img_20161031_132430img_20161031_173732Happy Halloween everyone! It’s late right now and I am in bed at my grandma’s spending the night :) she picked me up, we had pizza for dinner and had so much fun handing out candy to all the kids img_20161102_200732dressed up! the best costume’s of course were the homemade ones and my favorite i saw was a kid who was a poke’stop hahha. loved it! grandma and i watched movies, and gabbed allllllll night. like i said, so much fun. i even played some nintendo ha and no i am not good as i use to be! lol now i need to cuddle up and go to sleep, which is hard when your not at home, but staying the night makes my little cutie happy and makes me happy to spend time with her! this week on wednesday of course i get more time with her ♥ couldnt be more grateful to have this lady in my life! xoxo

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