Fruity Friends

pure romance! tomorrow evening i am going to a pure romance party. even though i have no spending cash on luxury items and will not be making a purchase, i am going to see the new stuff and enjoy some company as i do stay in a lot! i wrangled three friends that will possibly go, but most likely it will only be Kayde. shocker. no ones fun anymore. everyone always says “lets hang out” & “omg i miss you, we need to set something up” and no one ever does! does this happen to you often? all my friends are unintrested in hanging out. enjoying a social conversation and going home with a smile on your face knowing you had a good night. i know i will tomorrow night. its unfortunate my “friends” never want to hang out. although i say “friends” i dont have many. probably three or four that i would call and acctually try and set something up, but again no one really wants to these days. maybe its an age transition. i will not like my twenties have felt off and odd. i dont know how to explain it i suppose. anyways i think it will be fun!


IMG_20130205_025514i have a doctor appointment on monday and they will weigh me, and their scale does NOT lie!!! anything in the 180’s will make me happy right now. and yes no lie i said 180. i am at my HIGHEST weight EVER! its so gross i hate it but its so hard at this stage in my life to stick to a diet that works with my daily activities which is minimal. i have P90X, which from what i hear is a god send to many! i should just buckle down and use it. i need support. constant support and motivation, i am motivated in mentaly wanting to loose weight but not get up and do something about it. well i went shopping as i said in my last post stating i stocked up on food because i got my DHS (thank god!!!) and i did get a lot of healthy food and good things to make good meals with. only bad thing i got really was everything to make smores lol, idk what but ive been craveing them forever now!!! yay for smores but yay for fruit and veggies too!!

4 thoughts on “Fruity Friends

  1. Carrie

    In all honesty, I don’t even have friends anymore. Trying to reconnect with them is basically impossible — especially since everyone has gone their separate ways once we turned 18. Most of my old friends have kids now so they don’t have time to hang out. Which is fine with me because I’m not a real party person anymore anyways. I just work and shop a lot. Lol!

    Haha, about your online weight tracker. I haven’t updated mine in months! They send me e-mails about updating but I ignore them most of the time, lol. Great job for the fruit and veggies! I need to eat healthier foods more often too. I’m just addicted to junk food!

    Have fun girly!

    1. Cassie Post author


      with the friends, same here! everyones getting married and babied lol and lord knows the partying days are way behind us all. with the pure romance i was trying to get everyone together for a reason, got two friends to come out!


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