by Cassie

Happiness In Grass

Abby Marie!! ♥ You are God’s gift to us all, making the world a more beautiful place!! You are so bright, funny, and witty! This year me and uncle leon had fun picking out your birthday present as you are deeply obsessed with horses and know everythingggg about them! IMG_20170512_215311_067more than any of us adults know! you surprise us every day with how much you learn on your own! we bought you a mommy and baby horse and we are so happy that you fell in love with them instantly and named them, and then changed their names, and then changed them again… lol you LOVE to name your toys and change them constantly! we can’t keep up with your wild imagination! this year we celebrated at home, your favorite place, your mom made you a simple dinner, which made you very happy, and lots of cupcakes to make you smile :) you can find happiness in a blade of grass little one lol. i admire you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

along with abby fun, earlier this week i had some fun grandma time! we enjoyed some time in the garden and did shopping etc for mothers day coming up! for mothers day we are all going out to breakfast at a local banquet IMG_20170510_155230_137hall! so that should be fun and my sister will be in town as well. it was all my grandma’s idea i think. for mothers day i am getting a few things for both my mom and grandma. anywayyyyyys days with my little lady, loveeeeee IMG_20170510_155605_531days like these with #myphillycheesecake haha It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing… you always put a smile on my face Grandma! love my white hair bestie! =P xoxox! OH and coming up! me and Leon’s seven year anniversary!! idk where we will be going yet but it is going to be fantastic because i love him and he loves me and it’s a reach for the stars, world serious, forever love kinda thing ;) yeah now i want to watch It Take’s Two!

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