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Hello new layout :) this is my fifth major “look” for cassiedotcom! How do you like? Whenever I make a new layout I’m constantly tweaking and changing small details,  going to my site more that usual lol. Currently cdc isn’t compatible with mobile devices :( I’m of course in the works to change this when I’m able, but in the mean time accept my apologies.  You can easily read my blog through cassiedotcom via mobile but not navigate through my other pages so well.

On to other pages, I have added some new pages, which I will not link but let you look around abd find on your own if you wish ;) I added a page filled with a list of things I would like to do or have before I die, a bucket list! Second I added a calander planning section. Each month I will add plans ahead of time – keep us all organized and I informed =P lol

Then in all the changes I forgot about my love for pixeling :( i haven’t traded patches in forever since theqbee changed their layout plan to just a discussion board! So sad! I want to update that area and start swapping patches with bees again <3 #takinginitiative


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