by Cassie

Case Ville

Caseville!!!! IMG_20141231_231231 it was so much fun! we were thankfully able to have our steve friend come stay at our place and watch the dogs while we went up north with lindsay, stevie b, heather, & derak. lindsays families place is really nice. just a small place in a nook where no one can save you :) i love it! it was SUPER DUPER cold though the entire time! but no worries the house kept us warm and in the garage the fire kept us toasty! so many pictures i took too with my new Nikon camera! woo hoo! oh and the wind mills! so many beautiful windmils! for miles! while we were there the guys bought food and kept us all fed and filled with booze the entire time! linsdays siblings came to visit too that was nice seeing everyone! loved it! oh and on the first night it was said i snore like crazy so on the second night leon and i had to sleep in the livingroom lmfao! no shame! so we played games, IMG_20150101_020601 did the new years kick off, and rang in the new year with major heart burn from all the crazy food the guys cooked up! wanted to stay longer but we had the pups to get home to! How was your new year? what did you all do?

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