by Cassie

Two Be Wed

WEDDINGS! lol butttt before i get to all the wedding fun maddness lets back up a tad to some craziness! After our trip to Indiana (which we took first place!) I came home with a crazy rash that was spreading all over from my face to my chest! I quickly got to the doctors in which he declared I had poison Ivy! after he gave me some meds and told me to keep not itching, the rash kept spreading all over my face, to my arms, to my stomach, and IMG_20170812_161622_645more on my chest! of course i went back to the doctors! he said to be patient and wait for the “poison ivy” to go away! and it was SO ITCHY! oy! unfortunately it looked as though i was going to have this crap on my face for awhile so it was going to be all over for Zack’s wedding (leons cousin) & to Eric’s wedding (our friend)! OH & —SIDE SALAD— while I was in Indiana last week I found my FIRST painted rock!!! I am pumped to find more and have plans to paint my own and epilepsy awareness rocks!

IMG_20170819_210826_481Alrighty, so last week friday we went up north IMG_20170818_152311_741Michigan to Gaylord for his cousin’s wedding for the day, i wore my green dress and it was a beautiful August day for a wedding! they had a wonderful ceremony and reception! we had a great time! his family is a hoot at gatherings, let me tell youuuuu! lol sadly we had to leave earlier than most because we had to get home to our pups with Dad as no one was home to care for them =/ but I am glad we made the trip to go! after that the weekend was filled with the start of FANTASY FOOTBALL! leons leagues got together at places to make up their teams as i did some simming XD lmao. terrible!


IMG_20170826_131831_158this past week came eric & jaimie’s wedding fun! because we went to Zacks wedding I missed Jaimie’s bachelorette party, butttt we got together for their wedding rehersal, the guys had their verry berry memorable bachelor party! the day before yesturday ( the wedding) us girls got together to get our nails done then all of us went out to a Ted Nugent concert lol. random but thats what they love haha!  Yesturday was their wedding! they had an outdoor wedding by a creek under a gazeebo immediately following with the reception where we gabbed and danced all night ♥

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