by Cassie

In Sickness

last night i had a hard time falling asleep, was up until 8am coding and building my qbee quilt! which even though i just blogged about a goal changing my sleeping schedule .. i guess i am, just in reverse? lmao probably not. okay, so i finally got to sleep  and boom 8:30 am Leon wakes abruptly out of his sleep. not just sits up in a panic but goes into an immediate stand up, clearly having a hard time breathing then throwing up all over me! the blankets, pillows, and me while standing. then jumps from the bed to the floor proceeding to puke all over the floor. as i was half awake i froze and didn’t do anything, oops. after he regained himself and stopped throwing up he realized he threw up all over me, apologized then took all the sheets, pillows, covers etc and threw them on the floor, then laid back on the bed! haha. my boyfriend said only this: “i don’t feel good” and passed out on the bed, lol that was it. i of course needed to clean up, shower, and get myself sleeping on the couch – needless to say i didnt sleep for a while. no matter, i love him in sickness & in health ♥ hehe, forever and ever! i can officially say I’ve been puked on without having kids lmao, what a life milestone.


do family/friends connect with you through your site or blog? do you wish they did?

random: it sort of bothers me that no one i know is interested in my website … many people know about it and i’ve even showed interest in them seeing/reading it — or connect with me through my blog? nobody cares. no one wants to. i guess in the end it is a place i created to get outsiders opinions. *insert awkward disappointed sigh*


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