I Voted

img_20161108_111920well election day came & went, and i did not want to NOT vote, so i did :) at the end of the day Donald Trump won, so he is our new President Elect! Many people have been happy and others really upset – many in the world protesting more or rioting .. so lame. although i REALLY think they need to get rid of “electorial votes” or whatever, the world has come so far electronically i dont see it being necessary.img_20161109_144805 oh well i am not in politics, and i put in my two cents. i guess either way people will be upset no matter what. since election day me and grandma got real crafty making a christmas like chandelier! ¬†it was quite the project img_20161109_144641we were not ¬†expecting to be so hard haha. we even accidentally burned ourselves with the glue etc, but most important we had fun! we are a great team! we also got a lot of yard work done together at her place too! other than that there has been so much football on tv lmao, so leon does that a lot and i’ve been keeping up with painting and crochet as well! my white baby blanket is coming along quite nicely! but tomorrow night.. casino night! this is going to be a blast!

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