by Cassie

Truly Special


My students graduated 3rd grade catechism this week!!!!! Can’t believe another year is over! My two sweethearts i will remember forever. this small class was such a special one :) a lot of fun and special memories were made with the three of us ♥ on the last day i took them on an exploration of the church in and out, going through all the statue’s and meanings etc, took a lot of pictures because i dont ever want to forget these cutie’s!

18119562_10155259433064591_2967730622926130062_nthis week was also memorable with moreeee as leon turned 29! his last year in his twenties!!! we got together with some friends and IMG_20170427_232437_621went to b-dubs etc and had some fun. the draft was going on on the same day and jason p was celebrating his bday as well so all the guys were happy! we were all going to go to the casino and texas de brazil too another day but that fell through lol. b dubs with friends was just fine for him lol. we all had a good time and thats what he wanted. Just want him happy because that is what he makes me! Every moment of my life is so special for me, because I have a wonderful, caring and truly special person by my side. I am so happy that you are mine Leon, Happy Birthday, my sweetheart!!!!

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