by Cassie

First Burn

IMG_20170423_184457_113the guys have been KILLING it in paintball this summer! Leon joined Average Joe’s paintball team and leon with the team have been doing amazing. Sunday they just won 1st place in the tournament. Sunday me and Marina hung out together in the muddddd and really “bonded” haha. lol what other way do you say it? she’s fantastic and her daughter is a cutie! same age as Abby, can’t wait until they meet one day and play together. adorable times to come! lol  SO anyways i got a nice tan as they won and we talked the whole time. well lets be honest, i got my first sunburn of the year! whoa nelly!

New binge: Code Black on CBS :) loving the show very much! watching it like everyday so far lol. and randomly in the mix of this blog.. I  have had my Samsung Note 4 phone for 2.5yrs & JUST LEARNED TODAY it has a sensor on it to measure heart rate / stress etc!!! =O WTF! haha these smart phones are too smart for me!!!!

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