by Cassie

It Flew

June FLEW by so fast! summer is certainly upon us! the first week of June I went with Leon and his buddies to FLINT for a paintball tournament over the weekend! it was a lot of fun and i was finally able to go to this mexican “speak easy” diner leon had been telling me about.20170617_131256 there is this cheap’o mexican place in the front, then by the bathrooms there is a pringles machine that opens to a large dark room which is an upscale bar/fine dinning lol. i wasn’t impressed i suppose but we all had a good time! and no0o0o we did NOT stay directly in FLINT or drink Flint water. lmao, ew! but in the end the guys took first place! yay! the following weekend i went to Kaitlynn & Maddie’s dance recitle! oh my lanta it was so adorable! they both did ballet and i could just cry at the cuteness!!!! I posted some of the video’s on my youtube account :)

before the last week of june we of course had our ANNUAL stoney creek get together with everyone and enjoyed lots of fun! so much fun that the time was just slipping away and the fireworks were there before we knew it! this year we took dozer againnnn and he did amazing! and i was able to see some friends from high school who stopped by for a while, which was REALLY nice to see them! 20170623_201459the morning after, which was a saturday, we went to the epilepsy walk with my family at the zoo until about noon. then sunday i went to Eric & Jaimie’s wedding shower! me and leon put together a really cook laundry basket filled with goodies from their wedding registry (which i never do lol)!

thennnn to end off the month i enjoyed a FUN week of Vacation Bible school at saint Mary’s! this year i was able to enjoy all areas of VBS because i did a lot of the photography! it was a lot of fun and i went CRAZY with it. i think i found my VBS calling! hahha

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