man :) of course i haven’t found a dress yet but i will be going shopping with my grandma again this week, so i am still hopeful!