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Online Upiddy Up’s

i updated the music on my CDCmusic player. you can find the player on the right sidebar in my diary. o0o0oh! secrets! did ya know that was there? lol. there are a few of my favorite songs :) the newest being oh how he loves us by david crowder ♥ #godisgood

cassiedotdom.com is getting about an average of 11 views/day! ♥ specifically new jersey and california? hey guys! haha leave some love!!!! i used to get more views 2 years ago, and my affiliates dont seem come by anymore :( i need to get connected. and sammy, where are you????? …i’ve been trying to reach out more to some of the old blogs i use to frequent and get back in the circle. thumbs up to my online world!give

other updates: just before the new year i updated pictures of me and leon on here as well as pictures of my wonderful cuuuuuuute pets whom i love more than aything and hate more than anything lmao. cassiedotcom got a cute little facelift with a rainbow graphic i fixed up and found online for free :) i’ve been updating little things here and there as far as my sub pages (bucketlist, wishlist, pets, etc) since i turned 29 in november. no new freebie’s however. i haven’t done any pixeling since theqbee closed down sadly! i want to give my quilt page a facelift soon as well even though it serves no purpose. i’m still a bee! #213 and a part of the facebook community that is not so active =/ i think imma help spice things up for everyone pixel wise when i have time … its a mental plan i want to undertake online lol. other plans for CDC include re-vamping the about me to a more grown up me. idk what that means lmao and updating my health area as that has grown – of course. im all about being an open book here. this is my world to BE ME ♥


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