by Cassie

Time Is Fleeting

February? Superbowl? Valentine’s Day? Spring?!
I’m in a funk or something because I’m having a hard time grasping how time has FLOWN by! It seems to me as if I was just putting away the Halloween decorations and putting up the Christmas lights! I must also say it feels like as i get older time goes by faster and faster – you think ahead and make plans, you get to to the dates and soon enough the year has passed. Holidays go by, seasons last a short amount of time. I don’t feel like i do much because i am home 95% of tumblr_lwqkscSjWQ1qjdu6jo1_500the time, doing housework 50% of the time, so it just feels all bundled together. weeks feel like days, and months feel like weeks at this point in my life! scary that I’m looking ahead, knowing ill be 27 this year, and 30 in less than 5 years. i know ill be getting engaged to Leon, married, and babied soon by then! those are the things I’m looking forward to, then looking forward to caring for my children, being the mom I’ve always dreamed of being <3 then before i know it they’ll be in elementary school and ill be looking back at being 25 and wondering again how the time is fleeting past me! but alas i will now blog about the future, the plans ahead…

tomorrow starts February, bringing v-day and on the 16th Rachel’s pure IMG_20130304_230335romance party on the 16th. (need B.O.B lol) valentines day i will be spending alone, watching sappy movies because Leon will be at work all night. we will ‘celebrate’ (go out to dinner) that following weekend. this up coming weekend me and Leon will be throwing a Superbowl party which i always have fun with those. hoping ______ will be coming, and if they don’t I’m going to upset. angry, hurt, and upset. I’ve expressed these feelings multiple times, so they know they should come. we will see regarding that! until then, toodles!


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