by Cassie

Indiana Corn

IMG_20170811_184858_134We just got back from our FIRST trip to Indiana, it was a lotttt of fun! we woke up super early to drive up there, and got up there the day before the event so we could get to the hotel, settle in etc. the WHOLE group was down in Indiana so it was fun having the guys all together, outside of paintball traveling etc. the group of everyone from Lonewolf was large because we had two teams coming to the event for two different divisions which leon was in both! IMG_20170812_181431_828whoa nelly on being busy leon! lol so the first night we all went out to dinner to this italian restaurant having a good time etc. the next morning (saturday) we woke early to get to the field (which it was a super cool field) and leon played for The Average Joe’s – they ended up not winning first place, but the Sunday game with the Level 7 Dragon Masters (team names are so weird lol) was the division leon was playing in for World Cup in Florida!

Saturday night we stayed up pretty late, the guys all got drunk and we went out to a weird ass strip club! lmao it was funny and fun. first time i had been to a strip club where the girls just sat with us and drank with us talking, im going to try and not be mean here, they are working people with feelings, but we didnt care at all for their conversation and were just there to enjoy the groups company and watch from afar while enjoying alcohol. haha sorry not sorry? idk and it was the first strip club i been to where the women covered their nips as well as did the lap dances in the MAIN ROOM! I suppose each state has their own strip club laws. speaking of state laws … we learned on sunday Indiana DOES NOT SELL ALCOHOL on sundays! lol craziness. i mean i dont need or want it but i find it silly. also whats crazy silly is CORN! i thought michigan had heaps of corn, Inidana proved me wrong! hah

ANY-WHICH-WAY ;; sunday morning we woke up on time and our friend jeff was in the IMG_20170813_125000_188hotel room next to us, we were his ride to the field .. and we COULD NOT WAKE HIM UP! he was drunk as fuck the night before and nothing i mean nothing would wake him! not phone calls, banging on the door etc. we even got a maid to unlock his door but he locked the DEAD BOLT! omg are you kidding. i mean 7am and people were opening their doors to see what all the noise was! we finally put a note under his door to leave him as i gave his door one FINAL loud kick he “woke up to go to the bathroom” and heard it, opening the door. we got the field late, everyone was pissy of course BUT they played ball & won first place! BOOM!

IMG_20170811_115038_921after allllllllll of that we headed home, to our fur baby’s :) it is super hard for us to leave them! last time we left them for a long time was when we went to caseville for the weekend – thankfully leons dad is there to help us each time we want to take a vacation of some sort! now that we are home with our baby’s, leon has work all week of course. then this weekend we are heading up north for the day so we can go to leons cousin’s wedding!  I bought a beautiful green dress at Bibbidi Bobbidi You for Jaimie & Eric’s wedding at the end of the month, so0o0o pictures of that to come!!

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