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Gelly Roll Pens!! tumblr_m078dr9ebb1qajwpgo1_500Back when i was in 5th grade, these pens were new and a huge hit. they were sold in dollar stores for a dollar each, and i LOVED THEM! they came in all colors in a variety of metallics, glitter, and plain basic colors. My favorite colors were white and silver, they looked awesome on colored paper! i have plans to collect all the Gelly Roll pens because i recently found out, as I went to the craft store Michael’s for my first time yesterday lol, they have them ALL there for $1.00 each! im pumped! yesturday me & Jean went out shopping again for babyshower stuff and other unneeded items for baby Abby! lol as usual it was a lot of fun =]

shopping with Jean is such a nice outlet for me! i don’t get to get out often due to my epilepsy .. not because i can’t leave but because i cannot drive, so people must take me places. the only people in my life that drive me anywhere normally is Leon, of course whom takes me on errands mostly, about once a week. then there is Kayde who will take me to a 7/11 or around the block for a smoke or two here and there, not often at all, maybe once a month .. if that. then there is Jean who takes me shopping or out to lunch, which are both very fun to me. she takes me out about, seems like 2 times a month right now. when i go “shopping” with Leon we go there with intent, and the intent is not to look around at anything we didn’t come there for, so unfun! last but never least, my lovely Grandma ♥ my grandma lives a few hours away so when she comes to town (about 10-12 times a year) she and i like to go out to lunch and catch up =] something i love to do and look forward to. other than those people whom take me to those said destinations, i don’t get out of the house much =/ something i dislike but, it is what it is. i know one day it will get better but for now, that’s the current “Cassie Schedule“.

the quilting bee activities you ask?lanternbee ha last post i discussed the activities they have at the quilting bee, the results for the LANTERN2lantern pixeling was posted! there were three winners in first category, three in second, and three in third place for three different categories… unfortunately as my first activity i didn’t place at all =[ my lantern in lavender (pictured here) was very plain to say the least. i had an original lantern that was animated with glowing (pictured here), but the bit size was too bit to submit! i wish i was able to have submitted my original animated lantern as i think it would have placed me as a winner!

onward, health issues.. i have been doing good! in my eyes, that is. i have been adhering to my new sleep pattern to help motivate me, keep me not depressed, a healthy NORMAL state. when you stay at home constantly, its easy to get stuck in the negative of it all and let yourself go. Leon is convinced my sleep pattern has to do with my seizures, which i know it doesn’t, the medication is what helps. good sleep, not too much etc is healthy, needed, and helpful to stay on the right track. my newest  conclusion is that my seizures could be a result of my overweight and breathing, if im overweight my body restricts my breathing at night, which has negative results in the end? no i suppose that wouldn’t make sense as medication stops them? idk, it’s hard having a disorder that has no “reason” or “solution” =[ its sad, stressful, and emotional. a part of me feels that im not as emotional about it as i use to be. over the years ive learned to accept it, and not hate it. have i given up? probably. why keep my hopes up year after year waiting for an end to it all when it possibly doesn’t exist? i don’t see a reason so i have accepted what i have been dealt, and im okay with it. no one else is it feels.

epilepsy: my sisters fiance’ had a seizure a couple of days ago! he is about 23/24 i believe, had one seizure before when he was around 14 years of age, then took medication for years .. after no seizures for such a long time he got off them at 21. my sister says his medication made him deeply depressed .. im hoping this isn’t going to be the case again as clearly he will need to be on medication for the duration of his life most likely. they told me he does have a possible “reason” as to why the seizures occur for him — his frontal lobe is slightly unattached from the rest of the brain ..? of course im not glad he has them at all, but im glad he has a direction to go for a solution to the issue. one side note that he expressed was that he went through a somewhat “spiritual experience” which is interesting because I’ve gone through those during seizures as well, but that’s a different story for another day! later lovies!


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