Oops I Said It

i’m about to give some honesty at the finest .. ;; Cassie is baring it all!!tumblr_mgt5feW9ws1qzbcolo1_500 lol well a part of me is scared to put this information about my life: I smoke weed. marijuana. and take simpson oil CBD pills daily as a part of my medication ritual. marijuana in many forms is currently an illegal recreational drug in some area’s but also a legal medical drug in some states which helps people with many illness’ and disorders. I have epilepsy, and many many many studies have proven that it helps decrease the amount of seizures or make them go away completely! i have intractable epilepsy, which means my anti seizure meds do not control them fully. tumblr_mguqsift8Y1rfdhkno1_500why am i putting this out there then you ask? i want to. just simple as that i suppose. for awareness. for the marijuanna prohibition. for the fact that im fighting for a cure and it could be one! not everyone i know is aware that i use weed to help with my epilepsy or to use it to help with anxiety etc … when they do find out , such as now- i stand strong.  go green!

do you smoke weed? are you open about it?

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6 thoughts on “Oops I Said It

  1. Kitty

    Hi Cassie, initially I was just so ensure how to comment your blog post because this is the first time anyone confesses on the blog about smoking weed. Not everyone has the courage to say it out loud the way you do.
    I must say I am surprised you decided to blog about it all, but I guess if it works for you, then by all means it’s up to you. Just remember to take good care of your health, girl :)

    1. Cassie Post author

      HI KITTY! i know it’s a whole lot to swallow at once but at this point in my life im sick of secrets. i feel like im in the closet for something i should be ashamed about. because it’s wrong. but i do have my medical card, legally in my state to smoke for medical reasons, a disability (epilepsy) i do have. so, secrets out! I smoke! hope to see you come back here Kitty!

  2. Kathryn

    hahah I think it’s perfectly normal to smoke weed. In fact, I could go on and on about why I think it should be legalized. Here in California most cops won’t do anything to someone who is smoking weed. I’ve smoked it before, but I’m not a regular user of it. Some states did legalize it in the last election. Like Colorado (which comes as no surprise since everyone I have talked to from there says most people smoked it before it was legal) and either Oregon or Washington did (which also makes sense). The only real thing that I’ve heard against it is that it can cause bi-polar disorder, but that could just be that people who are bi-polar tend to smoke it, so who knows!

    1. Cassie Post author

      i too think it should be legalized. here in Michigan it is medically legal. as for the bi-polar, i feel that it is a disorder with many levels of severity, and many people do not seek help for their mood swings, so most do not know if they even have bi-polar disorder, thus smoking worsens the depression somehow.

  3. Meaghan

    I’m actually not surprised about people smoking weed. I’m more surprised about the fact that you blogged about it, because not may people! Props to you. c:
    Everyone I know has or still smokes weed. It’s not a big deal where I’m from, but it’s illegal here.

    I have smoked in the past, but I don’t anymore. I don’t know why, I just don’t. I’m open to a certain extent, I guess. If people ask me about it, I’ll be truthful. But I guess it depends on who asks me about it. c:


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