by Cassie

First Mom Prom



OMG Mom Prom was AMAZING! first off, i DID get my nails done :) ha, and leon’s dad is a sweetheart and paid for it so i could feel all fancy haha. IMG_20170421_153435_933 heather came and picked me up yesturday afternoon and we both did our hair and got ready at her house :) Mandie even came over to help us. we got there and there were hundreds of gift baskets that were being raffled off. all the women were able to vote for eachother as prom queens lol. there was a photobooth we all had a blast with of course, then there was the open bar and an awesome buffet dinner! yum! heather and i had a blast dancing all night and IMG_20170422_133157_654 i was able to remince with some old friends from HighSchool who were there as well. a night well deserved for all the ladies who went! and getting dolled up like a princess is ALWAYS fun! ♥ I will 100% be going to the Mom Prom next year! cannot wait to find out what theme they will have in store for us all! this year the theme was fire and ice =P Now time to sleep as the guys all have a paintball tournament tomorrow!!! =O


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