by Cassie

The Twentieth

It is hard to believe ten years ago today my cat, Prince, passed away. you never forget the love of an animal! For a pet, he was my most favorite hello and our family’s hardest goodbye :'( you are still missed today buddy!!! unfortunately i dont have any pictures of him saved on the laptop as it was so many years ago.

Good things to bring up a happy spirit today? i’m with the best kiss-giving, IMG_20170420_153335_347boo-boo fixing, candy buying, fun-supplying, story-telling, grandkid-spoiling Grandma ever! <3 many things in life aren’t equal but everyone gets the same 24hrs, 7 days a week etc. we all make time for what we truly want. i’m spending time with my lovely lady! We are doing some shopping for mothers day together and enjoying our Wednesday time =P as always duh! We even headed over to the shoe store so i could pick up some heels for the Mom Prom… because…

Tomorrow is Mom Prom! =O leon, me, and his dad are going to run some errands together in the morning and afternoon, & hopefully i can get leon to agree & get my nails done ;) lol


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